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Chapter 477: The Invitation From the Roses

“…” Mei opened her eyes and looked around with curiosity, looking at the world which was totally different from what she had seen in the past.

Today was the day Star Fire replaced her sister, Star Thunder.

She was responsible for controlling her master’s body today.

“…” She scratched her cheeks with her hands, which still made her feel unaccustomed.

Mei (Star Fire) looked at the two girls around her, licking her lips involuntarily.

Well, according to the memory she inherited from her sister last night, if she was hungry, she could demand sweet milk from one of the girls.

“Ah ho!” Ling Ling who was being raided by Mei restlessly covered her full breasts with her arms, but still couldn’t avoid the destined result, contributing her sweet milk.

“Damn!” Looking at this scene, Mei Lan suffered a heavy blow.

She strengthened her resolve of accomplishing the biggest dream of most girls of the Starwing Knights.


After enjoying the sweet milk, Mei happily pushed open the door and looked around with her innocent, curious eyes.

Everything around her was fresh to her.

Exquisite wooden furniture, chandeliers, evergreen plants, and oil paintings from great artists.

Everyone had to admit that the girls’ dorm of the Sword Palace was a topmost dorm, and the rooms of the girls of the Starwing Knights were even better.

Of course, it was because of Hua Yue.

These Western-style furniture and oil paintings weren’t that easy to be bought with money.

It showed the true strength of a noble family, not what a parvenu could learn by imitating.

“…” Compared to her mature and steady elder sister, Star Thunder, Star Fire’s character was more cheerful and carefree.

She was interested in everything, touching here and there from time to time.

If it wasn’t because she was using Mei’s body, Maybe she had left a lot of paw prints on the corridor.

Until she heard the figures of others, her behavior was finally somewhat restrained.

In front of the public, you must never expose your habit of being a dog! Smile! Keep your smile! This was what her big sister, Star Thunder urged to her again and again.

“…” Sitting in front of the table, Mei looked at the dazzling breakfast in front of her eyes.

She could not help but sniff.

After enjoying Ling Ling’s milk, her stomach became hungrier.

What will my sister do at this time

Based on the moves in her memory, Mei (Star Fire) tried to pick up a piece of cake with a knife and put it into her mouth.

“…” The next moment, her eyes brightened up.

It’s delicious.

It’s delicious!

It is actually such a wonderful thing to enjoy food in the form of a human!

“Whoa! I will be undernourished.” After a while, Ling Ling came.

She bit a piece of fresh papaya and looked at Mei with a complaining look.

Since yesterday, she had been asked by Mei for all kinds of things.

She didn’t know if it was her imagination, but now, she felt that her chest was hot, as if she would secrete some “substances” that a girl should never have secreted.

“Eat more, Ling Ling… strange… Are your breasts a little bigger” Mei Lan looked at Ling Ling with a look of jealousy and she swore that it was definitely not her imagination.

Ling Ling’s breasts indeed had become bigger!


“Maybe they were rubbed too much, so they become a bit bigger.” Ling Ling looked at her breasts in confusion.

She did feel that her breasts were somewhat uncomfortable, as if her body was developing rapidly.

“I heard… that… when you are a mother, they will really become bigger…” Mei Lan bit a piece of bread with a fierce look, crunching the golden, soft bread with her scallop like teeth.

Oh, my God, they are already so big, and they are still growing Why is the world so unfair

“But… I haven’t got married… Ooo…” Ling Ling held her breasts in her hands with tears in her eyes.

She looked really sad.

No! I have to endure it!

Enduring for a while, you shall appease the dispute; retreating a step, you will get a broadened mind!

Isn’t Ling Ling showing off herself Isn’t she

Mei Lan was forced to restrain her strong impulse to roar.

Your troubles are the ultimate fantasy of most of the girls of the Starwing Knights, okay

You don’t know what you have, Miss SSR!

Other members of the Starwing Knights listened to the conversation between the two secretaries with a confused look.

“Wait, what happened What does she mean ‘undernourished’ Doesn’t Ling Ling look pretty good now”

“Wait a minute.

What happened last night”

“Rub Rubbed by who”

Don’t underestimate the private intelligence network between girls.

Someone soon broke the news.

“I saw it… In the morning.” A girl who got up early this morning raised her hand with a nervous look.

“What do you see”

“Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

The girls’ intuition was very sharp and sensitive, from the abnormal atmosphere between Ling Ling and Mei Lan, they all vaguely felt something.

Especially from their blushed faces and the truth that they were sitting beside Mei, it was quite noticeable.

“Mei Lan and Ling Ling… this morning… they came out from Mei’s room…” said the girl who witnessed this and her face turned red.

She saw Ling Ling and Mei Lan running out from Mei’s room with their clothes in disarray.

They didn’t even wear shoes.

Especially Ling Ling, on her disheveled clothes, there was even strange traces of white liquid, and she even smelt a vaguely sweet smell of milk.

What happened last night in Mei’s room

This wasn’t just her question, but also the question all girls of the Starwing Knights wanted to know.

“Oh gosh, Have Ling Ling and Mei Lan had done something to Mei”

“Regardless of Ling Ling, why did Mei Lan also get in on this She isn’t such a person!”

“The two stayed a whole night with Mei”

“Rubbed too much”

Combined with various clues, countless “not for children” scenarios appeared in these adolescence girls’ minds.

A lot of girls blushed when they imagined them.

Mei was enjoying her breakfast.

She sensed their eyes on them and put into practice what she learned from her sister, giving them a big bright smile.

Smiling! Smiling!

“Ya ho!”

“Oh gosh!”

These girls looked at Mei’s smile and emitted cute sounds from their mouths.

The Starwing Knights and the atmosphere was still full the smell of fragrant flowers today.

In the morning.

In the mist, Mei was walking along the path surrounded by green trees.

Just like her sister, Mei (Star Fire) also didn’t know why she came to this place, as if it was a natural habit of the body itself.

Pushing aside the bushes around the path and walking into the mist, Mei finally came to a medicinal field where there were cultivated a lot of pink plants.

It was the secret garden of the Starwing Knights.

However, it wasn’t Lulu in the medicinal field this time but a golden hair female knight whose body basked in the sun.

“Mei.” Hua Yue smiled and smiled like a princess.

She stretched out her hand to Mei.

She wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Since she had confirmed that Mei was in a strange state now, it would become the best opportunity.

Lulu and Ling Ling, the things happened before were all under her monitor.

About the news in the girls’ dorm this morning, she also received the report from other noble girls of the Starwing Knights, this was her privilege as the leader.

Because everything was too fast, she even felt a bit flat-footed.

Her mind wasn’t as simple as Ling Ling, so she wouldn’t move without a thought; neither was she as apprehensive as Mei Lan, who thought too much which conversely made her lose the chance.

As the princess of Hua family, the leader of the Starwing Knights, her individual talent and leadership ability were both the number one amongst all girls.

She obtained it through her personal charm.

Starting from the most trivial things, she never relaxed her vigilance and always played her role well.

No matter who she faced, she could always switch her two relationships with others.

One was her relationship as a friend of the girls of the Starwing Knights.

The other one was her relationship as the leader of the girls of the Starwing Knights.

She could stroll around the streets together with noble girls, talking about the latest trends of the endless god’s domains.

She could also practice her sword together with civilian girls, pointing out their shortcomings in the meantime.

Compared to Xiao Cao who was too devoted to her limit practice, which made her rare to appear in front of the public recently, her leadership was the biggest reason that she was voted by everyone.

Maybe someday, Xiao Cao’s sword skill would surpass her sword skill, becoming the strongest in the Starwing Knights.

After all, she was the hardest working female swordsman that was recognized by everyone.

Even so, as the princess of the Hua family, she was more suitable to be the leader.

Her White Golden Rose Bloodline didn’t stand for the strongest bloodline of fighting alone, on the contrary, it was a bloodline of leadership, the royal bloodline that could unite 100% of the power of the team she was leading.

Her sword skill was from Shin’Ra, a holy crossed sword created by her legend ranked ancestor, a glorious White Golden Rose Knight.

It was a sword of holy light, which wasn’t the strongest, but stood for glory and hope that could bring victory.

The old bloodline granted her a strong personality and the will of pride, and her sword combined the two advantages of defense and attack, was the most stabilized crossed sword skill.

Her pursuit was to be a perfect knight.

She clearly understood the meanings of humility, integrity, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, and soul!

Just like the knight’s creed, she made the oath to her sword.

“I will be kind to the weak!”

“I will be brave against the strong!”

“I will fight all who do wrong!”

“I will fight for those who cannot fight!”

“I will help those who call me for help!”

“I will harm no woman!”

“I will help my brother!” ”

I will be true to my friends!”

“I will be faithful in love!” ”

The knight’s creed was what Hua Yue vowed to conform to in her life.

Because of the eight virtues of the knight, although she knew what happened here before, she wouldn’t let anyone know.

Not only so, but she would also help them keep this secret because this was her duty as their leader.

However, just slightly, when Mei is in this special mood, I can be more intimate with her.

Can’t I

I will only do this one time, and never have a next time! The princess of the Hua family won’t take advantage of others’ difficulties, therefore, this is just a simple date!

Hua Yue convinced herself in her heart.

“…” Mei (Star Fire) blinked her eyes.

She didn’t know what she should do at this time.

Hum, according to the memory left by my sister, I should do nothing and my master’s body would react naturally.

Yes, this is it! Just let master’s body move following its instinct!

“Patter! Patter!” Mei (Star Fire) naturally walked to Hua Yue and stretched out her hand.

Good morning… oh!” Hua Yue was going to hold Mei’s hands, beyond her expectation, Mei’s hand directly bypassed her hand and put it on her full breasts.



“Mei!” Hua Yue’s face instantly turned red.

Her hand grasped Mei’s hand.

“As a lady, it’s not good to do this!”

“…” Mei (Star Fire) innocently looked at Hua Yue, whose body shivered with both a funny and annoyed look on her face.

Did I do something wrong

Isn’t this the place that master’s body will do “this thing and that thing” with the girls he likes


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