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His intense gaze was terrifying, making her feel that she was naked as her body was set on fire by his gaze.

Trying to calm himself down, Han Zhuoli took in a deep breath and pulled away.

Buckling up his own seatbelt, he started the car and drove off.

However, very soon, he drove to a hotel.

Lu Man had not even realised that they had come to a five-star hotel.

Why— Before Lu Man could even finish her question, Han Zhuoli unbucked his seatbelt and swiftly unbuckled hers too.

Alighting from the car, he walked over to her side and quickly opened the car door to pull her out.

Grabbing her hand all the way, he took big strides towards the hotel.

Lu Man: …

Following behind him, Lu Man had to jog to catch up with him.

Thankfully, she had always liked wearing flats.

Han Zhuoli strode to the reception and took out his identity card.

Get me a room.

May I know if you have a booking

No. Han Zhuoli clenched his teeth.

Arrange one for me now.

He was extremely anxious, and didn\'t want to waste time here.

Lu Man: …

Looking at how anxious and agitated he was, she finally knew what he wanted to do, and finally understood why he stopped on his own accord just now.

Having not seen him for so long, she really missed him a lot.

But she only thought about spending more time with him.

Whereas, this man directly thought of this.

This man sure was good!

A bit displeased, the corner of the receptionist\'s mouth twitched a little.

She almost couldn\'t keep on her professional smile.

Thankfully, summer holiday was over now, and it wasn\'t the peak period, thus there were still empty rooms.

May I know if you want a standard room, a business room, a deluxe room with a pool view, a suite with a view, a business suite or a presidential suite

… What was up with that!

Extremely agitated and anxious Han Zhuoli croaked out.

The most expensive suite.

Alright, please hold on for a moment. Trying her best to maintain her smile, the receptionist took Han Zhuoli\'s identity card.

The presidential suite will cost 5699 yuan for one night, would that be alright

… Han Zhuoli replied coldly.


The receptionist typed for a while and before she could say anything, Han Zhuoli already produced his card in front of her.

Right now, the receptionist was really trying her best to keep her smile on.

As she charged him, she couldn\'t help but check out Han Zhuoli and Lu Man secretly.

Every day, she met all sorts of guests, all of them were generally about the same.

This really was the first time that she saw someone asking for a room so anxiously.

The moment he got the room card, Han Zhuoli dragged Lu Man along, striding towards the lift lobby, and took the lift up.

By now, Lu Man had already given up on getting Han Zhuoli to walk slower.

Han Zhuoli strided while Lu Man jogged along behind to keep up, following him and jogging all the way to the door of their room.

Han Zhuoli swiped the room card and entered.

Sticking the card at the slot next to the door, he carried Lu Man up.

A fierce kiss landed on her lips at the very same time.

Lu Man only felt herself moving backwards, that she was carried by Han Zhuoli into the bedroom and was placed on the bed right after that.

Just that, Han Zhuoli had never let her go from start to end.

His lips were like stuck onto her body, onto her lips, making her skin hot.

Lu Man also didn\'t hold back any longer and kissed Han Zhuoli back too, her hands clambering to unbutton his shirt.

However, she was rather unruly.

Her hands looked like they were roaming everywhere, but in actual fact it was completely messy, and she didn\'t even unbutton a single button, and instead almost choked Han Zhuoli really badly.

Han Zhuoli helplessly placed her hands down.

His lips still clinging onto hers, he said, I\'ll do it.

Right after that, Han Zhuoli tossed his shirt casually aside.

Her blouse wasn\'t safe either.

In the end, there wasn\'t anything separating the two of them.

Han Zhuoli hugged onto Lu Man, kissing her and moaning, Man Man, Man Man, I really miss you.


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