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“Your wedding.

Based on what weve discussed before, we can wait to hold it after graduation, but isnt it better if you get your marriage certificate first” Old Mrs.

Han called out, “Auntie Sun.”

 Auntie Sun instantly brought over the Chinese calendar.

 Old Mrs.

Han flipped through it.

“There is no suitable time today, but after the New Years holiday is over, the ninth day is suitable.

Its good for marriage and marrying out, as well as for getting engaged.”

 Han Zhuoli nodded.

“It just so happens that the wedding ring I ordered for Man Man is going to be here this week.”

 The wedding ring was one that Han Zhuoli had specially ordered for Lu Man, and so it needed some time.

 “Then thats just right.

You two can go back and discuss it with Xiao Xia to see if its suitable or not,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

 However, she knew too that Xia Qingwei would definitely be alright with it.

 Han Zhuoli turned to ask Lu Man, “What do you think”

 Lu Man was not expecting it.

They had not been engaged for long yet they were going to get their marriage certificate already.

 After getting their marriage certificate, the two of them would be actual husband and wife.

 Before this, even though they were living together, they had yet to marry or get that certificate.

Thus, Lu Man still felt that her identity was just Xia Qingweis daughter.

 No matter how intimate she was with Han Zhuoli, they were only fiance and fiancee, they were just lovers.

 Actually, the sense of belonging was a little lacking.

 But now that they were to be married, she and Han Zhuoli would totally become a family.

 Theyd be calling each other husband and wife.

And though the two of them would still be staying together with no change from before, it felt different.

 They would attain a level of intimacy that was difficult to describe.

 In the future, after they give birth to a child, their family would become even more complete.

 Now that she heard it, thinking about it still made her feel that it was a bit unreal.

 Lu Man nodded.


 Her nod meant that after the New Year, the two of them were going to officially get their marriage certificate.

 They were going to start a new life.

 Han Dongping came out and just heard what they were saying.

 Old Mrs.

Han took a look at him, then looked away.

 Did he really think that she was blind, not seeing the gaze Han Dongping was using to look at Lu Man

 She just pretended not to see it and was planning on knocking his head after everything was over.

 It was Old Mr.

Han who could not control himself and directly called Han Dongping into the study.

 Otherwise, after everyone left, she would have scolded Han Dongping.

 Old Mrs.

Hans sudden mention of having Han Zhuoli and Lu Man get their marriage certificate, that was purposely said for Han Dongping to hear.

 Let him stop thinking of making trouble.

 If it were just making trouble, it was alright, but seeing Han Dongpings gaze just now, Old Mrs.

Han was really scared he would do something that would harm Lu Man.

 Because of that, her original plan had been to let Han Zhuoli and Lu Man decide on how to do it herself.

 Now, she could not help but automatically bring it up earlier.

 It was to let Lu Man be totally recognized by the whole family.

 Of course, she could not keep hiding it from Han Dongping.

 Lu Man was going to get married into the family.

 Xia Yixin looked at Lu Man, lowered her gaze, and started to play with her child.

 In the afternoon, they all left the old family house one by one.

 Han Dongping angrily left the house.

 Just after he left the house, before they got into the car, he could not help but question Lin Liye.

“Did you know about Lu Man and Han Zhuoli being engaged since a long time ago”

 Lin Liye was just about to say something when Han Dongpings big hand waved about.

“Dont tell me about how you just found out today.

What the Old Mrs.

Han says, I dont believe! So youre all a family and hid it just from me.

Im the only outsider, huh!”

 Han Dongping had received a big shock today.

 Being pointed at by Old Mr.

Han and scolded dumb, and also being the last person to find out that Han Zhuoli was actually engaged to Lu Man.

 He felt like he was abandoned outside by his family.

 He had always had a feeling of superiority, and he got very affected by what Old Mr.

Han said today.

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