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Felicia has been an ardent lover of God even while she was at the university and even while doing her masters, she was still evangelising, preaching the word of God to people, singing in the church choir, representative of the youths as the president, in charge of coordinating the programmes for the youths and overall an esco in the church committee.

Being what she was, she hadn been in a relationship though she was wooed by many guys right from university till date and of course she was thinking of courtship and settling down afterwards. Although she had great faith in God, her sisters weren that committed. May wouldve almost become an atheist if she didn have parents that loved God and were concerned about him and his word.

As Felicia evangelised after leaving the morning session praying that had just ended in the church few minutes ago, she came across a young man whom she began teaching the gospel to but all he was interested about was **HER**. She still continued teaching, asking him to desist from all of those ways, telling him about eternal life and after a while before he said he couldn give his life to Jesus yet as he still wanted to enjoy all his worldly desires but he would attend her church the next Sunday.

She got to the apartment where she lived with two other ladies of the same age as her, she greeted them and sat down on her bed quickly, prayed for few minutes before she stood up to get food from the kitchen as it was Chiamandas turn to cook. Unexpectedly, there was no food in the kitchen or someone had eaten her portion; she knew the next thing to do was to ask Gracie about her own portion. She walked to their living room frustrated and totally famished and met the both of them watching a programme on t.v keenly as she met them when she returned from church.

" Girls.... Felicia called out

" Whats up Licia?" Gracie answered, moving her concentration to Felicia.

" I can find my portion of the food in the kitchen. Did you girls keep it in a different place this time?" Felicia asked them politely, folding her arms.

" Licia, you know its Amandas turn to cook so I don about that" Gracie answered smiling weakly. Immediately, both Gracie and Felicia settled their eye sight on Chiamandas who acted like they were invisible and didn understand what language they were speaking in.

" Amanda, I just want to know where my food is. Im really famished even while coming from church, just tell me where it is- I will get it myself" Felicia pleaded with Amanda but still Amanda watched the t.v programme not minding whatever they both were saying. Gracie had to nudge Amandas shoulder before Amanda turned to look at them before answering with a short laughter.

" Your portion is not in the kitchen neither anywhere in this apartment" Amanda said

" I don understand. My breakfast? So wheres it??" Felicia almost yelled as confusion filled her face.

" Well, I decided to eat your own portion...

" No wonder. I asked you where you got other plate of jollof rice and you said you bought it,now its suddenly Licias portion" Gracie told Amanda impatiently.

" I can do whatever pleases me in this house okay Gracie. We share the rent equally so don ever tell me what to do" Amanda told Gracie angrily.

" Girls, I don want any fights. I just want my food" Felicia complained bitterly.

"Food??? You will still starve today" Amanda seemed to be getting more livid.

" Amanda, whats this all about? If there is something bothering you that you refused to tell us then spill it out Amanda" Felicia asked wanting to know the reason behind Amanda actions.

" Well, I just discovered that you are interested in my man?" Amanda said quickly

"No. Never. Why would I? He is yours so why should I stress it." Felicia confused but assured Amanda quickly

" Im really sorry" Amanda apologized

" Sure" Felicia forgave her.

Later on. Felicia went to the kitchen and made some food for herself. Although Felicia convinced Amanda apparently the latter didn believe her. She would rather believe her boyfriend than her girlfriend.. (Ever watched a series "BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD" where boyfriend trump girlfriend) well this was the case. She was determined to find out if it was just Felicia who was interested in her man or her man was getting swayed by Felicias seduction. Right before they began their masters program together living in the same apartment, they had known each other since the university days and she had always thought that Felicia was pretentious, out to get attention intentionally throwing her and Gracie under the bus but of course Gracie didn care,and she acted like she didn . If probably they were out together, whether books, brains, beauty, fellowshipping with God, the word of God she always stood up. Gracie was always impressed and would sing her praises all round but in her heart she wished to have just half of what Felicia had.

It was decided in her mind that she was going to test Felicia then expose her true colours to Gracie after all Gracie always took Felicias side. In her head, different plans were brewing even she laughed alongside with Gracie while Felicia joined them later after having her breakfast.

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