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Chapter 983: The Forces behind the Magician Tower Group

Using Chen Ruis special term to describe Zolas method, it wascool as **.

Uh… Although this was not a civilized word, it accurately described the destruction of a certain male reproduction organ.

The 2 men screamed as they rolled on the ground while covering their lower bodies.

The male audience on the side looked horrified.

Even Chen Rui was inevitably a little scared, but the culprit who caused all this was still innocently dazed as if the tragedy of these 2bird-burst had nothing to do with her.

“Madam Zola…” Lild said, “Please forgive my rudeness, but Im afraid this matter is quite troublesome.

If its just Viswo, its okay, but… Rialdo is Elder Shiros apprentice.

Most people dont know the existence of Elder Shiro, but in the Magician Tower Group, he and Elder Dursa are absolute controllers with powerful strength and unquestionable power…”

“Has the power of the Magician Tower Group already surpassed the entire Blue Glory Empire” Chen Rui suddenly interjected.

Lild glanced at Chen Rui in surprise, secretly compared him with each high-level royal family member of the Blue Glory Empire whom he knew, but he couldnt find the answer, then he shook his head, “Although the Magician Tower Group is 1 of the importantstrategic weapons of the Blue Glory Empire, it is impossible to be on top of the entire empire.

However, the empire will not easily shake the authority of the Magician Tower Group, just like the Dragon Bright Empire will not easily interfere with the Dragon Knight Legion — because behind the Magician Tower Group is the elf tribe associated with the empire.

Both Elder Shiro and Elder Dursa are super powerhouses of the elf tribe.”

The meaning of Lilds words was very clear.

Although Zola had shown a powerful strength beyond Saint, she could not fight against the entire elf tribe after all.

“The elf tribe” Chen Rui asked with a surprised expression and asked with uncertainty.

“Yes, the elf tribe! This time it was Rialdo who offended Madam Zola first.

According to the Demi-God contract I know, it can be said that there he is in fact guilty, but Elder Shiro has an arrogant and surly temperament.

Furthermore, he values ​​Rialdo very much, so he will never let you go easily.” With a solemn expression, Lild lowered his voice and whispered into Chen Ruis ears, “Its my honor to be able to accept Madam Zolas advice, but unfortunately I can no longer ask sir for advice… I suggest that you 2 to leave the Blue Glory Empire right away to avoid future troubles – The sooner the better!”

Zolas guidance just now made Lild vaguely touch the threshold of a higher level.

Lild was not a person who would return kindness with ingratitude.

Besides, the Mordeng Family he belonged to was the big family of the Blue Glory Empire, and he had the title of nobility in the Senior Holy Sanctuary.

Therefore, he was not completely restricted by the Magician Tower Group, which was controlled by the elf, so he made up his mind to advise Zola and Chen Rui to escape.

Even if Elder Shiro blamed him afterward, Zolas own strength had surpassed Saints.

She alsoburst Rialdos bird in a second, so Lild could use his lack of strength to evade the responsibility.

“Oh.” Chen Rui and Zola responded in unison, and they smiled at each other.

“Madam Zola…” Lild didnt expect the 2 of them to pay no heed to his warning, so he couldnt help but feel anxious.

Caldilla and the 2 sisters stood there dumbfounded.

In their cognition, the villain Viswo was already someone whom they had to look up, let alone the rumored magician tower Saint half-elf — The truth in front of them now was the rumoredburst-bird half-elf magician, screaming in agony on the ground together with Viswo who was alsoburst bird.

Looking at Lilds anxious face, Chen Rui was a little more fond of the Saint magician and shrugged, “Sir Lild, thank you very much for your kindness, then we wont go to the green gem plaza now.”

Lilds expression relieved slightly, but Chen Ruis next sentence radically changed his facial expression, “We want to go to the Magician Tower Group, I wonder if sir can guide us”

Lild was taken aback, then he heard Zola spoke up, “If youre looking for that elf named Shiro… You probably dont have to go to the Magician Tower Group.”

Chen Rui and Lild followed the direction of Zolas gaze, just happened to see Rialdo shatter a mark similar to a magic message in his hand while enduring the pain.

This scene greatly shocked Lild.

In just a few seconds, the entire sunny sky darkened, enveloped by layers of thick green like a sudden dark cloud.

The most central cluster of thedark cloud condensed into a human shape with a young and handsome appearance.

He had pointed ears, flowing long hair, and exquisite robes, which were very elf characteristics.

“Sir Shiro…” Lilds voice was a little rough.

The person who came was Shiro, 1 of the 2 controllers of the Magician Tower Group.

Shiro saw Rialdo lying on the ground, covering his lower body and screaming in agony, then a killing intent burst out from his eyes.

A terrifying pressure emanated.

The crowd below couldnt breathe as if a boulder was put on their chests.

Lild felt the sharp-blade-like gaze sweep across his face.

He was unable to condense even the territory power.

Just then, Zola raised her head and glanced at Shiro.

Shiro tilted his head subconsciously.

Upon meeting that gaze, his soul trembled inexplicably.

He actually felt a stabbing pain.

In the midst of distraction, the figure of the woman had already appeared in the air opposite.

Shiro suddenly understood that it was this woman who hurt his apprentice, Rialdo!

The elf elder narrowed his eyes slightly.

The original emerald green eyes turned dark green, and the color of thedark cloud around him also turned dark green.

Waves of terrifying kingdom power rushed toward Zola.

Zola didnt seem to move, and a 6-color radiance appeared around her, turning into a 6-color rainbow above her head.

As soon as the rainbow appeared, the dark greendark cloud shook.

With the trajectory of the rainbow as the center, large cracks began to appear as if it was torn apart by a pair of powerful hands.

Shiros pupils shrink suddenly.

This womans power breath is similar to mine, but her combat power is so powerful that she defeated my kingdom in the blink of an eye!

Deterred by the terrifying coercion, the crowd couldnt raise their heads, and they didnt know what was going on.

They just felt that the breath above was constantly changing astonishingly.

After about a minute, all the anomalies disappeared, and the sky was back to bright and sunny with no dark cloud, no colorful light, and no one as if nothing had happened just now.

On the ground, Zola was gone, so was the wailing Rialdo.

Only Viswo, who had passed out, was there.

“What happened just now” Chen Rui looked at Lild beside him with asurprised expression.

Lild was the only person who could see the confrontation between the 2 powerhouses in the air just now, but he also only saw the silhouettes of the 2 sides quickly intertwined and the huge force should be the collision ofkingdoms.

Next, the dark greendark cloud seemed to be torn by therainbow before then the rainbow disappeared.

He was unable to determine the outcome between Zola and Shiro, and he did not see how the 2 disappeared.

Listening to Chen Ruis question, Lild shook his head with a wry smile, “There should have been a fierce and short battle.

Whether it is Sir Shiro or Madam Zola, the strength was far beyond my understanding.

Now they should have shifted the battlefield.

I dont know exactly where they went.”

“By the way, Sir Lild, these 3 children… can you provide them with some protection until this matter is completely resolved” Chen Rui looked at Caldilla and the 2 sisters, then at the unconscious Viswo, “Otherwise, our temporary good intentions will cost their lives instead.”

Chen Ruis wordsour completely pulled Lild into the mud.

Lild thought for a while.

Now that things had reached this point, the 3 children and the cause of the fight had become secondary factors.

He gave Caldilla a badge and asked him to take Tess and her sister to find the Bright Trading Company of the Mordeng Family in the city for a temporary shelter.

Caldilla was worried about this, so he was overjoyed when Lild agreed to safeguard them.

He brought the Tess sisters to thank them again and again before they hurried toward the Bright Trading Company.

Seeing that there was nothing interesting to watch, the onlookers began to disperse one after another.

At this moment, a faint light appeared in Chen Ruis hand, and he exclaimed, “This is a spiritual message from Zola! She defeated Shiro and chased after him!”

Lild was taken aback.

I didnt expect the mighty Elf Elder Shiro to actually lose toMadam Zola so quickly! And Zola is even catching him! He suddenly thought of something and blurted out, “Oh no!”

Since Shiro was defeated by Zola, the direction of escape must be the Magician Tower Group.

The Magician Tower Group has a special power that can multiply the offensive and defensive power of the controller.

Not only that, Dursa, whose power is far greater than Shiro, is presiding in the tower!

“Magician Tower Group” Chen Rui hurriedly said after listening to Lilds explanation, “Sir Lild, Im very worried about Zola.

Can you take me to the Magician Tower Group I dont know the way, and… let me tell you the truth, what I focus on is the magic circle, so Im not good at fighting.

I dont even have the power to fly…”

Except thatI dont know the way claim was true, the rest were all lies, but Lild had a preconceived notion.

Chen Ruis remarks confirmed his previous guess, so now he was even more convinced.

However, he looked a little hesitant, “If we fight , the Magician Tower Group is a very dangerous place, even if I…”

“Sir Lild, pardon my rudeness for asking, I dont know if you have a wife or family… No matter what the danger, I will face it with her.

Please accept my request!”

Lild took a deep breath and nodded, “Okay, Ill take you there.

As for protection… Ill try my best.”

“Thank you so much! Sir Lild, your friendship will never be forgotten.”

In fact, Chen Rui stayed on purpose just now.

In addition to settling the Caldilla trio and hiding his strength, there was another reason.

Zola wanted to break into the Magician Tower Group alone.

The fairy dragon had touched the critical point of advancing to the Demi-God from time to time, but it was always unreachable.

Thus, she intended to use the pressure of the battle to break through the realm.

Chen Rui saw at a glance that Shiro was at the peak stage of the Kingdom level.

Although the level was similar to Zola, he was by no means Zolas opponent.

With the strength of the Magician Tower Group, he might be able to equalize, so he was indeed suitable as Zolas training target.

The legendary prophet Alucier was the only remaining Pseudo-God powerhouse of the elf tribe, and many powerhouses of the elf tribe had fallen in the battle to seal the Tree of Nature over the years.

Kilanya of the intermediate stage of the Demi-God should be regarded as the strongest one second to Alucier.

With Zolas current strength and the help of the Element Goddess Crown, even if she encountered Kilanya, she could put up a good fight, so Chen Rui was not very worried about the safety of the fairy dragon.

He definitely had to go to the Magician Tower Group, but it could be delayed a little bit.

Perhaps further intensifying the situation would resolve the entire incident more thoroughly.

Chen Rui now had a big hat of the elf tribes Hero King on his head, and he even had the Tree of Nature which was related to the life and death of the elf tribe.

For others, it might not be crucial, but for the elf tribe, he had an unquestionable lofty status and absolute authority.

Lild disappeared with Chen Rui in place, only then did the soldiers dared to take away the unconscious Viswo.

News of Viswos trauma and Rialdos disappearance soon reached the Mogaus Family.

“How is Viswos injury” Patriarch Moyas facial expression was extremely gloomy – Due to a special poisonous injury he suffered in his early years, he had lost his fertility.

Apart from his 3 daughters, Viswo was the only son.

Although he was arrogant and domineering, especially he had harmed many women, in Moyas heart, his son was the inheritor of the Mogaus Family.

As long as he had the corresponding ability, why bother with thesetrivial matters

Unexpectedly, Viswo actually suffered such terrifying trauma today!

“Pastor Lucas of the Hall of Light personally activated the light healing technique, but it only healed the external injuries on young master.

That part of the young master… has been completely annihilated by the powerful force.

Unless there is some kind of regeneration treasure or secret technique, it will never be recovered.”

“How could this happen!” Viswos biological mother, Dolu, burst into tears.

If her son became a eunuch and could not continue the bloodline, her status as a legitimate wife might be in jeopardy.

Moyas eyes were full of haze, “Is it the doings of the Mordeng Family”

“It is said that Saint magician Lild and 2 other people did it together; even Sir Rialdo was seriously injured.”

Dolus cries came to an abrupt end.

The Mordeng Family is a giant of the empire, and it is simply not something the Mogaus Family could offend, even in Jaqda, the home of the Mogaus Family.

Even the Mogaus Familys biggest supporter, Rialdo, is badly injured!

Although there is an elf supporter behind Rialdo, the half-elf is not a real elf after all, and elf has always acted its own way.

It is impossible for him to consider anything for the Mogaus Family, and it cannot change the fact that Viswos male function has been destroyed.

“The Mordeng Family…” Moya clenched his fists, and he suddenly thought of something, “Get me a horse immediately, Im going to see the city lord!”

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