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Song Ningxuan came to Gu Jingyu’s subdivision gate every day for the last few days, but she never met him.


The security guard at the door told her that Gu Jingyu had moved out long ago, and she finally realized how fed up Gu Jingyu was with her.


Brother Gu was angry.


He was not joking with her either.


He really didn’t want to take care of her anymore.


How could this be


Song Ningxuan was flustered inside.

She vaguely felt that things shouldn’t be going this way.


In her heart, Gu Jingyu had always been an image of an older brother… a brother that was always reliable and secured.


How could he suddenly disregard and suddenly speak harshly to her


Although Song Ningxuan did not know the plot, she knew something was gradually leaving her.


She bit her lip and tried to call someone but found that she didn’t seem to have a mutual acquaintance with Gu Jing Yu.


At that time, a news message was displayed on her phone, “Ou Xiuyuan, President of the Ou Shi Group, and the eldest daughter of the Su family, Su Qing, are engaged to be married.”


When she saw this news, Song Ningxuan lost her mind.


She had only had her relationship with Ou Xiuyuan confirmed some time ago, and now her boyfriend was getting betrothed to another woman.


Song Ningxuan’s face turned pale, and she quickly changed her mind.

She now wanted to go to Ou Xiuyuan for a clarification.


She could not stand by and watch her boyfriend get engaged to a strange woman.


The distant Gu Jingyu did not know that he had escaped a disaster.


Gu Jingyu was now eating melons while enjoying watching from afar the tangled love between the male and female protagonists using the blue screen.


But he felt something like these things were not that simple.


Stroking his smooth chin, he muttered to himself.


“I always feel that this plot would not make it easy.

I feel like something is going to happen.”


As luck would have it, Song Ningxuan actually barged into Ou Xiuyuan and Su Qing’s engagement party so rashly.


Looking at the exquisite makeup of Su Qing, her noble bearing was all natural.

It was as if she was standing there in bright light.


Ou Xiuyuan stood next to Su Qing as if they were a match made in heaven.

So what did she count herself as


Song Ningxuan was immediately provoked, and the string in her head snapped.


She looked at Ou Xiuyuan in tears in front of all the guests as if he was a heartless man.


The scene was very chaotic.

Song Ningxuan was “invited” out by the security guards, acting roughly.


Su Qing and Ou Xiuyuan’s engagement party naturally could not be carried out.


This matter aroused an uproar on the Internet.

The Ou Shi Group was also affected by this matter on its stock market.


Song Ningxuan did this by directly stepping on the face of the two families to the ground, making everyone look unsightly.


The Ou Shi Group even gave up a lot of interest in the cooperation project.

Ou Lingtian’s face turned blue at that time.


He spent his whole life establishing the Ou Shi Group’s business.

Anything affecting the Ou Shi Group would never be allowed.


Song Ningxuan acted in such a way that she was directly dismissed.

And it was also said that if anyone hired her, they would be against the Ou Shi Group.


He was genuinely furious, it seemed.


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