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When the elevator reached the first floor, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man came out and saw Wang Qianyun from afar.

When she saw them, Wang Qianyun wanted to walk over excitedly.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were also walking towards her, she stopped.

“Big Brother Han!” She stood in front of Han Zhuoli and looked at Lu Man in annoyance.

“Move away, I have something to say to Big Brother Han.”

“Just say what you want to say.

You have no right to tell her to move away,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

“If you dont want to say it, then move.

This is the last time Im giving you a chance to speak in front of me.”

Wang Qianyun clenched her teeth tightly and bit her bottom lip.

If she had to beg Lu Man, it would be the same as killing her.

But right now, for Han Zhuolis sake, she forcefully endured it.

She humbled herself and said, “Could you please move aside”

Out of all the times Wang Qianyun had spoken to Lu Man, this was the one where she had the best attitude.

Lu Man smiled lightly.

Her smile was so sweet that Wang Qianyun thought that she was going to agree.

Yet, Lu Man said, “No.”

Wang Qianyun said unhappily, “Why cant you see the big picture Do you really think theres any use in your relying on Big Brother Han like this”

“It is useful,” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

“Miss Wang, are you going to speak or not”

Wang Qianyun glared at Lu Man, then looked at Han Zhuoli lovingly yet sadly, “Big Brother Han, Im going back to America.”

“What does that have to do with me” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

Wang Qianyun replied in agitation, “I came here for you!”

“Did I tell you to come here for me” Han Zhuoli scoffed coldly.

“I dont want nor care about what you do for me.”

“Are you done speaking” Han Zhuoli side-eyed Wang Qianyun in annoyance.

He saw that she still wanted to say something, but he already didnt have the patience to listen anymore, so he gave a look to the security officer that had been waiting for orders.

The security officer immediately went forward and stopped Wang Qianyun.

“Big Brother Han! Big Brother Han!” Wang Qianyuns eyes turned red in anxiety.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli was already leaving her farther and farther, she shouted, “Whats so good about that woman!”

Originally, no matter how she called him, Han Zhuoli wouldnt have stopped.

But suddenly, he did.

His long arm wrapped around Lu Mans waist.

He was very unhappy with Wang Qianyuns words.

Han Zhuoli raised his chin up in pride.

“My Man Man is the best.

She is the best in every way, no one can beat her.


Han Zhuolis gaze judged her from head to toe.


This was the very first time Wang Qianyun heard Han Zhuoli calling someone with such an endearing nickname.

His Man Man.

He really said it full of love, pampering and spoiling her.

However, when he spoke to her, his face turned to one of complete disregard.

And he wasnt even willing to bother hiding his disregard at all.

Han Zhuoli had stopped only to let Wang Qianyun hear that statement.

After that, he left with Lu Man.

On the car, Han Zhuoli kept observing Lu Mans emotions cautiously and warily.

Finally, after a long time, he didnt see Lu Man wanting to settle the score with him.

“What are you looking at” Lu Man said in resignation.

“Focus on driving.”

Hearing the attitude Lu Man had when speaking to him, he thought it didnt seem like she was angry.

Han Zhuoli boldly reached out to hold Lu Mans hand.

After holding it for a while, seeing that Lu Man didnt refuse, he then moved her hand and placed it on his lap.

Having her soft palm pressing against his thigh suddenly made him feel a little warm.

He held her hand, occasionally rubbing and squeezing it.

Lu Man held his hand, asking him to stop moving.

“Whats going on, exactly”

“…” Han Zhuoli finally said hesitantly, “Youre not angry”

This made Lu Man confused instead.

“What am I angry about”

Han Zhuoli squinted.

“Wang Qianyun came to find me.

Youre not angry”

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