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“Youre welcome, ” Principal Zhang said, gritting his teeth.

“Lu Man just got lucky this time, in the future, luck might not always be on her side.”

“She will, she definitely will! With Han Zhuoli around, why wouldnt luck be on her side Hahaha, Lu Man can film any show she wants!” Principal Liu chuckled merrily.

Principal Zhang: “…”

F*ck, he forgot about that!

“Anyway, I just wanted to express my gratitude.” Principal Liu still felt that he hadnt angered Principal Zhang enough.

“Thank you so much for helping us, hahahahahahaha!”

Right now, by making Principal Zhang feel miserable, Principal Liu was improving his mental health.

Anytime Principal Liu felt stressed, he would just anger Principal Zhang to death and would feel relieved of his stress.

Finally, Principal Zhang couldnt take it anymore.

“Smack!” He hung up the phone angrily.

Previously, after Lu Man transferred to the Film Academy, Han Corporation withdrew all of their investments from National Drama Academy.

This left Principal Zhang so stressed that he suffered from insomnia as he even had to face more pressure from the higher-ups.

However, the National Drama Academy was still the famous Drama Academy, after all.

Fortunately, there were still quite a lot of people willing to invest in them.

After much effort, Principal Zhang finally got some sponsorships to tide them over through this urgent crisis, but they still couldnt recover from the blow caused by Han Corporation.

However, now they were at least slowly getting back on the right track.

Right after that, an online war had erupted between Red Tiger and Fighting Hero .

At least, back then Principal Zhang still had something to gloat over.

Since Lu Man couldnt bring any fame to their National Drama Academy, then he wouldnt also allow Lu Man to help bring honor to Principal Liu of the National Film Academy either.

Honestly, Principal Zhang just couldnt stand for anything good happening to Lu Man now.

When Fighting Hero publicized and celebrated their first-day box office collection exceeding Greedy Wolf Operation , Principal Zhang was over the moon seeing Lu Man get slapped in the face.

Yet who knew, in just a couple of minutes, the one getting slapped in the face would be Fighting Hero !

Principal Zhang cradled his face.

His teeth hurt!

On the Internet, the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury was euphoric and having a celebration.

“Hahahahahaha! Now, whos the one being slapped in the face! Say it, say it!”

“Those who looked down on Red Tiger before, and those who looked down on Lu Man, do your faces hurt”

“Who stood up and targeted Lu Man in the past Let me take a look!”

After that, the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury tagged them on Weibo one by one.

“Why arent you saying anything now Come out and say something! Is your face still swollen Has the cat got your tongue now”

“Wheres Qiao Luna Werent you very obnoxious before You even brought a bunch of your friends along to attack Lu Man together, condescending Red Tiger .

Arent you so impressive Only your Fighting Hero is so magnificent that only it can vie for an Oscar.

Go for it, go for it!”

“Zhang Xiaoying Wheres Zhang Xiaoying Didnt you gather a bunch of classmates to slander Lu Man, come out now!”

Moreover, now that Red Tigers publicity was settled, they just have to wait for total box office collection results.

If they could maintain this streak, then Red Tiger would be the true winner.

When Lu Man was about to leave, she received a call from Han Zhuoli.

“Are you done”

“Im just about to leave.” Hearing Han Zhuolis voice, Lu Man smiled unconsciously.

Although she didnt notice it herself, Ji Cheng and the others could see that Lu Man was in her indescribably sweet world.

The next moment, Han Zhuolis light laughter came through the phone.

“What a coincidence, Im just downstairs of Ji Chengs work studio.”

“Ill head down now,” Lu Man said hurriedly.

She then hung up the phone and quickly bade goodbye to Ji Cheng and everyone else.

“Call me if theres anything.”

“Sure, leave quickly.” Ji Cheng smiled as he waved.

He had heard that Han Zhuoli seemed to already be downstairs of his work studio.

When Lu Man came out, she saw Han Zhuoli leaning against the car door.

His long legs were casually crisscrossed and it seemed like there was nowhere to place them properly.


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