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Looking at the fantastic scene of the Kunlun Gods Domain, Yun Xi finally remembered his purpose coming to the Sky Tower.

Casina didnt lend her identity to him just to let him go sightseeing, she wished for him to find the solution for healing his body here.

Yun Xi didnt know what was wrong with his body, however, since Casina said it, it should be true.

“Obtain 100 successive victories and get the Soul Jade as a reward.” Remembering what Casina said, his hand lightly touched the body of the tower.

The next moment, his body was absorbed into the Sky Tower.

It was hard to describe the feeling of touching the Sky Tower.

He felt as if he was seeing the entire universe in an instant.

He saw endless lights of stars flying around him, forming countless star bridges.

Each star bridge leading to a world, a civilization.

The entire god domain world was in the web made of the countless star bridges, and even though there were already overwhelming worlds in the web, they just occupied a small part in the starry sky.

Outside the farthest star bridge, there were still numerous unknown, mysterious worlds, which were too far away from the endless god domain worlds, so they hadnt been caught by the web made of the star bridges.

Arguably, the living beings in these worlds were still in the darkness of ignorance.

The world is so big.

The starry sky is so vast.

Is this the reason why Teacher Casina gave me her identity Is this awesome, soul-stirring scene what she wanted me to see

Walking along the star lights, Yun Xi found that he was standing at a place which looked very familiar.

“This is…” Looking around, Yun Xi was surprised.

Being surrounded by the star lights, one road after another appeared in all directions, like a mini star bridge system.

It looked pretty similar to what Yun Xi saw at the star altar.

“Hum Master, does the star trial begin again” Meier appeared in her soul form, looking around with curiosity.

“No, the next star trial hasnt started.

Im in the Sky Tower.” Yun Xi explained.

“Oh, this place looks really similar to the star altar.” Meier floated in the air and sniffed.

“I can smell masters smell everywhere, even if it isnt your past heritage, it must have a deep relationship with you.” Meier was sure that the Sky Tower was built by using the power of the stars.

“Oh, if its true… was I really a great person in my past life” In Yun Xis mind, his past life was just “a bad lucky guy who had four horrible ex-girlfriends”.

But now, it seemed that he did something very great in his past life.

At least, he was talented when building wonders.

“Of course, I have said that you are the greatest master in the world! Otherwise, they wouldnt launch that…” Suddenly, Meier covered her mouth and stopped.

“Oh, the inner structure is so incredible…” Fortunately, Yun Xi was observing the inner structure of the Sky Tower, he didnt pay attention to what Meier just said.

Standing in the front of the Sky Tower, where looked like an altar, Yun Xi saw several stairs leading into the void.

At the entrance of each stair, there were signs indicating where the stairs led to.

Looking up at the end of the stairs, there were several different coloured light balls, as if there were stars hanging in the Sky Tower.

Yun Xi looked at the nearest stair, and it was tagged as “The City of Doll”.

“The City of Doll, where you can make the most perfect doll! There are countless dolls waiting for you here!”

Oh, it sounds interesting! Yun Xi was itching for a try.

However, when he sat his foot on the stair, he heard an ear-piercing warning.

“Warning! Warning! You have no privilege to enter the City of Doll.

This is the paradise of puppeteers, please start from making your first doll.”

“Well…” Yun Xi remembered that he was using his teacher, Casinas identity.

Of course, Casina wouldnt hold the permission to enter the City of Doll.

If so… Yun Xi looked at the other stairs carefully.

“The Door of Heaven.” The stair leading to the paradise of angels.

Only angels can enter this door.

“The Door of Hell.” The lost paradise of demons.

Only demons can enter this door.

Undoubtedly, they wont open to Yun Xi.

From the beginning, he shouldnt come here.

It was too early for him to come to the realm of the legend rank.

“By the way, Teacher Casina told me to obtain 100 successive victories, but… where should I go” Yun Xi looked around in confusion.

“The City of Doll”, “The Door of Heaven”, “The Door of Hell”, “The Paradise of Elves”… apparently, judging from their styles, there were the areas of the Western Gods Domain.

“Wait, master, the stairs here will change periodically!” Meier finally figured out the operational principle of the star altar.

Just like the orbit of the stars, the areas connecting to the stairs would change from time to time.

What Yun Xi just saw was the “Mystery Place Theme Pack” series.

After a while, three new stairs appeared in front of him.

“Heaven Book World”, “Five Elements World” and “Starry Sky Chessboard”, three Eastern style stairs appeared.

In the “Heaven Book World”, there were countless books, where was used to decide the candidates of the inheritor of the Heaven Book.

In the “Five Elements World”, people could study the mystery of five elements.

Looking at the “Starry Sky Chessboard”, Yun Xis eyes brightened up.

He was sure that this was the world Casina wanted him to go!

Because the stair of this world opened to him!

“Meier, lets go!” Yun Xi stepped on the stair with expectations.

After about 15 minutes, the connecting areas of the stairs changed again.

This time, the world of “Battle Gods Championship Contest” finally appeared, but there was already nobody on the altar.


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