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“…” Lu Man peeked at the script in Han Zhuolis hand.

“If thats the case, then we dont have to practice any romantic scenes anymore.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Why dont we act this part then.” Lu Man took the script over.

She flipped a couple of pages and found a specific scene.

It was about a mother and son.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Say that again” Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrows and squinted his eyes dangerously at her.

“Times have changed.”

She dared to ask him to act as her son

“…” Lu Man ducked her head slightly in fear.

“Just… kidding…”

Stretching his arm out, Han Zhuoli pulled her into his arms.

He tugged the script out of her hand, threw it casually aside and lifted her up.

“Are you still thinking of acting as mother-and-son with me” Han Zhuoli asked deeply and softly.

This little girl sure was daring!

“Im not, Im not!” Lu Man hurriedly shook her head.

Han Zhuoli chuckled lightly.

“Leave it to someone else to act as mother and son with you.

With me, its only a couple or a husband-wife scene.”

After he spoke, he placed his hand on Lu Mans head and dipped her head downwards and then kissed her on the lips.

“Mmph!” Lu Man could only grab onto his neck tightly, letting Han Zhuoli carry her out of the gym.

Lu Man was also extremely nervous, afraid that Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He would see them.

Thankfully, along the way, they didnt meet them.

“Hurry up!” Lu Man urged him nervously.

Han Zhuoli bit back his laughter.

“Youre so eager”

Lu Man: “…”

What the heck!

“Im afraid that Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He would see us,” Lu Man grumbled unhappily.

It was still daylight.

This man sure was bold!

“They arent around.” They had long since cooperated and hidden away.

While Han Zhuoli spoke, he carried Lu Man into the room.

Usually, Lu Man insisted on going home to spend time with Xia Qingwei and thus, Han Zhouli didnt have much opportunity to be intimate with her.

During the weekend, he finally had the chance to be alone with her.

How could Han Zhuoli bear to waste any time

Who cared if it was daytime or nighttime, he directly just threw Lu Man onto the bed.

Lu Man was left stunned upon being thrown onto the bed.

Before she could even react, Han Zhuoli pressed down on her again.

Lu Man complained to herself. Didnt this man want to help act with her

As expected, you cant easily trust a mans words!

Meanwhile, Han Zhuolis hand had already unbuttoned her shirt buttons one by one.

Lu Mans shirt was rather loose and he only had to unbutton a couple of buttons to reveal her s*xy collarbone.

Her slender, fair shoulder was smooth, her bones clear and defined.

There was even a small dip in her collarbone.

Han Zhuoli thought, ” If he poured some red wine in it, it would definitely be able to hold in there.”

His mouth started feeling dry, and he started kissing her on her collarbone…


After Lu Man was released by Han Zhuoli, it was already dark outside.

Lu Mans elbows and legs were so sore and painful.

Feeling lazy, she just laid there, unwilling to move.

Just as she was about to dig around for her phone to look at the time, Han Zhuolis hand sneakily made its way over again.

Lu Man smacked his hand away, accusing him.


“…” Han Zhuoli whined, “How am I a beast”

“You did it from day to night, hows that not like a beast” Lu Man pointed out of the window.

“Look at how dark it is out there now.”

Feeling proud, Han Zhuoli curled his lips upward.

“It was only two rounds.

Looks like I can go for pretty long.”

Lu Man: “…”

Did he even mean that

“Are you hungry” Han Zhuoli asked.

Relieved, Lu Man was glad that this man finally had some conscience.

She instantly nodded.

“I am.”

However, Han Zhuoli suddenly flipped her around and pushed her down.

“There there, let me fill you up.”

After he spoke, he had already sneaked his way in.

Infuriated, Lu Man kicked his leg.

“I said Im hungry!”

And he still said that he wasnt a beast!fv


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