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“Whats the matter” Although Old Mrs.

Han had overheard a couple of words in Lu Mans conversation, she couldnt really understand it.

Hence, Lu Man roughly explained the situation to them.

Old Mr.

Han said, “Just make the call here.

Its alright.

Call them while you eat, dont delay such an important matter.

You dont have to worry that it will disturb us.”

Therefore, Lu Man didnt leave the dining table.

Right in front of everyone, she called Eight Skin Entertainment.

Amongst the few media gossip accounts, since she had first worked with Eight Skin Entertainment, she was well acquainted with them and cooperating with them was even better.

Moreover, the owner of this account was pretty reasonable and was a smart person.

He would get things done instantly and it was a pleasure working with him.

Hence, he was the first person that Lu Man thought of.

When the call was answered, Lu Man could clearly hear the other party chewing something.

“Sorry for disturbing you during your meal,” Lu Man apologized instantly.

“Dont worry.” Eight Skin Entertainment owner said.

He quickly drank a gulp of water and swallowed everything down before speaking, “People in our line of work dont really have a fixed meal time, anyway.

When some work pops up, we have to keep everything aside.

Isnt it the same for you too Whats up Is there some work for us

“Its just a small matter for which I need to trouble you.” Lu Man quickly explained to him about how the other three cinema operators had scheduled the screenings of Zhang Luns movie.

“Since right now the total number of screenings of Fighting Hero is comparable to that of Red Tigers, theres no reason to let the netizens think that if Red Tiger does well at the box office, its because they have an advantage over Fighting Hero in terms of the number of screenings.

Right now, the two movies are at the same starting point.

So, they would be compared only on the basis of ticket sales.

Moreover, no matter which party loses, they cant blame it on the scheduling of the screenings either.”

Otherwise, although the screenings of Fighting Hero would stealthily increase, the netizens would still be kept in the dark about it.

So, even if Red Tiger really did better than Fighting Hero at the box office, others would also think that Red Tiger won unfairly, and they would be unjustly wronged.

“I understand.” Eight Skin Entertainment finalized the plan with Lu Man and hung up the phone.

The very next moment, he started typing a Weibo post.

After not long, Lu Man saw that Eight Skin Entertainment released a Weibo post.

“The screenings of Fighting Hero have surprisingly been increasing quite furtively.

As expected, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

This time around, Director Zhang must be over the moon.” With this caption, he posted a screenshot showing the percentage of screenings of Fighting Hero .

Unexpectedly, at that moment, Lu Mans fans reacted surprisingly quickly too.

They even perfectly inherited Lu Mans style of dissing people.

“Oh ho ho, Director Zhang must be unhappy.

Only his movie can have the most number of screenings.

If any other movie has the same number of screenings as his, its unfair!”

“Now if they lose out at the box office, they cant blame it on the number of screenings.”

At the same time, there were also some spectators who remained perfectly neutral, just curious and eager to watch the drama unfold.

“This time Director Zhang is really putting himself up on a pedestal.

Moreover, at the time of deciding the release date for Fighting Hero, he didnt even care about the other movies that were scheduled to be released around the same time as his.

After all, isnt he a famous director Those other movies released at the same time indeed cant really compete with his movie.

However, a famous director causing such a huge ruckus just for having prime screening slots really looks a little ugly.

Originally, if the box office couldnt turn out as well as expected, he could at least blame it on the unfair treatment and the fewer screenings of Fighting Hero .

However, now both the movies are starting out at the same point as none of them are losing out in terms of the number of screenings.

So, if the box office still turns out badly, coupled with what happened in the past, it sure will be really embarrassing for him.”

“Why is it always so exciting with Lu Man around”

“Thanks for the above comment for reminding me.

Lu Man really is pretty annoying like this.”

With that comment, some of Lu Mans fans were rather unhappy.

“Why are you dragging Lu Man into this for nothing at all”

“Haha, if there really wasnt anything wrong with Lu Man, what are people always targeting her every single time Then that must be because she is too problematic.

Otherwise, why would she be the only target out of so many people in the world”

“I agree with this!”

For the very first time, Lu Mans fans were a little tongue-tied.


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