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The netizen also attached a screenshot of a website showing the screenings for both the movies.

Red Tiger was clearly in the first place, and there was a rather quite a big gap between them and Fighting Hero was in second place.

Clearly, Red Tiger was way ahead in the lead.

Since Fighting Hero was directed by the great director, Zhang Lun, it was already highly anticipated before it premieres.

However, in the end, it had only managed to get slightly more scheduled screenings than a low-budget movie in third place.

The media and netizens were all shocked.

Since when did Director Zhang Luns movie not come in the first place

How did it lose to Red Tiger this time

Looking at it more closely, the cinema operator which scheduled the least number of screenings for it was Han Corporation Cinemas.

However, Han Corporation Cinemas took up more than half of the market share.

Having lost their spots in Han Corporation Cinemas, for Fighting Hero it was equivalent to losing more than half of their box office!

Immediately, someone interviewed the person-in-charge of Han Corporation Cinemas.

The President of Han Corporation Cinemas said, “When scheduling the screenings, weve watched both Fighting Hero and Red Tiger .

Both directors did a pretty good job.

However, this time, based on our professional and expert analysis, we think that Red Tiger would do better. Red Tiger was shot pretty well this time, its definitely above average and wont lose out to Hollywood films.

I cant say anymore, otherwise, I would spoil the movie for others and Director Ji Cheng will come looking for me.

Anyway, I can say with much assurance that if the audience buys a ticket to watch Red Tiger , it will definitely be worth their money and they wont lose out.”

Everyone was left speechless.

This was like an official advertisement!

Usually, when cinema operators schedule their films, they decide on the quality of the movie.

Otherwise, if they were to schedule more screenings for a bad movie, it wont earn much at the box office and would leave the theatre empty, and the cinema would lose a lot of money too!

Therefore, if that really was the case, Red Tiger was really much better than Fighting Hero

Because of the words of the Han Corporation Cinemas President, all the netizens started posting pictures of their ticket for Red Tiger .

“Already bought the ticket.

Waiting to watch it.”

On the other hand, Fighting Hero which already had really few screenings was no longer in the limelight.

Their pre-order sales have already flopped.

Zhang Lun was extremely livid, he directly called Qiao Lunas manager.

“Is Qiao Luna crazy! Why did she have to drag Red Tiger down while promoting Fighting Hero ! Now she has made it look like Fighting Hero is a complete joke!”

“Director Zhang, Im sincerely really apologetic about it.

Qiao Luna didnt think it would happen either.

She only made a mistake because she was doing something else out of goodwill,” the manager hurriedly explained.

Qiao Luna had originally wanted to suck up to Zhang Lun.

After all, considering Zhang Luns status in the movie industry, Qiao Luna was willing to offend Ji Cheng, purely because she thought that no matter how much Ji Cheng tried to develop his career, he would definitely never reach Zhang Luns status and success.

Yet unexpectedly, right after she spoke, Han Corporation Cinemas directly slapped her in the face!

She was an artiste under Han Corporation! Whats wrong with Han Corporation!

Therefore, Qiao Luna directly got her manager to complain to the company.

However, Manager He from the Artiste Department said, “I was just about to look for Qiao Luna to settle the score.

Its her own business to try to suck up to Director Zhang, but Red Tiger is also a movie in which the company is investing.

Why did she look down on Red Tiger so much If Fighting Hero is really that great, did she still have to diss on others Theres no point complaining about this.

Warn her to be careful with her words in the future.

The company still hasnt decided on how to punish her for her behavior, and yet she still has the cheek to complain to the company”

Embarrassed, the manager hung up the phone and passed on Manager Hes words and meaning to Qiao Luna.

“You were really too foolish and brainless this time!”

“Originally, its a no-brainer that Red Tiger cant win Fighting Hero !” Qiao Luna said stubbornly and discontentedly.

“How could those bunch of people from Red Tiger, with their likes, still have the cheek to compete against Director Zhang.”


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