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Chapter 419 - Not The Face

Andusia got sent flying and crashed next to Alice.

Currently, Alice had already stopped bleeding from the cuts she suffered from Fugallo's Eye of the Storm.

After all, they were only shallow wounds.

Fugallo's Eye of the Storm also didn't carry any corrosive properties like the Feathers of Silver or Dark Hand.

Although it would probably take until after the battle for these cuts to fully heal, they would no longer pose a problem to her.

"Are you alright, Andusia" Alice asked as she hauled Andusia out of the ground and placed the other party on her shoulder using psychic power.

Andusia's body was made of Living Wood and was devoid of any internal organs or blood, so Alice couldn't tell how exactly Andusia was doing right now.

"Does it look like I'm fine to you Dammit," Andusia grumpily complained while holding her stomach.

She could faintly feel that a few cracks had formed in her body.

Fortunately, these cracks weren't permanent, as her recovery abilities as a Demon King were gradually taking effect on her Living Wood body.

So long as she was careful and didn't let her body thoroughly shatter, she should be able to make a full recovery given enough time.

"It seems you've also suffered internal injuries, Andusia," Fugallo said as he walked up to Alice and Andusia, the mana around him stirring with every step he took.

If any normal person were to stand in Fugallo's presence right now, they would probably suffocate from the powerful mana he radiated.

After saying so, though, Fugallo couldn't help but reveal a confused look as he looked at Andusia holding her stomach.

Logically, Andusia should have suffered severe internal injuries after receiving his headbutt.

Andusia's current pose and expression also indicated that she was suffering from internal injuries.

Yet, not even a drop of blood had come out of her mouth.

However, that wasn't an important detail.

Fugallo could tell that Andusia was injured through the mana fluctuations she radiated.

He could also tell that Alice wasn't in any better of a state.

So, in his current state, where he had taken possession of two Demon King's Shadows, he was confident he held an absolute advantage over Alice and Andusia.

"It seems you don't plan to spare us," Alice said when she sensed the rumbling mana around Fugallo.

"What exactly is your goal"

"My goal" Fugallo chuckled.

He was wondering what Alice would say in her final moments, but he didn't think she would ask about his goals.

However, he did not care about hiding his goals, so he frankly admitted, "It is to eliminate the divide between humans and demons."


Alice and Andusia were stunned.

They had thought of many possibilities, but they never thought that Fugallo's goal would actually be such a noble-sounding one.

However, after hearing Fugallo's answer, Alice grew even more confused:

"Eliminate the divide between humans and demons By relying on Demon King's Shadow"

"Demon King's Shadow is but a means to an end.

To achieve my goal, I need to endlessly increase my strength until I am strong enough to alter the rules of this world," Fugallo patiently explained as he looked at Alice.

Then, after a short pause, Fugallo continued:

"What do you think is the main reason humans and demons are in contention with one another It's obviously because of the difference in living environments, right Because of humans having a more favorable living environment, a divide has formed between humans and demons, leading to the two races clashing with one another."

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Alice frowned.

She still couldn't figure out where Fugallo was going with his point.

Setting aside why a Demon King like Fugallo was trying to accomplish something as noble as eliminating the divide between humans and demons, how was he going to accomplish this by changing the world's laws

"Do you still not get it Since the difference in living environments is the case of the divine, the solution to rectify this problem is simple—change the human realm's environment," Fugallo said.

"So long as we transform the entire world into one big demon realm and all humans into demons, a divide between the two races won't exist."

"You…" Alice was frightened by Fugallo's words.

While she was trying to improve the demon realm's environment to match the human realm's environment, Fugallo was actually aiming to do the exact opposite...

Alice knew how terrible of an environment the demon realm had.

Every naturally occurring thing there was twisted in some way, and not in a good way, either.

Although Fugallo's plan could indeed eliminate the divide between humans and demons, it wouldn't lead the world's development down a better path.

"Rather than try to transform hell into heaven, you are trying to turn heaven into hell instead" Andusia also understood what Fugallo was aiming for.

Snickering, she said, "It seems you are still nothing but a beast driven by hatred, Fugallo."

Fugallo fell silent.

However, he did not try to refute Andusia's words.

Instead, he started transforming the mana around him into a powerful storm to eliminate Alice and Andusia.

"Did someone get angry after getting called out" Andusia sneered.

Then, she gathered her mana, transformed it into another Dark Hand, balled it into a fist, and sent it flying to Fugallo.

"You just don't learn, do you"

Fugallo narrowed his eyes when he saw Andusia using the same attack against him.

Immediately, he expanded his Eye of the Storm to have it shred Alice and Andusia into pieces.

"That should be about enough." At this time, Alice suddenly smiled.

Then, she shouted, "Rise—Forest Crystal!"

"Huh" When Fugallo heard Alice's abrupt shout, he subconsciously tried to retreat to avoid getting sealed by Alice's Forest Crystal.

However, as soon as he moved his feet, he realized that there wasn't any mana coming out of Alice's body.

Immediately, anger flashed in his eyes as he said, "You dare to trick—What!"

Fugallo's expression abruptly changed before he could finish speaking.

This was because he could feel a stream of foreign mana suddenly invading his body.

Then, this foreign mana transformed into a dark-green crystal that imprisoned a portion of his mana, preventing him from accessing it.

As a result of a portion of Fugallo's mana being sealed, the Eye of the Storm he summoned was also instantly scattered, leaving Fugallo momentarily defenseless.

Meanwhile, before Fugallo could react to this unexpected development, Andusia's Dark Hand unerringly smashed into his face.

Alice and Andusia both had good hearing.

So, the instant the Dark Hand collided with Fugallo's face, both of them could clearly hear the sound of Fugallo's nose shattering.


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