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Ma Xianghuan smiled and said, “But after watching your performance, I realized that Xiao Huangs comments about you were too low.

Lu Man really acts very well.

So I gave 9.4, but its not high at all.

Lu Mans performance deserves 9.4 or 9.6.

It was just that I discussed it with Lian Fang and we decided that between the two of us, shell give 9.6 and Ill give 9.4.

The remaining 0.2 had been withheld because Im scared you will become proud.”

When the audience heard that, they all laughed.

They did not think that even though Teacher Ma was so old, hed still understand Internet phrases quite well.

But after he said that, Han Zhuolis 9.8 did not seem exaggerated at all.

Based on Ma Xianghuans words, giving any high mark was suitable!

But the emcee still had to ask Han Zhuoli about it.

After all, it was rare that Han Zhuoli would personally be a judge.

Not asking anything felt like a waste.

The camera turned to zoom in on Han Zhuoli and display his face on the big screen.

That handsome face with no bad angle at all appeared in front of peoples eyes like that, letting the audience see his face clearly.

There were quite a lot of girls in the audience, all showing a heart hand sign, swooning at Han Zhuolis handsomeness.

Just looking at his hand holding the microphone, at his long fingers as beautiful as jade, at his joints obviously showing, anyone who had a hand fetish would not be able to hold themselves back.

“Im not scared that you will become proud.

The remaining 0.2 marks, Ill give it to you next time,” Han Zhuoli said, his voice holding a smile, his black eyes focused on Lu Man.

These eyes looked as if they contained stars, causing people to feel weak looking at them.

The emcee stood by Lu Mans side and was not directly looked at by Han Zhuoli, but she felt her legs go weak.

She did not know how Lu Man managed to still stand with her expression not changing.

Anyway, the audience was no longer calm.

“My gosh! I cant take it anymore! His voice is so nice! I want to hear him say goodnight and good morning to me, I want him to call me darling!”

“This mans hands are too nice! I cant stand it anymore I cant stand it anymore! How can there be someone so good-looking!”

“Domineering CEO character, young and single, mature and knows the world, thin waist and long legs, big and lively equipment1.”

“…” The person at the side was stunned.

“Wait, how did you know his equipment is big and lively”

“Didnt you hear before A mans equipment is proportional to his height.

Furthermore, hes so handsome.

All he needs to do is stand in front of me, he doesnt need to do anything, and Ill automatically cl*max.

Furthermore, I bet hes a human flesh pile driver!”

This was the first time that Lu Man was standing on stage while directly talking to Han Zhuoli.

Before this, Han Zhuoli had always looked at her from the audience seats in a low-key way.

But now, he was sitting on the judges seat, his eyes bright and starry, with undisguised tenderness in them.

In front of everyone, he was speaking in riddles with her.

Old Mrs.

Han clicked her tongue and said in a low voice to Shen Nuo, “This boy knows how to seduce people so well.

Why did he find a girlfriend only at such an old age”

“Its probably because he met Lu Man,” Shen Nuo said while smiling.

“Right, right, right.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded in agreement.

“Hes quite persevering.”

“Thankfully, he persevered,” Xia Qingwei said, her voice holding a smile.

“Otherwise, Man Man would not have met him.”

Lu Man could not help but squint at Han Zhuoli.

There was someone in the audience who said, “Am I imagining things I keep feeling that when Han Zhuoli said that to Lu Man, it was like joking between a couple.

He even made an appointment to be a judge for her next time.

What, next time, is he going to give her full marks”

“Pei pei pei! Impossible, my male god is single!”

“Friend, how long have you not gone on the Internet for Your male god announced his engagement a long time ago already.”

On stage, the award ceremony began.

The top ten all received an award, and the top five entered The Performer.

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