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Liang Xinran could not put away her pride.

She turned around and called Yao Jiahong.

“Tell Producer Fang to continue filming.

If there are losses, someone will cover for him.

He cant replace Liang Xinran.”

After Producer Fang received Yao Jiahongs promise, he was confident.

Since there was someone backing him, he was not afraid of the bad effects of Liang Xinrans matter.

After Liang Xinran changed, her manager ran over happily.

“Good news, good news!”

“You got into contact with Director Yuans family”

“Not really.

Producer Fang said to let you film in peace and not worry about whats going on outside.”

“Mm.” Although this was indeed good news, nothing was more important than finding Director Yuans family.

“Xinran, dont worry too much.

As long as the work here is not affected, Ill definitely help you quickly contact Director Yuans family.

Dont worry, okay”

When Liang Xinran walked out of the production team, her footsteps were still a little heavy.

No matter how good she was at resolving bad emotions, the matter facing her was still a little too heavy.

When she walked out, she saw that the car not far away was flashing its lights.

It was Gu Jingyuans car.

She walked over to the window and adjusted her smile.


“Get in,” Gu Jingyuan said in a low voice.

Liang Xinran guessed that he had already seen the trending topic.

After buckling her seatbelt, she said softly, “Let me explain.

This is what happened…”

“Theres no need to explain.

Ive already seen your studios statement.

Have you contacted Director Yuans family”

Liang Xinran bit her lip slightly and tears flowed out.

Gu Jingyuan panicked and immediately took a tissue to wipe her tears.

“Dont cry, dont cry.”

“Im… so touched.

Such a big thing has happened.

Be it you or Shi Jin, you guys didnt blame me, nor did you say anything bad about me.

Instead, you guys are concerned about whether I have found a way to resolve the matter.”

Liang Xinrans suppressed emotions were released, and her cries became louder.

Gu Jingyuan wiped her tears with heartache.

He had never expected that the reason she was crying was only because of this and not because of her grievances.

It was really too easy for her to see the pros of human nature and ignore the cons.

Liang Xinran stopped her tears and said softly, “My manager is already helping me contact them.

It should be soon.

So wont you ask me at all if what I said is actually true”

“Why should I I believe you anyway.”

Liang Xinrans tears were about to fall again.

“Why are you like a little kitten Dont cry.

If you continue crying, your eyes will swell.

You wont be beautiful enough on camera tomorrow,” Gu Jingyuan coaxed softly.

“Ill take you to eat first,” Gu Jingyuan said softly.

Liang Xinran was very satisfied at this moment.

So what if the entire world did not believe her With Gu Jingyuan on her side, everything was enough.

The next day, Liang Xinran went to film as usual.

Because of Gu Jingyuan, she was not affected at all.

Instead, because of her closer relationship with Gu Jingyuan, her complexion looked very good.

When the nanny van reached the entrance of the production team, a large group of paparazzi and reporters surrounded it.

It was probably because of the drug scandal that they wanted to obtain first-hand information.

They swarmed forward and surrounded her nanny van.

Liang Xinran had never enjoyed such a “treatment”.

Being protected by her manager, she finally escaped from the car and entered the production team.

By the time she reached the dressing room, one of her shoes had been stepped on and had fallen off on the way there.

Fortunately, she had her slippers in the dressing room.

After changing, she said to the makeup artist, “Im ready.”

“Xinran, we might have to wait.” The makeup artist smiled awkwardly.

“Whats wrong” Liang Xinran asked.

The makeup artist told her in a low voice, “Ren Xijie didnt come today.

He said that he didnt want to do something useless, so you cant film your scenes with him.

His absence has caused many other scenes to be temporarily adjusted.

The director is urgently changing the scenes.

Your makeup hasnt been decided yet.”

“Im sorry,” Liang Xinran said in a low voice.

The makeup artist smiled but said nothing.

Actually, this was not the only impact.

Because Ren Xijie had not come, the other actors could not help but panic.

Forget about the main leads.

They were all very worried about whether this movie could continue and whether the female lead would change.

Who would be responsible for the delayed schedule

After all, everyone had high remuneration and had their own things to do.

They could not delay like this.

As for the supporting roles and extras, everyone had to earn a living.

They could not afford to wait.

If Ren Xijie did not come, what he released was actually a strong signal—something might have happened to Liang Xinran.

The manager was really angry.

“Ren Xijie is clearly using his position to take revenge.

He already felt that filming with you was a low-level job, and now hes still causing trouble.

Hes clearly the one whos unprofessional, but if word gets out, the person everyone will be scolding will be you!”

Needless to say, because Ren Xijie had not come today, the Internet was already buzzing with discussion.

Everyone was saying that Ren Xijie had already obtained insider news because of his status.

Liang Xinrans role would definitely be replaced, so he deliberately did not come.

As a result, although the scenes for today had been changed and the progress was not too delayed, everyone was not in a good state of mind.

Many scenes had to be shot countless times, so they had no choice but to end the day early.

Although the director and production team also blamed Ren Xijie, deep down, how could they not blame Liang Xinran

If not for Yao Jiahong standing up for Liang Xinran, everyones collective opinion might have really changed immediately.

Lihuan Ruoyi had also been inquiring about the situation.

She had not expected the production team to still be holding on.

The news from the outside world came one after another.

There were heated discussions one after another, causing an uproar.

All kinds of things about Liang Xinran had been dug out from three years ago.

There had never been so many comments under her Weibo.

If not for the fact that they were all scolding her, the data would have looked quite good.

Producer Fang called Ren Xijie.

“Producer Fang, my time is also very precious.

You also know that I still have a lot of advertisements to shoot.

My company wont agree to Liang Xinran dragging me like this.

By the way, if her matter can really be resolved, Ill come back immediately to film.

Not only that, but Ill also work overtime to complete my scenes and apologize to her.

If something really happens to her, then Im sorry.

Not only will I look for her to compensate, but I also suggest that the entire production crew look for her to compensate for the losses.

Dont protect her.”

“Xijie, her matter has yet to be decided, after all.

I hope you can still consider the overall situation…”

“Producer Fang, its not that I dont care, but I really cant.”

Producer Fang was helpless and called Yao Jiahong.

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