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Chasing Love (We fight for love and we dont give up) 3. The Decision

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I COULDNT SLEEP, it was 2 am. whenever I close my eyes I couldn stop thinking about what he said, about his plan, about ruining their relationship. Yes, about Jerome and Kates relationship. "I have a plan," he said and it kept whispering in my ears. "If you agree, call me" he handed me his calling card and now I am looking at it. I got up and did a crossed sit, recalling the time when we talked on the rooftop.

"What is your relationship with Kate?" I asked him. He came closer and put the jacket on me then he looked up at the sky while he put his hands inside the pockets of his pants. I was facing the door and he was facing the terrace.

"kate is my childhood friend" he pointed. "She started avoiding me after I confessed my feelings to her and got rejected". he continued. My expression changed, I suddenly felt sad. "But I don want to give up, because I love her" he sounds unhappy.

"Even she loves someone else?" I asked.

"As long as I love her, I won give up"

"So ruining the relationship is your solution"

"Theres no other solution"

"I can " I answered.


I faced him and he already stared at me while his eyes are wandering.

"I just can " I answered and was about to walk out on him.

"I hate to say this but, didn kate ruin your relationship with Jerome?" My feet automatically stopped. "Tell me, is it fair?... I know that you know the reason why Jerome fell in love with Kate" he continued.

My body is stuck, I can move, and my knees are shaking at the same time. Here I am again, couldn say anything when the truth came. I felt that he was coming near me and I saw a calling card handed over to me. "if you agree, call me" he said. I just looked at the calling card a few seconds before I accepted it.

I close my eyes thinking of those things. When I opened it, kyoos jacket hanging in a cabinet door handle caught my eyes. I still can decide.

Im walking my way to the room but I stopped when someone blocked my way. He is cute and tall, wearing glasses but not neird, he smiled and hand over me a box of Ferrero chocolates.

"For you, please accept it," he said romantically.

"Sorry, I don eat chocolates" I replied without any reaction then I left.

I don accept any gift from the guy I didn know, well Im not that close to the boys here and everyone knows that.

When I reached the room my eyes caught the direction where kyoo is sitting while I walked slowly entering the room. he was reviewing his notebook. I sat down and put my notebook on my desk but he stays unbothered. I am wondering if he waited for my call and got mad at me. I did not sleep well and felt sleepy so it made me yawn.

"Seems like you did not sleep," he said. I stopped quickly, but he is still reviewing. I did not answer and opened my notebook instead, I heard his smirk. "If you call me, I will tell you my plan" he noted. Why does he sound like he is teasing me? He is really serious to get her but why do we have different feelings? Yes, I still love Jerome like how she loves kate but it made me feel coward to not fight my feeling for Jerome. So am I a coward?

"I can " I answered. He did not say anything. Then prof. Came.

When I caught them laying naked on the bed, we were both shocked. I slapped him hard while crying, kate was quiet and shaking. I run but Jerome did not chase me. Despite of that I came near him and told him that I was going to forgive him and started over again but he just apologized. I felt someone stab me behind my back. How could he do that to me?

1 year passed but it felt like it happened yesterday.

Every day I thought of that. I can move on, I always felt alone even when Im not.

"Emi?" My reverie stopped when someone called my name. Im surprised that it was kate. I stood up from sitting on the bleacher.

"What do you want?" I asked without any expression.

"I saw you, you were alone" she answered. What kind of answer was that? She came near me because I am alone, it doesn make sense to me. "Why aren you with your friends?" she asked.

"I am not always with my friends but can you tell me what you want from me?" I replied.

"I-i just wants to say sorry," she said. Why is she Apologizing? For what? "because of me you are broken, I did not have a chance to apologize to you last year but----

"Its too late" I cut her words. She sounds concerned but I slowly figured out why she was talking to me. Its not for an apology, she wants to ask me to stay away from Jerome.

"I know it will be painful for you but, please don ever come near him," she said and I knew it.

"So you are asking me to stay away from him" I cleared. She nodded. "Why should I? Who are you to ask me a favor like that?" I said. but still without any expression. She looked confused.

"Im his girlfriend "

"But you

e not his wife" I pointed. She looked surprised by what I said.

"Wha-what do you mean?"

"Its not because you are the girlfriend you have the right to ask me the unnecessary favor" I did 2 steps to come closer to her. "Remember? I was his girlfriend, you entered the door without my permission, do you think I will obey what you were asking for?" I looked at her intensely, she avoided It and couldn answer me directly then I left her speechless.

I did not notice the tears coming out of my eyes while my heart beating fast cause of pain. I walked while having no idea where should I go until kyoo appeared on my mind. I took out my phone from my bag "I decided, I now finally decided!" I said to myself. Im holding kyoos calling card then dialed his number, I pressed the call and it was ringing then he finally picked up my call.

"Hello," he answered.

"Where are you?" I asked him directly. He paused before he answered, I know he was surprised.

"At the rooftop"

I run fast and went upstairs while holding my phone in my left ear, we did not end the call.

When I finally reached the rooftop he was standing leaning on the terrace, holding his phone while one hand inside his pocket and he smiled at me seeming like he waited for me. I caught some breath, I walked towards him then I ended the call. I stopped.

"So whats the plan?"

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