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“That means you want me to go back to the village to help you investigate”


The police chief was somewhat embarrassed.

To put it bluntly, Gu Jingyu was undoubtedly a sacrificial lamb in the mouth of the wolf if he returned as well.


“Although this request is very presumptuous, it is really too difficult to investigate.

The internal of this human trafficking group is very hidden.

We spent a long time being able to only be on the periphery.”


This human trafficking syndicate was simply creepy after the investigation.

They found that it operated in areas both domestic and foreign.


For things like child abduction and human trafficking, the informants even said that some children in the countryside who were born in excess and could not afford to raise themselves were also bought and sold.


This was simply horrifying.

In the peaceful modern era, there was still such a thing as trading human lives.


The time given was too short.

As long as it was not solved in one day, countless people would lose their families because of this human trafficking syndicate.


Everyone was too anxious.


The police chief had a green and black face and looked like he hadn’t slept in a long time.


Well, his original world had never had such people serving the citizens wholeheartedly.


For a moment, Gu Jingyu’s heart was also a bit confused about what exactly they were holding on to.


He had seen too many people act recklessly for their benefit, and selfishness could be said to have filled his entire life.


Seeing such a self-sacrificing person for a time, his heart was a little puzzled.


“Why do you have to work so hard These people’s lives have nothing to do with you, do they not” There was a question in his heart, and he subconsciously asked it.


The chief didn’t know why he asked such a question but answered very firmly, “I grew up under this red flag.

I love this country, and I love the people of this country, so I am willing to fight for these people’s lives.”


Gu Jingyu seemed to understand, feeling that he might never become such a person for some reason.


“I can help you access their internal information, but I won’t go to that village.”


After saying that, he walked to his study, picked up a flash drive on the desktop, and handed it to the chief.


The chief was unsure, “This”


“This contains some locations of the human trafficking syndicate, as well as the places where they hide, and the nests of each place from top to bottom.”


Gu Jingyu looked as if he was casually talking about an insignificant matter, holding the flash drive.


The chief looked like he had heard something extraordinary, and his hands trembled as he took the flash drive.


What on earth was this person The information that could not be found under so many human and material resources was so easily identified by this person.



Gu, thank you very much! If we have this information, we can start our operation tomorrow.” No matter who he was, he did not endanger the national interest.

Then he would not go deep into it.


He opened the flash drive at the police station, and what was inside shook him.


Basically, all the information of this human trafficking syndicate, no matter if they did not remember the transaction details, was meticulously in it.


The police department of each place started to move according to the information in the flash drive.


Gu Jingyu did not know that the police chief had reported his identity to the police after a series of investigations.


After all, he could easily crack the trafficker’s computer and collect such detailed information in a short time, which was not something ordinary people could do.


People were always concerned that Gu Jingyu lacked criminal tendencies, and this kind of person would be terrifying once he had such movements.


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