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Zhou Jingyun didnt want this to happen.

He didnt want all of this to happen.

A big family wouldnt offend another big family just because of a small character.

When a big family did things, they had to look at the gains and losses! The Zhou family would never do anything for Jiang Tong if she had a confrontation with the Shao family!

Zhou Jingyun kissed Jiang Tong again and then stared into Jiang Tongs eyes.

He pleaded, “Dont go.

Can you promise me”

“Did I say that Im going to kill Shao Ying” Jiang Tong smiled.

She didnt want Zhou Jingyun to worry about her.

Although she enjoyed Zhou Jingyun worrying about her, it was still not good.

“Then what are you going to do” Zhou Jingyun asked Jiang Tong again.

Jiang Tong smiled and didnt answer.

“Are you really not going to kill Shao Ying” Zhou Jingyun confirmed again.

“Of course not.

Do you think Im the kind of person who doesnt care about the consequences of doing things, and cant solve the problems that Ive caused” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

She was telling the truth.

She could think of everything that Zhou Jingyun could think of, and she could also think of things that Zhou Jingyun could not think of.

From the beginning, Jiang Tong was clear that her opponent was not Shao Ying at all.

To put it bluntly, she did not think that Shao Ying was worthy to be her opponent.

If Shao Ying did not have a grandfather who favored her very much, with the things that Shao Ying had done over the years, she would have died long ago no matter how capable and scheming she was!

Jiang Tongs real opponent was the entire Shao family, led by the Shao familys old master! Therefore, Jiang Tong would not let the situation get out of control.

According to her plan, the day something happens to Shao Ying would be the day that the Shao family, this big family, begins to collapse.

“Then what exactly are you going to do Why cant you tell me” Zhou Jingyun asked again.

Jiang Tong still smiled without saying anything.

Zhou Jingyun was a little angry and his expression turned icy.

However, after a moment of silence, he said, “I dont care what youre going to do.

Can you promise me that you wont go find Shao Ying this time Please.” This was the first time that Zhou Jingyun lowered his voice.

Jiang Tong pressed her temples and said, “Okay, I promise you.”

In a relationship, they had to compromise with each other.

If Zhou Jingyun could lower himself to beg Jiang Tong, then Jiang Tong would promise him.

However, Jiang Tong didnt plan to meet Shao Ying, so she was teasing Zhou Jingyun…

After Jiang Tong said “I promise you,” Zhou Jingyun pressed Jiang Tongs neck and kissed her for a long time.

More than twenty minutes later, Zhou Mingfei brought more than a dozen cars with him, including Guan Sandao and the others.

The entire underground car park was sealed by Zhou Mingfeis people.

The elevator was closed, and those who worked in the shopping mall, as well as a few customers, could not come to the underground car park to pick up their cars.

No one was allowed to go near the elevator door.

Countless bodyguards in black suits guarded the elevator doors so tightly that not even a mosquito could fly in.

Before Zhou Mingfei came over, he had called to arrange for a hospital to bring the fugitives to.

The ambulance had arrived a little earlier than him.

Those who could survive were all rescued in the ambulance before they were pulled away.

Not long after Zhou Mingfei arrived at the shopping mall, the owner of the shopping mall also arrived.

Everyone in City Zs business circle was Zhou Mingfeis friend.

Some were closer to him, some were not, but they would usually show some respect to Zhou Mingfei.

From the perspective of the owner of the shopping mall, he actually wanted to cover up the huge commotion that had happened at the shopping mall today.

Otherwise, he would not be able to keep this shopping mall.

If news of such a huge murder case spread out, it would definitely cause a sensation all over the country! Although this matter sounded serious, it was actually not that serious.

This was because Old Ghost and the others were people who lived quietly.

If they suddenly disappeared, it would not be known by the outside world.

No family members would report it to the police, no one would investigate it for them.

After dealing with the bloodstains in the shopping mall and not letting anyone see the corpses, they could treat it as if nothing had happened!

In the blink of an eye, it was already noon.

Jiang Tong had returned to the villa in South Washington.

Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei brought people with them.

Zhou Mingfei also brought some professionals and even used a metal detector as well as a signal detector to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the villa.

On the way back, Jiang Tong told Zhou Mingfei that her house had been bugged, so Zhou Mingfei arranged for people to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

At the same time, a recording studio called Ocean Wave Studio.

Song Chengjun sat on the sofa in the staff lounge and looked at the notebook on the coffee table.

He liked music and was very much involved in music.

This recording studio was opened by Song Chengjun and his friends who played music together.

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