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During this time, the effect was good.

Not a single company had hired Lu Man!

He had greeted and met with various companies that were a little reputable and were rather big.

In this industry, there were only a few reliable and reputable companies.

Those that werent, he was sure that Lu Man would not even apply for them.

As for those companies that he had met up with, once they received Lu Mans application and resume, they would inform him about it too.

These past few days, Lu Qiyuan had been thinking about how Lu Man could not get even a job as every single company had rejected her, and thus had started feeling arrogant and prideful.

Moreover, thinking about her anxiety and desperation, he was extremely pleased and satisfied with himself.

This was all his doing, his power.

Going against him, of course, nothing good would happen to Lu Man!

As his daughter, she had to obedient.

Moreover, he wanted Lu Man to know that without him she was nothing!

Eventually, without a source of income, how could she afford Xia Qingweis medical fees.

Ultimately, wouldnt she have to come back and beg him after all

For the past few nights, Lu Man was under great stress and was suffering from insomnia.

However, during this time, Lu Qiyuan had never been happier and his appetite was even much better!

However, he did not expect his happiness to be so short-lived.

When he came here today, he heard that Han Media Company actually hired Lu Man!


Lu Man did not want to meet them at all, but she could not hide now either.

She steadied her heart and walked over.


“You still treat me as your dad” Lu Qiyuan disagreed with her and lifted his hand up, prepared to slap her.

Luckily, Lu Man saw his stance and hurriedly stepped back.

However, Lu Qi immediately stretched out her hand and pulled Lu Man, insistent for Lu Qiyuan to slap her.

Lu Mans expression turned cold, and she smacked the back of Lu Qis hand firmly without holding back.

In her past life, she had learnt a couple of moves from Mi Qiansong in prison.

Hence dealing with Lu Qi was just a piece of cake.

After Lu Man hit Lu Qi, Lu Qiyuan could not hit Lu Man either.

“Ah!” Lu Qi immediately held her hand back.

The back of her hand was all swollen and red as if Lu Man had just burnt it.

Looking at his precious daughters injury, fury raged within Lu Qiyuans heart.

He pointed an accusing finger at Lu Mans nose and scolded her, “How could you be so cruel! Apologize to your sister right now!”

Lu Man looked at him coldly.

Her eyes were devoid of any emotion one would have when they look at their father.

It was as if she was merely looking at a stranger.

“You brought Lu Qi here to get her a role, right Then, youd better not make a scene here, itll not bode well for Lu Qi.”

Indeed, once she mentioned Lu Qi, Lu Qiyuan immediately held back his tongue and did not scold Lu Man further.

Lu Man looked at him sarcastically, then turned away and walked off.

Although Lu Qiyuan wanted to hold her back, he could not bother anymore.

Instantly Lu Qis expression changed, and she suggested, “Dad, why not we ask around which department Elder Sister had applied for”

Having the same thoughts as Lu Qi, Lu Qiyuan followed Lu Qi to the receptionists desk.

As an entertainment company, Han Media Company was used to seeing celebrities every day.

Even a top A-list celebrity, the receptionist had seen them all.

Therefore, when she saw Lu Qi, she had no reaction.

Lu Qiyuan enquired, “The girl who just walked out, Lu Man, what position did she apply for”

Earlier, the receptionist had seen the encounter between Lu Man and Lu Qiyuan and it seemed to be rather unpleasant, but she did not hear it in detail either.

Thus now, she was a little hesitant, unsure about what to say.

Lu Qi took her sunglasses off.

“You must have recognised me, and you might know about the incident that has been blowing up on the Internet for a while.

But, thats all fake, its my sister who framed me.

Since childhood, she has never liked me, and couldnt stand being less outstanding than me.

No matter what achievements I have had, she would always try to set me up.

Even until now, she has always been the same.

She was always like this, thinking that everyone has let her down.

My mom and dad always tried to treat her kindly, but she doesnt appreciate it at all.

Every time we meet, its as if we are enemies.

Actually, we honestly do not know how we should treat her.

We just want to know which department she had applied for, and what the outcome is.”


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