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Having the headmaster teach us today sure has excited the class. Everyone is jumping out of their seats and walking up to him as if hes a regular teacher. To be honest, I feel nervous being around him. I mean, I technically am on trial for the next week to see if I have what it takes to stay in this school. So now I just feel like Im on an evaluation.

"Now class, time to sit down and start the lesson," he says as he lets out a small cough with a chuckle. My classmates quickly sit down, and pull out their notebooks and pencils. "Today the lesson will be on the history of wizardry. We are going to learn about the birth of magic and study up to the present day." The class oohs and ahhh as if they have never been taught a single thing about history in the whole school year that theyve been here.

"Now, it is said that the first magic to be born was contracting magic. Next we gained magic that controlled the elements. The magic that we use now, the type you call forth by waving your wand and chanting words, only came up a few hundred years ago. All sorts of magic came to be during that period. And actually, one of our very own students here at school is a special type of wizard. Its known as spellsinger." He trails off for a minute to write something on the board in front of the class. Come to think of it, I know someone who has spellsinger magic. Jin! Hes talking about Jin! I didn realize her magic was that special to be noticed by the headmaster like that. She must be really strong.

"Now then, Freya." The headmaster chimes in over my thinking. "What do spellslingers weave their magic into to cast spells?" His sudden question and calling on me takes me off my guard, and I can help but feel my face heat up.

"Uh, song! Right?" I say shyly while I feel the classs eyes all on me. I mean song and singing are the same. Its in the name so its gotta be right. Right?

"That is correct. Good memory. Looks like you know how to read ahead. Keep it up." He leaves a small smile on his face in my direction. No I didn read ahead, I took a guess. I haven had time to read ahead with all the other homework and catching up to do. I haven even finished catching up with the white magic history lessons and casting spells book. I can even cast any spells. Everyones attention turns back to the headmaster, but I can still feel some jealous eyes on me. I didn ask him to call on me, he just chose me. I didn want to be singled out like he just did. But I didn want to disappoint him either.

"So magic went off to all sorts of lands being developed differently in each region. For example we have a few students from Hampshire in our academy. I believe it is in the textbooks, but in Hampshire they use seals instead of wands and chants." Just as he finishes that sentence, I see a picture of someone wearing ethnic garb Id never seen before writing a symbol in the air in my mind. "They activate their magic by drawing symbols in the air." More oohs and ahhh come through the class, and claps begin to surround me. I mean its brilliant, but hes obviously not done, so why continue to clap?

"In other lands, people cast spells by drawing a magic circle on the ground. There is all sorts of magic around the world. Theres also magic that can be strengthened by artificial means. Thats on the next page of your textbook." Everyone flips their page in unison. On the page are men in military uniforms. There is some kind of golden colored badge on the chest of the uniform. Underneath it says "The Ministry of Magic Justice Unit, the Knights." Reading to myself it says that they undergo special training so they don have to draw magic circles or use chants. Since I can use magic that well anyway, maybe I need to do that type of special training. It seems that the details aren too privy to the public. But they train so they can be prepared for any kind of sudden attack.

The headmaster cuts in from my reading. "Just remember that there are all sorts of types of magical forms and history in the world." The rest of the class period we read and answer questions out of our textbooks and turn them in at the end of class. We continue to have teacher after teacher come in and teach, and a small break for some lunch. Lisa brings me a spare lunch since I don have money for the cafeteria food. Shes been very sweet to me, and so has Edward, Landon, and Jin. Ive already made some impressionable friends here, and they help me feel more at home.

I can say the same for Victor though. Because hes been teaching classes back to back today, I haven seen him and maybe its for the best. Im in love with him, or falling in love. But the way he treats me, I feel like his little sister or something. And with what happened the other day, with him acting like he just didn care and to just leave me alone by myself, I feel like I need to have all of my defenses up. Ive lost an incredible amount of trust in him, and we are buddies. Not even some 4th years have found theirs, but I guess we got lucky. But how can he be my buddy if he doesn act like it? Classes end, and I am the last one out of the classroom. Standing in the middle of the hallway, I let out a big sigh and stretched. "Im beat. I think I need to lay down for a short nap." Just then I hear a voice coming from an empty classroom. I creep up to the door and notice it is open. The voice sounds really familiar.

The voice is Victors! I can help but peer through the crack to see what is going on. But what am I doing? Im sticking my nose where it doesn belong. Victor seems to be alone in the classroom, with his back turned to me. "I told you, Im looking into it now." Victor says in almost a whisper. "Yeah I know, Ill report it when I get back in today." He seems to be talking to someone. Maybe a magical teleconference? Maybe hes got an ear piece in. We may be in a magical world, but not all parts of the world live in the dark ages. I move in closer to see him talking to his badge. His voice begins to cut in and out, so I try to lean in closer to hear better.

"What are you doing?" A voice from behind me says. I turn to see a boy with pink, cotton candy-like hair standing behind me. I am at a loss for words, being found sneaking around. He looks at me with a face full of curiosity. "I don think Ive ever seen you here before." Just then a small bear, or maybe a bunny, comes running up behind him.

"Master, please wait for me!" Its face is so cute that it completely distracts me from the fact that Ive been caught. Hes wearing the school uniform so he must be a classmate. But what year? Whats his name? And why is he here all of a sudden? The little bear bunny thing turns and smiles at me. "Oh hello! Me Taffy! Me is a stuffed animal and help my master!" His little voice is so soft and gentle, I can help but smile at him.

"Hey just who are you?" The pink hair boy cuts in. His eyes are a sunset orange, and extremely intense. Looking at him more closely now, he seems really suspicious and I can help but take a step back from him.

"Hey I know that look! You think Im suspicious don you?" I take another step back from him, thinking of all the escape routes I can take. I can also call for Victor since hes in the next room, but I don think I can stand to see him right now, face to face. "Hey nothing to fear! My names Randy, Im a student here." His intense demeanor changes to a more friendly and calm one. He puts out his hand for me to shake. I cautiously take his hand and shake it back. "Im Freya. Nice to meet you." I pull my hand away and tuck it behind my back with my other hand. He stands up more proudly, as if he has accomplished something.

"So are you a new student Freya?" He asks me with a look of curiosity. Then his face turns to excitement with a snap of a finger before I can muster up a response. "Wait, Ive heard about you! Oh I know, Ill show you one of my inventions." Before I can respond, he moves over to the empty classrooms door. He sure is bustling with excitement out of nowhere. And with one swift movement, he flings the door open as if he doesn care at all if someone could be in there. "Wait what?" He says in astonishment as Victor stands there with eyes wide open. "Who are you?"

Victor clears his throat and puts his hand behind his head. "You gave me quite a surprise." I can see his eyes flickering in my direction.

"This! This is my lab!" Randy bursts out. He seems to be throwing a fit like a 3 year old who has had his toy taken away. Thats when Victor decides to turn the attention on to me. "Freya? What

e you doing here?" Randy looks between the two of us, still fuming with anger about someone being in here.

"Your friend, Freya?" Randy says. He looks more at me now than Victor.

"Yeah, hes a visiting student in my class." This seems to lighten up his mood almost immediately. "Wow, the one everyones been going on about? Thats cool!" He looks Victor up and down now. "Pretty old too." I can see Victor go a bit red from Randys words, but he doesn act upon his feelings it seems. He turns to me again.

"So you two are friends then?"

"Uh not exactly. We just met in the hallway." I look down towards the floor, not feeling the confidence to look him in the eyes. I feel stupid that I get so nervous and awkward around Victor. Hes just a guy like any of my other friends. But, maybe he feels more than just a friend to me.

"Yeah and I was just about to show her some of my inventions!" Randy cuts in, almost seeming like a child again.

"Well, Im a researcher myself so that sounds pretty interesting. Care if I join in to see your inventions?" Victor looks at me for a brief second before he turns his gaze back to Randy. What is he playing at? "Well then let me show you my latest one, Taffy!" Just then Taffy finally speaks up and makes a small salute to Victor while standing on the floor. The little bunny says, He then turns and jumps up on the cabinets, grabbing a bottle full of pink liquid, then comes back over to us. "Outtasight Taffy!" he shouts. Both Victor and I look at Randy in confusion.

"The name speaks for itself. Its a potion that can make you out of sight. But its still a work in progress. Im trying to find a way to make people invisible without using magic or magic tools." Victor chuckles and places his hands behind his head.

"Thats a pretty cool invention you got there. Pretty advanced for someone your age." A smile comes across his lips.

"The master is a genius!" Taffy chimes in, putting the bottle back and putting his hands on his hips. Turns out that Randy is super advanced and has a lot of magical knowledge. He must be in the top classes. And you wouldn think hes smart with that boyish face hes got going on. I am definitely inferior to these two before me. I have my work cut out for me.

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