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Chapter 877: What Are You Suspecting Me for

This was honestly the first time that Lu Qi had met someone who treated her this way.

All along, this was how she had been treating others!

Right now, she finally understood how frustrated those people shed dealt with had felt.

“Qi Qi, why did you suddenly come over” Lu Qiyuan asked as he closed the door.

“Dad.” Lu Qi pursed her lips and asked, “Whats up with that Jiang Yujie Why did you hire such a young secretary”

Lu Qiyuan frowned slightly.

“Are you being like your mom right now that you have to even manage who I hire as my assistant Could it be that you still dont trust me”

“I dont mean it that way.” Lu Qi hurriedly added, “I just find it a little strange.”

Seeing that Lu Qiyuan didnt say anything, Lu Qi continued, “Besides, she seems faint-hearted, fearful, and easily terrified.

She looks like she cant handle difficult situations at all.

As long as you say the slightest thing, she will look so pitiful and frightened.

She is your assistant, after all.

If a client comes and she appears that way to them too, how embarrassing would it be! When that time comes, the company and you will both be losing face.”

Yet, unexpectedly, Lu Qiyuan waved his hand, not minding it.

“She is still young.

Its inevitable that a young lady would feel thin-skinned and cowardly.

Besides, shes just joined, shes still not used to it yet and doesnt have much experience.

After working for some time, shell get better.”

Lu Qi looked at Lu Qiyuan in surprise.

She felt like she couldnt recognize him anymore.

Since when was Lu Qiyuan so reasonable and understanding

How could he actually be so forgiving towards his employees

“Dad, a company is not a school.

Why are you still bothering with training her If you train her well and let her gain experience, but she chooses to jump ship to another company, then wouldnt the company have been taken advantage of Its one thing to nurture her for someone elses sake, but to train her for free too Are there even any companies who would be so generous and giving!” Lu Qi looked at Lu Qiyuan in surprise.

“You were never so forgiving and understanding towards your employees in the past.”

Lu Qiyuan felt a little uncomfortable because of Lu Qis look.

He avoided Lu Qis gaze.

Suddenly, he said in annoyance, “Are you suspecting me of something”

“Im not…” Lu Qi said pitifully, her voice lowered.

Lu Qiyuan sighed and said, “You, stop learning from your mom and thinking of all sorts of crazy things.”

How could Lu Qi believe him

How could she not know about Lu Qiyuans temper

If didnt, how could she have gotten her grip so tightly on Lu Qiyuan all these years and make him forget about how much he used to love and pamper his other daughter Lu Man

“Ok, thats enough.

You suddenly came to look for me, whats the matter” Lu Qiyuan hurriedly changed the topic.

Lu Qi went back onto the more pressing issue.

“Ive heard a piece of news from Older Sister.”

Lu Qi told Lu Qiyuan about the news she heard from Lu Man.

“Dad, I think that this matter seems pretty reliable,” Lu Qi said.

“Even though Older Sisters character isnt all that, she is indeed pretty professional.

Her taste is rather good, and she has never been wrong about her judgment.”

Lu Qiyuan was a little hesitant.

“Could she have told you about it on purpose”

Lu Qi smiled.

“Dad, she completely didnt know that I was eavesdropping!”

She was exceptionally confident!

Lu Qiyuan let out a sigh of relief.

If what Lu Man had said was indeed real, then he could consider investing in the show.

“There arent many old clients left with Lu Corporation.

We really need new clients to help sustain the companys operations.

It would also be a good opportunity for us to use this to help publicize the Lu Corporation, to get more people to know about us and attract new clients,” Lu Qi said.

“Now that The Performer is right at its most difficult moment, we can take advantage of this and can even push the price down.

If they want 50 million yuan, we can push it down to 30 million or even 20 million.

Right now, no one dares to sponsor them.

It would be rare that we are willing to.

In the past, its the sponsors begging for them, but right now, they are begging for us.”

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