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Chapter 138: For Bread! Rated Battle!


Seven days later, a small fort was built in the middle area of the island, in front of the cave on the highest volcano.

The fort wall was made of sharpened wooden pikes.

There were sharp black thistles and thorns filled in the gaps, and unknown flowers blooming on the pikes.


As the saying goes, “A sparrow may be small, but it has all the vital organs”.

The fort the Starwings Female Knights built in seven days had three layers for the defense system, besides, they also drilled a deep well, which perfectly solved their water issues.


For the first time on the island, human civilization started to be built.

This day, in the center of the small fort, the girls were having a daily match: Battle for the Butter Bread! In some sense, it was also a rated battle amongst the girls.

The prize was Mei’s butter bread, which could effectively replenish their energy.


As the baker, Yun Xi didn’t need to take part in their battle, and because Mumu was too young, she could get butter bread without fighting.

As for the other girls They had to fight each other to strive for their butter bread.


Yun Xi would make about fifty rolls of butter bread everyday, and the girls would decide the distribution based on battle rating.

Normally, the leader, Hua Yue, and the deputy leader, Xiao Cao, would seize the first place and the second place, and the other girls strived for the places from the third to the tenth.


In Yun Xi’s eyes, it was just a game-like battle, but to the girls, it was their favorite recreational activity on the boring island.


On the seventh day, almost all the girls had upgraded to the second rank.


“For butter bread!”


“For my tongue!”


“For our cute Mei!”


The girls shouted slogans, bursting with enthusiasm and great potential.

The barrier between the first rank and the second rank had been unable to stop them.


Even in the countries of Western God’s Domain, a Knight group whose members were all at the second rank could be regarded as a strong force.

It was hard to believe that Starwings Female Knights was formed by a group of girls, who hadn’t even started their study lives in Sword Palace!


Now, the girls who were fighting for the third place and the fourth place were Ling Ling and Mei Lan from the two camps of Starwings Female Knights.

Ling Ling was born in a decadent noble family.

She was one of Hua Yue’s subordinates.

Mei Lan was born in a civilian family.

She was one of Xiao Cao’s loyal fans.

Both of them were Hua Yue and Xiao Cao’s assistants.

Amongst all the girls, their powers were only slightly inferior to Hua Yue and Xiao Cao.


Ling Ling’s sword skill was a fencing named “Flower Fencing”.

It was a dueling sword skill from the royals in Western God’s Domain.

Unlike Hua Yue’s Holy Crossed Sword, it required high skill to learn it, and was a sword skill suited to aristocratic ladies.

Her sword had a round handguard and a slender, long blade.

It abandoned its “slash” ability but increased its “stab” ability to the limit.


Compared to Ling Ling’s sword, Mei Lan’s sword was much more ordinary.

As a civilian, she didn’t have the money to buy an expensive, soft sword like Ling Ling’s, but was using a standard military sword.

Her sword skill also biased towards actual combat, straight and narrow.


The two girls were having a fierce fight.

Ling Ling’s sword skill was slightly better.

Her soft sword often attacked Mei Lan from unexpected angles.

As for Mei Lan, her sword skill had inherited a part of Xiao Cao’s combat skill, not very excellent, but also flawless.


“The dark shadow spider should have died.” Under the stage, Hua Yue put the last dark shadow gem in Yun Xi’s hand.



We found no traces of the spider in the forest,” Xiao Cao said in a confident tone.


In order to avenge Mei, Xiao Cao and Hua Yue cooperated with each other and cleaned out the whole forest.

They had killed almost all the spiders in the forest and had collected over ten dark shadow gems.

Even if there were still a few little spiders in the forest, they wouldn’t be a threat anymore.


“Thank you.” Yun Xi took the dark shadow gem and pinched it.


“Ding!” The dark gem turned into powder, then was absorbed by Yun Xi’s maid uniform.


Yun Xi accidentally found out that the Killing Princess’s maid’s uniform could absorb these dark shadow gems.

When Xiao Cao had handed over the dark shadow gem to him, he had felt that the maid’s uniform suddenly had a special desire to swallow it.

He naturally understood that the maid’s uniform could eat the dark shadow gem to strengthen itself.

After feeding all the dark shadow gems to the maid’s uniform, Yun Xi found that the uniform became more gorgeous.

Even the ribbons on the skirt’s corner had become glossier.


These magic clothes he had inherited from the unknown Killing Princess was eager for these dark-type gems.


“Mei, your maid’s uniform is becoming more beautiful!” Xiao Cao looked at Yun Xi with her sparkling eyes.


After that, Xiao Cao had decided to kill as many dark shadow spiders as she could to collect more dark shadow gems for Yun Xi.


“It’s said that the Killing Princess abhorred dark creatures, so the legend is true!” Hua Yue stroked the maid’s uniform and remembered the legend.


Yun Xi embarrassedly looked at the two girls beside him and the girls who were fighting for his butter bread on the stage.


Was it his illusion Why did he feel that after the dark shadow spider’s attack, the girls had become more intimate with him


“Mei, can you make more bread” The girls finally let Mumu wear white socks and shoes.

She pulled the corner of Yun Xi’s clothes, looking at him with a pathetic look.


“Little girls shouldn’t eat too much.

You will become fat.” Yun Xi pinched Mumu’s mouth and wondered in his heart, “Mumu is so thin, why does she eat more than Hua Yue Judging from their bodies, it should be Hua Yue who needs more nutrition.”


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