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Lu Man\'s Weibo post completely shut the mouths of those planning to step on her and Red Tiger.

Their fingers were still stuck onto the keyboard as they contemplated whether it would be good to post it or not.

If they posted and mentioned Lu Man and Red Tiger\'s name, wouldn\'t they be making them even more popular

But if they did not reply, it would seem they were taking it lying down!

Zhang Lun\'s disciple Wang Shuyi looked at the top trending articles and found that Lu Man and Red Tiger had really got on the trending list.

Furthermore, this time it wasn\'t Lu Man and the Red Tiger team\'s scheme, rather it was them who helped Red Tiger ride on the waves of popularity again.

This feeling was really too horrible!

Moreover, Lu Man even turned the tables on them, simply too revolting!

Totally detestable!

Now that Zhang Lun and the rest had already posted those Weibo posts, they were all gritting their teeth, feeling troubled as to whether they should delete it or not.

If they deleted it, it seemed like they were accepting their defeat.

But the truth was, they were not defeated!

On the other hand, if they don\'t delete it, they would be helping Lu Man and Red Tiger become even more popular!

Each of them had millions of fans with their Weibo followers being above 10 million.

Even the ones with the least fans had 7 to 8 million fans.

How cruel!

They were publicizing Lu Man and Red Tiger tremendously!

This left Zhang Lun and the rest utterly disgusted and enraged.

Now they did not know whether to back away or continue forward, no matter what, it would be benefiting Lu Man!

Completely annoyed, Zhang Lun cursed in his heart.

How could he forget how loathsome this girl was!

Having been defeated by her, he thought he knew all of Lu Man\'s schemes.

But who would have known that Lu Man would change her schemes again!

Delete or not, that was the main question right now.

Wang Shu also looked for Zhang Lun.

Teacher, so should we delete the Weibo or not

However, Zhang Lun remained silent.

Wang Shuyi understood instantly that Zhang Lun had not come to a decision yet.

Teacher, you have to make a decision soon, the longer we leave it on Weibo, the more netizens would see it and it would increase the popularity of Lu Man and Red Tiger even more, Wang Shuyi reminded.

Zhang Lun was anxiously pacing around and in the end, he called the in-charge of his studio\'s public relations team into his office.

Tell me, in this kind of situation, what should we do to control our losses. Zhang Lun gritted his teeth and said.

He no longer dared to ask to turn the tables at Lu Man.

The f*ck, any method would benefit Lu Man!

They could only choose the one with a smaller loss.

Honestly, Zhang Lun himself did not know how he managed to come to this step.

It seemed like every time, it would somehow become advantageous to Lu Man.

It was as if he had been led around by Lu Man, yet not knowing it at all during the process.

It was very scary!

Leader Wang thought about it a while and hesitated for sometime before asking Zhang Lun.

Director Zhang, it would depend on what you care more about.

Whether you care more about not letting netizens no that you have admitted defeat or whether you do not want to increase the popularity of Lu Man and Red Tiger more

No matter what, he had to lose out a bit!

Zhang Lun actually just wanted to hear comforting words from Leader Wang, hoping that he would say that they would not lose out completely.

Even if it was just to appease him for the moment.

Yet who knew that Leader Wang would be so straightforward.

Zhang Lun contemplated for a while, he was ready to lose out, but he was unwilling to let Lu Man benefit!

Alright! Zhang Lun gnashed his teeth.

Delete the post!

No matter what, he would not let Lu Man benefit because of him!

Gritting his teeth, Zhang Lun took up the phone angrily and deleted the Weibo post.

Even after he deleted it, he was still so furious that his hand was trembling in rage.

Seeing that Zhang Lun had deleted his post, Wang Shuyi also deleted his post within a second.

The other people who did not want to let Lu Man benefit shared the same thought process as Zhang Lun.


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