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Universe Maker Chapter 7 (the third god and creating life)

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I returned to the mortal realm. I was very tired, so I decided to take a nap, and so I did.

Nine decades later, soon after my nap, I opened up my eyes and saw that the mortal realm was just the same. How boring.

It seems that it would still takes tens of millions of years to the first star to be born. And the peculiar energy that was inserted in the mortal realm, only stirs up the nebulosa "cloud" and delays the formation of a star for some more tens of millions of years.

Being impatient, I decided to increases the speed of the process. I could try to use my creator will to make a part of the nebulosa condense, but now then, should I do what? Guess I was not an astronomer. Lets go by the easier magical solution create another god.

Maybe a god of the sun. I would like to have more than one star in the future in the mortal realm though. So perhaps a god of strars would be better. Yet, still I need to have planets as well, so Im going with a god of solar systems.

The true form that I created this time, was of a male god. It was a very tall man with a shirt of pink dyed mulberry silk and a grey dyed linen pants, that seems to be made out of silver, but is filled to the brim with mana and divine energy like a sort of magical metal. He uses a shining bronze wristlet with heavy jewel of all types, including diamonds, saphires, tanzanites, apatite, esmeralds, turquoise, a crystal of solid mana, other of solid divine energy, a crystal solid of qi ( that was very hard to make), and even a crystal of peculiar energy, all of which have a bluish tone.

By some reason, I imagine him being rich. He also has a collar with a small purple quartz sculped in the form of the sun, but somewhat appearing "alive" like a sun with several quartz storms, but somehow the rock seems to have never ending matter. He was also has toned muscles.

His round eyes shine brighter than Sirius. His iris have ever changing colors, an radiates electromagnetic waves across the whole spectrum, from radio to gamma-ray.

He also has a wavy hair that growns down to the end of his column. It was like pure gold, but more resistant. He was using sandals that seems to be sculped from purple heart wood with the part where the food stands being covered in suede and the back of each one having a small topaz rock sculped in the form of a dodecahedron. I thought of giving him a crown, but even I considered that this would be to much, and perhaps give the false idea that he was above the other gods.

His mere presence makes space/time fabric curve itself a lot. There is several geoid objects making elliptical rotations around him with also rocks and dust. He as a whole radiates a bit of light. I named him Siraj, by what I heard means in arabic light, lamp, or in a more figurative way it may mean "guiding light".

_Hello, father.- He said tenderly, after his soul was fully formed.

_Hello, my son.- Although I was a bit surprised in being called like that I reacted quickly accepting the way he addressed me.- I would like that you start forming the solar system as soon as possible, please. And don forget to make some planets including one prepared to contain life. Although you

e is not related with life I think you have some idea what type of word Im talking.

I know Im urging someone that just got created to much, but I infer I am a impatient person.

He did as I instructed. It was a very good decision to create one more god. He was born with much more of a precise control over the matter in the mortal realm than I, with it being practically a second limb to him. His efficience was suprising. With him speeding up the process, the first star was formed withing a week, and now it has nine planets orbiting around it. Three of which shall naturely habitable, while others will only become with some more complex energy(qi) manipulation.

He already helped a lot, but I asked if he would like to help in the development of mortal life. Afterall, all of it was part of his domain. He said that he would, but would like to hear my suggestions and ideas, that according to him, "they that come from the great one that created him would surely be great". And something of having more beings being able to stand in his presence.

_ To me creating the biological structure of living beings, would not be difficult. The problem would be the souls, that are more complicated to be made. I would suggest making microscopic organism, their soul don need to be completed in the first place, needing to be a simple soul spark the size of an atom, the natural qi is enough for the natural formation of this spark, then we only need to insert them there and let the souls form naturally. We can them let natural selection takes its course.

Yes, natural seletion. Even if my universe have a creator, I cannot deny such a important element existence. How this fits with a created universe? I have no idea.

_ Thank you very much, for the suggestion father, but I don now how to create this what you call them... microorganisms..

_Let me do that. My "domain" is related with it. I was thinking, in fact, to have your support in you being the patron of the mortals and in taking major decisions, an suggesting some species ideas.

_ I got it, father.

Well, lets start. I, then, used my powers to make the three planets completely filled with life, and in fact I purposely overpopulated this words, to make life fastly fill up the ozone layer; the fast changes in the atmosphere and the overpopulation lead to mass extinction and set a violent natural selection. Somewhat accelerating the appearance of eukarya organisms that consists of some primitive algaes and amebas.

But none of then have mitochondria or chloroplast, that were a important feature from this cells evolution on earth. I made sure, to forcely create some of those, and but it in some cells. Making nature also filled with independent mythcondrias and cloroplast. It was interesting how the souls are connected with life. While making a mitochondria or chloroplast a part of the cell, I noticed how the primitive soul of this cells merge with the soul of the the new organelles that become a part of the cell, making this soul a bit bigger, though still insignificant and empty. The soul of a small being don have anything in it, no feeling, no emotion, nothing; to the point of making me reflect if they are actually souls.

And this souls have zero impacts on the cells, acting more like a parasite, but not causing damage or anything, if one cell haves its soul destroid it will simply form another. It seems that they always have a sou,l but it, as a matter of fact, serves no purpose. If a bacteria or even protozoa have it cell destroid, killed, or devoured, the soul will not even go to the reincarnation realm, it will simply explode, spreading itself all over.

When I tried to create a crude multicellular organism like and seaweed or a sponge, I noticed that the soul seems to have a greater impact on the organism. I done this creation by making a bunch of equal cell work like having different functions. But the souls of this different cells did not work as before, the souls seem to resonate, fusing itself but leaving nodes that connect them to the cells and a bunch of lesser souls, that are in the cells connected to the structure. In this way, if the body of the being is split it will actually split the souls like a torn fabric. And I gradually went from molding simpler species to more complex one. How much more complex the beings become, the more insignificant the lesser souls turn to be; until in at some point they do not exist anymore. It tooked more then a year to complete this process.

The middle of the three planets have a evolution path that copies the earth one but simplifing a lot, and skiping the dinossaurs, that were to impractical to keep, because of the need to nurture rational life. I also skipped the fungus for no especific reason. And have the ocean filled with eatable fish and the land with domesticated artificial selection animals, or simply cattle and domestic pets; and plants: of fruits like lemons, oranges, apples, tangerines, passion fruit, açaí, bananas, grapes, guavas, pears, persimmons, etc; of seeds like rice, beans, coffee, etc. I also put some useful plants like cotton. The only insects that can be found are pollinator insects or silk producers. There is practile no dangerous wild animal in nature, if the species that I make can survive in this conditions I don now what to do.

The one closest to the sun, I made it have several pluricellulars bacteria organisms, it was very hard, I may add, first because the structure of a bacteria do not fit well to making a pluricelular cells, for reasons Im to lazy to explain and because of the souls of the bacteria were to insignificant to follow the example of the sponge organisms. In this world, I left the rest to its on devices, and ask Siraj to warn me if life in there starts to become nearly extinct for some reason.

The last one I filled with fantasy species like slimes, kunpeng, my version of loch ness monsters, krakens, griffins, hippogriffs, pegasus, unicorns, leviathans, dragons, basilisks, chimeras, hydras, manticores, typhons, giant wolfes ,that I named fenrirs; hippocampus, cipactli, charybdis, behemoths, scylla, abaias, calygreyhound, cockatrices, makara, ammits, wyverns, namazus, centicores, questing beasts, serpopard, indus worms, ahuizotl, psoglav, aspidochelone, myrmecoleon, ekeks, oozlum birds, hellhounds, monocerus, water leper, ophiotaurus, unktehila, mapinguaris, yalis, bashee, teju jaguas, indriks, simargls, mboi tuis. Though, I could do this only because the experience I got with the other normal species I created in the middle planet.

The dragons did not need magic to release fire. And there are to in fact to species of them one that resemble chinese dragons, with a more serpent like form, and another that resembles more european dragons. This species have very big similaty in genetic code though. None of the species that I created need magic to sustain themselves, in fact, I expect this species, to naturally evolve into becoming able to use magic by natural evolution, though this will for sure take hundreds of thousands of years to naturally happens.

And I actually did not want to create monsters that only hunted down the mortal species that are so troublesome to make, if I put one of those there; so I made the man-eating one onlu being simply have different diets. And also without obviously without mortals there this monster would only become extinct in the previous condition.

At this point I could already use my creation power to make some animal souls, which make the process faster. Some of this species have in fact some similar or praticaly equal descriptions so I make my on adjustments and make sure their genetic code and chromosomes sizes and numbers variety largely, so they are in fact quiet different species that resemble it other.

How did I remember all this mytholgical creatures names and general description, that I skipped giving because it would be quiet tiring? I didn . When I thought about creating some mythological being from, this memories, if I can call them that, naturally come to me.

Before I only remember few of the most remembered species, like dragon and phoenix, if this was a novel this may be called plot armour. The best theory I could get is that my evolution into a universe creator may have let to my soul to be more sensive to the colective knowledge of my previous world mankind, like a somewhat remembered knowledge, like a different version of Platos theory of ideas that strangely mixed up true knowledge with collective ideas or creations, if all this creatures were truely false, considering the supernatural side of the multiverse. I am not a fan of platonism, however. I think this ideas have various holes in it, and is probably and empty suppositions.

Now returning to the subject, I also added all dinosaurs species from earth in this world. Some self created species, that physically resemble a hybrid between mythological creatures and dinosaurs. I also created there several fungus that filled up the whole planet. Some very strange ones to earth standards fungus, even. This strange ones are fungus that have a quick response to the outside enviorment, and a developed motor system, some even have pseudo vertebraes, and a very strange version of brain, having very complex tissues structures that make then resemble more an animal than a fungus. There is even a species that resemble a lion. I also added some gigantified versions of platypus and penguins, because why not.

The only magical things I added there were some mythological plants, and some simple creations of my own. I created aglaophotis, a type of mythical peony that was supposed to ward of demons in the original version of the myth. However, the plant will probably be useless because Im not planning to create any demon. Austras koks, I also created as a species, that is pointed some times as a Latvian mythology version of the world tree, that seems to be very common in several myths on earth. My version will grow at ever morning and become invisible ever night.

There will be barnacle trees, but instead of releasing actual gooses, it will release some puppet magical gooses that will protect the tree and plant its seeds. Fern flower bush that will only only bloom one night of a decade. Lotus tree that will give fruits that cause some drowsiness but with magic and not by quimical reasons.

Moly magic herb, that will have magical medical effects, depending how it is prepared, but have anti poison and weakening magical curses when eaten raw. Raskovnik, a magical plant that wil opened any lock and even sealed dimension space. Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, will also exit, but they will not release their puppet sheep like the barnacle releases sheeps, but keep it connected to a soft branch that will work similar to an umbilical cord in human pregnancy. Bohun Upas that will release magical poison.

I also made Yggdrasil trees that are trees that can manipulate space to protect themselves. I as well made two versions of hungry grass, one that emits a vapor substance that is poisonous and makes animals have insatiable hunger. And another that do the same, but with a magical curse. I put some magical version of ginseng.

I created magical water moss, that grow in dry lands and uses liquid magic to produce water to its own survival. And palm trees that when its fruits are pulled unripe release a sort of magical fire bomb. Also I made a form of wild rice that creates an water dam with earth magic were it leaves. Trees is a wild imperial tree that acumulates a wide amount of magical energy and releases it in a form of energy that affect animals making them fearing being near it, and make plants avoiding avoiding growning near it. There is a fruitless tree that releases magical lightning to kill parasite plants or fungus, that may try grow in it.

It was enjoyable, but quiet a tiresome work. After makind some more ajustment, I went to the other six planets. I created some extremophile bacterias, that could in some special regions, barely survive. I pushed all the the qi in the planet to this regions ensuring that lives flourishs there. Though with time the planet as a whole will have its atmosphere replenished with qi, by the out of the dimensions connections with the river of energies and souls.

Of all the worlds I think only the middle one is prepared to hold rational life so I started there, because I made the last of the three being a bit to dangerous, yes although rational life is not the main food source

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