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The situation on ground i.e. the atmosphere is tensed up. This scene shows the friends all sited on a table for three, just that, Evie eyes were focused intensively on Kathy; her sight never let watch on Kathy, while Kathy out of being uncomfortable is seen stabbing her food with the fork, avoiding eye contact with Evie. Mavin could feel the awkward situation and how tensed the atmosphere is.

Mavin (trying to brighten up the mood): Did we come here to mourn or cast an evil spell? Common! Both of you should brighten up. Were here to hang out together and not to try and kill each other with attitude. And seriously Evie (staring at Evie) those look with those eyes can kill a person confident. Its like killer eyes.

Kathy: I hold no hate or grudges and Mavin, what you said is very correct. Were her to have fun and thats the main reason why we all are gathered here to make the best of time now that were still together because who knows when they will come a time that we can gather like this due to some circumstances so I feel like we should make the best of it now we still have time.

Evie: I guess you

e right on this one Kathy. (Smiling) Okay okay Ill try to shake things up and try to be less scary and just have fun after all thats what we came for.

Mavin (relieve) exactly!! (Jokingly in a calm voice): We are grateful for you agreeing to throw away you

e scary attitude for now

Evie (happy tone): hey! Its that supposed to be a joke or what?

(Kathy laughed)

Mavin: Finally I can feel the vibe

Kathy (smiling) (in a funny tone): So whats the plan Mr Captain?

Mavin: I have lots of activities that is installed for us for today

Evie (playfully): Aye Captain! Whatever fun activities youve planned, we you

e crew are ready to set out and sail through the totally crazy adventure.

{They all laughed}

That same night…

Kathy unknown to her, lost in her own world didn realized when she took a wrong turn, and when she finally did, it was already too late; she has gone too deep. The road is lonely and it being a late hour made it creepy for her.

Kathy: Oh no! It seems this isn the way to the palace. Geez! I took a wrong turn and its obvious to me that Im lost. (Sarcasm) so terrific.

She continue walking down the path as her only option

Kathy (Soliloquizing): Oh no! This isn safe for a princess like me to be walking on this lonely path alone. Anything can happen. (Still soliloquizing): Im so stupid! What was I thinking for agreeing to come home by myself? I should have stick with them but noo I wanted the two love bird to spend time together and now see well this decision of mine landed me. I should have insist of them spending time together maybe tomorrow and then Evie and I will both head home together with Mavin being our escort and probably I won be lost in the path of nowhere

She felt like shes being watch and hasten her step. She heard a noise and stopped. She became scared but managed to mutter some word

Kathy: Hello! Is somebody there?

{No response}

Kathy (acting brave): Show yourself

{No response for a while as everywhere is silent before…}

A male voice (deep voice): Who goes there?

Another voice in a male tone: It seems shes a newbie

Another voice in a female tone: She seems shes new to this area after all I don think I can recall a face like that. I doubt if she has pass this path before

Another voice in a female tone: You don see that everyday

Kathy (STILL ACTING BRAVE): Show yourself

Another voice in a male tone: What do you want?

The deep and scary tone of the last voice that spoke sent chill to her spine

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