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Chapter 688: She Came Here to Look for You Before

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Han Zhuoli looked at her lazily.

“I thought you were here to see me.”

“…” Lu Man laughed a little dryly.

“I am here to see you, but I was worried that it would affect your work, so I went to the Public Relations Department for a while first.

I thought that you didnt know I was coming.”

Lu Man walked around the office desk and stood behind him, her second finger softly and gently poking Han Zhuolis muscular elbow.

She said softly, “If Id known about it, I definitely wouldnt have made you wait for so long.”

Han Zhuoli was holding his laughter back really hard.

It was so rare that this little girl would coax him so gently and softly.

Feeling that it was about enough, Han Zhuoli stretched his arm out and scooped her onto his lap.

“In the future, if you are here to look for me, then you should come to find me first thing.”

He wanted to be the most important one.

He didnt want to be ranked at the bottom.

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded obediently.

She turned and looked at the files on his desk.

“I ended class earlier so I came over to visit you.

Continue with your work.

You dont have to bother about me,” Lu Man said and wanted to stand up.

Yet, Han Zhuoli circled Lu Mans waist tightly, refusing to let her leave.

“Ive been busy for so long.

Let me rest a little.”

He buried his face in the crook of Lu Mans neck, breathing in the fragrance from her body.

He instantly felt revitalized and pleased.

“I dont know why, but when I smell the fragrance of your body, I immediately feel relieved and pleasant.

No matter how tired I am, I would feel so relaxed.” Han Zhuolis forehead rested on Lu Mans shoulder.

Her shoulder was very skinny.

Lying on it felt like lying on a rock.

She was slender and slim, yet it felt like she could carry a lot of weight.

The warmth of his forehead pressed onto her neck, burning the skin over it.

Lu Man turned her head slightly and saw Han Zhuolis handsome profile.

Even while looking at it so closely, she still couldnt find a single flaw.

Lu Man also didnt know what she was thinking.

As if possessed, she kissed him on the cheek.

Han Zhuoli softened from her kiss, then he lowered his head and smiled.

Suddenly, he lifted his head, grabbed the back of her head, and kissed her.

“I am very happy that you could come here to visit me.” Han Zhuoli kissed Lu Mans lips.

After sucking and nibbling on them for quite a while, he finally let go.

Lu Man hurriedly sat down on the sofa instead and played with her phone quietly.

Meanwhile, Han Zhuoli finished his remaining work as quickly as he could, wanting to head back earlier with her.

As Lu Man was around, he was afraid that she would feel bored waiting for him, so Han Zhuoli was even more efficient with his work than usual.

At 5:30 p.m., he finally finished all his work for the day.

Lu Man had been following news about Wang Qianyun on the internet.

When Maxus Company announced that they would be firing Wang Qianyun, all the netizens leaped in joy and celebrated.

Now, seeing Han Zhuoli standing up to pack up, Lu Man asked in surprise, “Youve finished all your work”

“Yes.” Han Zhuoli took his suit from the clothes rack and brought Lu Man out.

Zheng Tianming saw the two of them and hurriedly walked forward.


Zheng Tianming paused, looked at Lu Man, then said, “Wang Qianyun is here.”

Han Zhuoli frowned.

“Didnt I say to not let her in if she ever comes again”

“We indeed didnt let her in,” Zheng Tianming said.

“Its just that she has been staying put downstairs.

We didnt let her in, but she continued waiting.

We originally thought that if she waited long enough, she would leave, but we didnt expect that she would still be here now.”

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli, smiling yet not smiling.

Han Zhuoli said, “I understand.”

After leaving with her, Lu Man said, “She came here to look for you before”

Han Zhuoli squeezed her hand.

“Its only on the day of the premiere.

She came once.

I agreed to meet her then to tell her that I already have a girlfriend.

After I informed her, I ordered that if she ever came again in the future, she wouldnt be allowed to enter and that they didnt have to report it to me.”

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