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Ch65 - Rivers and Lakes (4) —— Come, shave your beard

Chou Xuanyi is really a demon monk.

He only said such a sentence, but he was aroused by the meaning of his words.

When he looked at Su An again, he had this inexplicable faint evil intent. 

Yu Su’an’s face froze, and he withdrew his staring eyes.

Su An: …as long as what you said is true…



He looked at Chou Xuanyi’s bearded face, and thought with a sigh, forget it, wait until Longxing City, let’s coax him to shave off his beard first.

Otherwise, Su An would either be stabbed to death by that beard, or be wilted by that beard. 

At dawn, the two headed for Longxing City.


They didn’t have horses, but with their footwork, it would only take them at most two days to travel to Longxing City.

But not long after they left, they met an old man sitting on the ground by the river.

The old man was wearing a black robe, holding a crooked yellow sandalwood.

On the yellow sandalwood, there are seven or eight forked branches, and a human head hangs on each branch.


There are the heads of the Blizzard Night Swordsman thrown away by Su An, the heads of the Xiao Xiang Twin Swords buried by Su An, and the heads of some assassins who tried to assassinate Su An but failed.

Yu Su’an paused on his steps in time, and said calmly: “The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil.”

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devilturned his head sideways, and his voice was hoarse and mournful: “Good little lad, they really let you run away to this place.”


The half of his face that turned sideways was covered with terrible burn marks, and even half of that ear was missing. 

The Yellow Sandalwood Seven Devil was cruel and ruthless, and liked to play with good women.

He often buys a woman from a good family and plays with her for seven days, and after seven days, he would wrap that woman’s body in a straw mat and throw her away.

His sandalwood has seven branches, which can hang seven heads, and he has to drink seven cups of wine, and after seven cups he will kill people.

Such a beast and scum, many chivalrous men and women in the rivers and lakes wished to kill him quickly. But a crafty rabbit has three burrows, the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil has seven ways to save his life.

Often others have not yet killed him, when they have already fallen to Yellow Springs. 

Yu Su’an looked at the heads on the rosewood and said slowly: “You killed them.”

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil said: “Yes.”

Not all the people who came to assassinate Yu Su’an died in Yu Su’an’s hands.

Yu Su’an has always been romantic and tolerant, unless necessary, he will not kill anyone.

But now, he wanted to kill the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil. 

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil sensed his killing intent, and hihi, laughed twice: “Little lad, you want to kill me”

Yu Su’an said: “There are many brothers and sisters who want to kill you like me in rivers and lakes.”


“But none of them can kill me,” With the support of his sandalwood, the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil got up, “And they will become a wronged soul in my rosewood’s hands, hahahaha.”

Yu Su’an smiled and said softly: “Then today is your death day.” 

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Te Ve’jc rjlv: “Pa’r pera wf.”

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“Tick tock”, blood falling on the mud sounded. 

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil has one of his hands cut off.

Then a flying knife came out following the sword.

This is the first person who survived under Chou Xuanyi’s sword strike.

Su An was surprised: “This old man is so strong” 

System: “Host, be careful.”

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil was really good at escaping for his life, however, after he was injured, instead of being afraid or escaping, he jumped forward even more excitedly.

Yu Su’an subconsciously made a move, and the flying knife pierced into the chest of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil.

Blood gushed out, and a drop fell on the back of Yu Su’an’s hand.

This hale and hearty dry and thin old man suddenly laughed loudly, and after he wiped the blood from his body, he flung the blood beads viciously at the two men. 

Chou Xuanyi raised his black iron sword to block the blood, but one drop fell on his ample forehead.

Blood dripped down the high bridge of his nose.

Chou Xuanyi lowered his eyes, quietly looking at his sword.

On top of the black iron sword, the place where the blood beads have touched has shown a dark black color. 

There is poison in the blood.

The vast majority of people, on the other hand, would never be wary of the blood of a wounded enemy.


The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil laughed even more strangely.

His laughter was like old wood being eaten by termites, giving off a rotten smell: “Hahahaha, I, the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, can survive till now, what do you think I rely on There are a hundred poisons in my blood, each of which can kill you within a quarter of an hour.

As long as you touch a drop, you will die without a place to bury!”

“Your heads will eventually be hung on my sandalwood, hahahaha!” 

Su An’s face darkened.

No one would have guessed that the seven life-saving methods of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil were actually poisons in his blood.

No wonder those who fought against the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil have all failed.

It’s not that they couldn’t kill the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, but that as long as they hurt the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, they have already fallen into his poisonous plan.

Chou Xuanyi’s expression did not change.

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil thought that the two of them would kneel down and beg for the antidote immediately, but to his surprise, Chou Xuanyi sealed his throat with a sword.

The Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil’s eyes widened, and he fell to the ground in shock. 

Yu Su’an stepped forward quickly, looking for the antidote on the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil.

The poison soon began to take effect, Yu Su’an lips turned blue, and the blood in his heart was boiling, as if he would explode and die at any moment.

Wuwu, he’s not really going to die, is he

Before the shot was fired, Su An raised his head and glanced in envy at the monk.

The monk was motionless, and was blowing away the blood beads on the black iron sword against the cold wind.

Su An: … 

With his beard being blown, he looked handsome and weird.

Su An resigned himself and bowed his head, he lifted the hand of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil with a rag, and suddenly he let out a “huh”.

Chou Xuanyi looked at him.

Yu Su’an smiled, “The top and bottom of his nails are black and blue, the pads of his fingers are stiff, and his palm is as soft as a piece of rotten flesh.” He put two fingers on his pulse, “He’s already dead, but he’s pulse is still beating.” 

Chou Xuanyi frowned involuntarily.

How can a dead person still have a pulse

Unless the person who can make his pulse beat is not dead.

Su An spun his flying knife around, and cut open the wrist of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil neatly, then used another knife to slit his wrist.

The little thing inside the body of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil was attracted to the blood of the living.

Under the skin of the dark and skinny arms of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, a terrifying bulge ran down his wrist. 

Chou Xuanyi said: “Gu worm.”

When the Gu worm was exposed a little, Yu Su’an quickly withdrew his hand and grabbed the Gu worm, then looked at it intently.

This Gu worm was only the size of a small finger nail, and its whole body is bright yellow, slightly transparent like amber.

The Heaven and Earth BiaoJu went all over the world, even to the land of the Miao people a few times.

Yu Su’an has seen a lot since he was a child.

After a few moments, his eyes lit up and he said with a smile: “A good thing!”


Chou Xuanyi said: “Oh”

“Heart-protecting Gu, this is one of the world’s three major Gu worms that can detoxify all kinds of poisons and protect the heart.” Yu Su’an added, “But it’s troublesome to feed this Gu worm.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it’s worth ten thousand gold.

It doesn’t eat herbs, it doesn’t eat poisonous insects, it eats other first-class precious Gu worms, and its ration needs to use a thousand snow lotus plants, a thousand ganoderma lucidum, a thousand deer antlers, saffron, and cordyceps and so on.

And it takes ten years for it to mature, and only one of the ten pairs of heart-protecting Gu can be formed.” 

“No wonder the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil dared to use his own blood as poison,” Su An sighed, “I don’t know where he got this little thing.”

Chou Xuanyi pondered for a moment, then raised his thin eyelids, “Worth ten thousand gold”

Yu Su’an said seriously, word for word: “Ten thousand gold pieces.”

Chou Xuanyi stopped talking, but his gaze was on the other arm of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil. 

Su An reused his old trick, and sure enough, another heart-protecting Gu was drawn out.

He put the two Gu worms together to separate the mother Gu and the child Gu.

He unceremoniously put the Gu worm next to his wound, and the Gu worm couldn’t wait to crawl in from his wound.

Su An’s face gradually turned rosy, then he walked to Chou Xuanyi with a throwing knife, and said: “It was you who killed the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, so the mother Gu belongs to you.

Monk, reach out quickly, the poison cannot be delayed anymore.”

Chou Xuanyi lowered his head and looked at the Gu worn in Su An’s palm.

It was unknown what he was thinking, but his expression was pensive and he didn’t reach out his hand.

Yu Su’an: “Monk” 

Chou Xuanyi said: “It’s a priceless ten thousand gold.”

Su An didn’t understand what this brother was thinking, so he gave him a “speak quickly” look.

Chou Xuanyi said slowly: “Monk, I am poor, and I have never seen what ten thousand gold looks like.”

Su An: “…” 

He quietly asked: “You don’t want to sell it, do you”

Chou Xuanyi acquiesced.

Great Master Tianshou bringing Chou Xuanyi into Buddhism is definitely the worst decision ever made.

Look at this monk, he eats meat and is greedy for sex.

Also for the sake of ten thousand gold, he didn’t even want his life.

Su An was speechless, and could only lift Chou Xuanyi’s arm by himself, he cut a wound and put the mother Gu beside the wound. 

The smell of Chou Xuanyi’s blood seemed to be very popular with the mother Gu, as soon as he put it there, the mother Gu burrowed into the wound, hiding in some blood vessel.

Seeing the mother Gu disappear, although Chou Xuanyi didn’t say anything, Su An still felt his regret.


“Keep it, it’s a good thing,” There was a slight helplessness between Yu Su’an’s brows and eyes, “In a critical moment, it might save lives.”

There are hundreds of poisons hidden in the blood of the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil, Yu Su’an pulled his body away from the river to prevent his blood from mixing into the water.

And afraid of birds or living people touched it and died, and he painstakingly dug a pit, and the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil was buried in the wilderness unknown to people. 

After doing all this, the two of them set out on the road again.

He doesn’t know if the Seven Yellow Sandalwood Devil was the last expert that the other party had called on.

After that, they never met any assassins again, until they came to Longxing City.

But when entering the city, Su An asked Chou Xuanyi, “Did you also have a beard in Baolou Temple before”

Chou Xuanyi nodded. 

“But have you ever thought about the fact that since you seriously injured Great Master Tianshou, are his close friends in Longxing City willing to tell you what they know”

The monk’s eyes narrowed, like a sword out of its sheath, and he said coldly: “It’s up to him not to say it.”

Yu Su’an shook his head, “This is impossible.”

The monk looked up at him. 

Yu Su’an said: “There are some secrets that even if a person dies, he will not reveal them.

If this person knows these secrets, but he is still alive, then his mouth must have been extremely strict.

You know, only the dead can’t speak, that Great Master Tianshou didn’t kill him, probably because it’s harder to get news from him than from a dead person.

If so, you can’t use force to force him.

And if he doesn’t know these secrets, you will only startle the snake if you rush forward like this.”

Chou Xuanyi thought for a while, and said: “It makes sense.”

Su An didn’t change his expression, and continued: “So, we have to think of a surefire plan.”

Chou Xuanyi: “En” 

“First of all,” Yu Su’an took out a throwing knife and smiled slightly, “You need to shave your beard.”


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