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With no one behind her to be a solid shield, the female lead was kind enough to be up.


He had no desire to answer, but the phone kept ringing, seriously affecting Gu Jingyu’s rest.






The female lead’s crying voice was heard as soon as the phone was connected.


Gu Jingyu just wanted to hang up the phone.

The current Gu Jingyu was not the same guy who liked the female lead in the novel.


He now only felt that calling at such a late hour without saying anything and crying all the time was either sick or insane.


“Brother Gu, I really ….

Really …….

don’t know what to do”


Gu Jingyu was now very annoyed.

The female lead had been crying, speaking without saying anything clearly.


“Miss Song Ningxuan, may I ask if you have any life problems and want to ask me My relationship with you is not intimate to this extent, right It’s already my time to rest.

If there’s nothing else, then I’ll hang up first.”


Gu Jingyu was enjoying the rare calm life now.

He avoided the female lead as much as he could.


“President… He ….

had a car accident.”




Gu Jingyu was speechless for the entire time.

This was really an emergency situation.

During that window of time when the female lead was crying, ordinary people would have died.


“Are you asking me to help call 120” There was a car accident, but she didn’t call the police or call 120.

Was there something wrong with the female lead’s brain


Song Ningxuan was stunned for a moment, and she was a little uncomfortable for a while.


Shouldn’t he be coming over immediately at this time


“Brother Gu can, can you help me” Song Ningxuan just kept crying.

What the hell was wrong with her, and she wouldn’t talk


Gu Jingyu was a bit annoyed and hung up the phone directly.


From Song Ningxuan’s narrative just now, he knew the address and quickly called 120.


“Hello, there was a car accident on a certain street.

Please go and take a look.” Gu Jingyu did not leave his name and became a warm-hearted good citizen.


After calling 120, he called the police too.


He believed that the policemen would take care of everything.


After doing all this, Gu Jingyu turned off his phone and lay comfortably on the bed.


As for what happened, Gu Jingyu had no such curiosity.


It was good for the body to go to bed early and get up early.

This body was already suffering from loss of hair due to work.


No matter how handsome a man was, once he was bald, he had no image.


Imagine balding at a young age.

Gu Jingyu wrapped his blanket tightly and slept even better.


As for what would happen to the main characters, the plot would not let them die as the novel’s protagonists.


Plus, we had to trust the policemen and believe they could solve everything.


On this side, Song Ningxuan was about to call Gu Jingyu again.

After she called.


“Sorry, the phone you are calling is currently turned off.”


Turned off


It must be that Brother Gu’s phone was out of battery.

It must be…


She just didn’t even think about it.

Not even a few minutes later, the ambulance arrived.


The ambulance came with the police.


The surrounding area was immediately blocked.

Initially, there was not much attention here, but seeing the police and ambulance, everyone gathered around.


They raised their cell phones to take pictures.


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