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-Lets see... Give me your number to see if it is true that I do not have it?

The lady says, smiling mischievously at him, while the wind stirred up the long dark hair that adorned her beautiful, white face.

He gave it to her without problem pretending to be falling into the hatched trap, and listening to the soft tune of killing me softly with his song by Fugges, he rejected the call knowing it came from his phone.

-Now it doesn matter who I sent the WhatsApp to, because I already have someone to send them to, hello very pleased, Im Natalia Cantarell.

The lady tells him extending her white hands and greeting him with a kiss on the cheek, while the coastal wind became annoyed by the approaching storm, that although it did not rain because it was eléctrica, if it raised blizzards of salt water by the proximity of the waves of the sea, his phone gave the last bleep of his exhausted battery and put it in the pocket of his pants, As they moved away from the boardwalk, towards the nearby park to which he had promised not to return, until the lady told him, taking him by the hand to take him in another direction.

- Lets go better to my truck to save us from the water!

And in a few meters he looked at the flashing lights of a parked truck that must have been hers, and opening the drivers door first helped her to board it, and then he approached it on the side of the co-pilot and the lady started to drive slowly along the undulating roads of that boardwalk that he was already running out of people.

-Hello my name is Martín . –he tells her that he had not been able to tell her his name.

"I had been watching you there for hours since you were pulling the fishermans net.

-Hours you wasted sending WhatsApp to I don know who.

-Nobody foolish, I wanted to send those WhatsApp to you, but I didn know your number, so I plucked up the courage to ask you and you fell into my trap.

When he listened to her, he gave her an indescribable smile of complicity that she did not know He did not know how to interpreta, she had already parked near a convenience store with the intention of getting away from that boardwalk, and he had thought it good because they also moved away from that park, which he was forbidden to go to at night, and in the middle of the storm he decided to pause the conversation to buy a couple of coffees with the money from the part of the wallet where he kept his, Because it seemed disloyal to pay them with the money that the girl in red had left him.

- How did you know I liked it with cinnamon?

-Because when you greeted me with a kiss, I smelled cinnamon and here in your cup holder you bring a used glass that smells like coffee with cinnamon, and; What does a beautiful, sensual lady like you do in the middle of a thunderstorm?

-I don know, I had nothing to do, and I decided to come and see the sunset Sun, and when I was about to throw myself into the sea to get lost in its waves forever, I saw a handsome fisherman throwing a net into the sea and I came right here 3 times for coffee waiting to get your attention with my truck, before I decided to talk to you and I assure you that if I take a fourth turn I will run you over to see if you would listen to me or even turn to see me.

Estaba yo sentada en la arena de una playa viendo el mar,

Y un hombre guapooo,

Venia remando en una barca

Que venía aproximándose hacia míiii.

It was heard in the sound of the vehicle that classic song of Rocío Dúrcal, La Guirnalda, which for a few moments distracted the attention of Martín, as if he had entered one of those musical trances that inspired him, and when she realized pressed a button from the steering wheel, to increase the volume a little and sang to him getting a little closer to her ears.

El me miró ooo

Y me sonrió ooo

Y yo coquetamente viendo hice como que no vi.


And they ended up laughing as the strong wind accelerated outside.

-And precisely listening to Rocío Dúrcal, just to time we had that song on the occasion and that not even sent to do. –says Natalia. "And what can you tell me about yourself?" My dear Martín.

- You say you passed 3 times in front of me with your truck and I didn look at you? Maybe it was because I don like trucks, I like women, and if you had passed only once in front of me without a truck, With that body you have I assure you that I not only turn to see you, I confuse you with a beautiful mermaid and I throw the fishermans net at you.

-Ha ha ha. The lady laughs amusedly and says. - Ayyy! You are seeing that I did not know how to approach you, besides that good that I do not pass in front of you without my truck because you would have thrown the net, go, now tell me what makes a man as handsome as you on Carmen City.

What you can think of a man like me on a boardwalk like this, in a city like this, in the middle of a thunderstorm.

-Lets see let me guess, you are not from here, you have economic problemas, and that is why you come to look for a job on the island, you are also married with many children and many girlfriends.

-Well, you are failed in guessing arts, because it is true that I am not from here, although that is very obvious, you also guessed that I come to look for a job on the island, but I only have 2 daughters, who have already started to make their lives, I am a widower and although I do not have a formal girlfriend or fiancée, if I have a relationship or something, I do not know what it is.

-Okay, then I take a 5 and now its your turn.

The lady says to him lowering the volume of the sound a little, while La guirnalda continued to be heard, giving a special touch to that conversation between strangers in the middle of a thunderstorm that already brought rain with it.

-Let me see, you do not exceed 40, you if you are of Carmen City, you are married to someone much older than you, you are a doctor or nurse, and you have at least two children who go to primary or secondary school, you have no economic problems and you are looking to escape, even for a few moments of some things that have you fed up and you can not solve, but if wait for them to happen in their entirety.

The lady tried to laugh at the astonishment, but she finally covered her face with her hands to let out such a pitiful cry, that she could not control much less contain, since he overflowed and more when he felt the arms of that stranger who offered him his shoulder to cry, and cried clinging to that embrace, not to appropriate it or to give him, he just embraced him as that shipwrecked one day embraced her lifeline.

- Its already happened, right? You really needed to vent.

He tells her by wiping her cheeks himself with a tissue that he takes from the roof of the truck.

- Or are you a mage or am I an open book for you or for everyone, or do you see how screwed I am?

-Not at all woman, if I assumed that you are from here it was because of your accent and your last name, if I assumed that you are married it was because of your wedding ring, if I assumed that you are a nurse or doctor it was because you do not have long nails or paint them, if I assumed that of the children it is because there are toys between the seats, The fact that you do not have economic problems is obvious, and if I assumed that your husband is lot Older than you, it is because here you bring some masculine glasses with A lot of graduation that are obviously not yours.

"But they could be my fathers or my grandfathers. -replies Natalia.

-They could, but I don believe it about your grandfather because of your age, and the way you dress and groom.

-You seem to me a dedicated woman that if they were your fathers they would not be here, because you would have taken them yourself, but I do not believe your husband because that is one of the things that make you want to swim on the boardwalk during a thunderstorm.

Natalia just stared at him tenderly and no longer smiled, he took a sip of his coffee and was going to say something, but the alarm on his cell phone reminded him of a deadline met.

-For now I have to leave because I have to attend to something, and I also have to go for those children you mentioned that by the way there are 3, where do you stay?

-Right here, don worry my hotel is nearby.

He tells her with the intention that she would not intend to take him, for fear that Lolis was waiting for him, or that she or one of her strange friends would see him, because they had to pass by the side of that park that he was forbidden to visit at night.

-A moment Martín. The lady says very seriously. -Here the only married is me, and that formal girlfriend or fiancée or something like that you do not even know if you have, you do not have to get angry if a friend gives you a ride at the doors of your hotel; Don you think?

"Well, yes and you

e absolutely right. –he says, already embarrassed to feel discovered. -I am in the International hotel and you will have to leave me mere in front because it is still raining hard.

- Thats the attitude!

The beautiful lady of the boardwalk tells him that she started smiling and already calm, feeling in the atmosphere that a great weight had been lifted from her.

-I have your number and you have mine, anything you need please call me, because now I consider you my great friend, And just like I want you to consider me your friend, I had not cried for many years and believe me that I already needed it because yes, I have been about to throw myself into the sea and if I did not it was because of my 3 babies, now I feel much better.

The lady tells him already at the door of the hotel, and approached him to say goodbye giving him a natural kiss of friendship on the cheek, he quickly got out of the vehicle, it was already past 10 at night and seeing a hot dog and hamburger stand on the corner, He completely forgot about the strong wind, the thunderstorm, the girl in the park and the lady on the boardwalk.

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