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Chapter 680: Fighting Against Wang Qianyun

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Han Zhuoli directly lifted Lu Man up.

Lu Mans forehead rubbed against his neck before she let go.

“Then I wont send you off.”

“Theres no need to send me off.” He had really gone too far yesterday.

Lowering Lu Man back and seeing her lying on his bed, Han Zhuoli almost did not want to leave.

Seeing Lu Man instantly go back to sleep, knowing that she was really too tired, he kissed her and left the bedroom.

At the dining room downstairs, Auntie He had already prepared breakfast.

“Man Man is still sleeping, dont call her up.

If she still hasnt woken up by noon, then call her up.

She still has lessons in the afternoon,” Han Zhuoli instructed.

Auntie He agreed, smiling.


After Han Zhuoli left, Lu Man did not sleep till noon; she woke up at around 9.

She cleaned up a bit and ate the breakfast Auntie He prepared.

She was also preparing to deal with Wang Qianyun.

When she was about to start work, she recalled that her laptop was still at home as she had not brought it over.

And so Lu Man hurried back home.

On the way, Lu Man could not help but smile.

Last night, she had just moved over to Han Zhuolis place, and today, she was already going back to Xia Qingwei.

She didnt know if Xia Qingwei would be shocked if she saw her.

Lu Man returned to the door of the house and pretentiously pressed the doorbell.

Not long after, the door opened.

Xia Qingwei was surprised and happy.

“Why did you come back”

Originally, when Lu Man left with Han Zhuoli yesterday, her heart had felt empty and uncomfortable.

Even though Lu Man would come often, there was a sour feeling that came from her daughter not being by her side.

Since her daughter had just left yesterday, she did not expect she would come back today.

“Come on over.” Xia Qingwei was extremely happy.

Lu Man pressed down the sourness in her heart.

Seeing Xia Qingweis happy look, she knew she also did not want to part with her.

“I thought about how my laptop is still here, so I decided to just come back here to work,” Lu Man said.

“Work You have another public relations case” Xia Qingwei asked.

“No.” Lu Man did not hide it from her.

“Its Wang Qianyun.

She looked down on our locally produced movies, yet she still keeps bothering Zhuoli in private.

Whichever one it is, I cant let her be happy, right”

As Lu Man said that, she went to take her laptop out from the bedroom and dealt with the matter while spending time with Xia Qingwei in the living room.

She contacted Eight Skin Entertainment.

“Are you there I discussed this with you before.

Concerning Wang Qianyuns thing, you can publish it today.”

“Here here here,” Eight Skin Entertainment hurriedly replied.

“Im finding you in private this time around, it has nothing to do with Red Tiger.

Give me a price,” Lu Man said.

“We are already old friends.

The truth is, if it wasnt for the fact I was working together with you at the start, I wouldnt have so much popularity now.

I wont charge you the price I charge outsiders.

For you, Ill charge the price from before,” Eight Skin Entertainment honestly gave Lu Man a price.

Lu Man was very clear about Eight Skin Entertainments pricing.

The standing of Eight Skin Entertainment online was now a lot higher than before, and his price had been increasing by a lot.

The price he was giving her was only a third of what he charged now.

Lu Man happily agreed and sent all the materials she had found to Eight Skin Entertainment.

“Received.” Eight Skin Entertainment took a look.

It was Wang Qianyuns Twitter and Facebook screenshots.

Wang Qianyun looked down on the locally produced movies on her Twitter and Facebook, and she had even looked down on various parts of the country, from people to economy, to culture, to materialistic knowledge and mental knowledge discussions.

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