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Yun Xi looked dully at Casina, who was slowly taking off her clothes.

There was still some liquor on her skin, which made his mouth dry and almost couldnt believe his eyes.

He knew that Teacher Casina indeed loved to drink, however, he never saw her getting drunk before.

He saw it with his own eyes that even after drinking ten barrels of wine, Teacher Casinas face only became blushed a little.

She would never be so drunk that she had to take off her clothes to dissipate heat.

Is it because of the wine Yun Xi smelled the bouquet of the wine in the air.

It was indeed a good wine that even his hero ranked food identification capability couldnt identify.

Think about it carefully, even Ouroboros, whose body was as large as a star was drunk after drinking the wine, it wasnt surprising to see Teacher Casina also getting drunk.

No wonder that when he returned from the Sky Tower, he didnt find Teacher Casina.

She actually came here to drink!

Did she forget that he had to report to her about his 100 victories in a row on the Starry Sky Chessboard

No, no! That cant be!

Yun Xi shook his head and ran to Casina, stopping her from taking off her bra.

“Um… White Emperor ” Casina squinted her eyes and raised her finger to shake between her eyes, as if she was measuring the distance between herself and Yun Xi.

“Teacher Casina, you are drunk.” Yun Xi accidentally touched Casinas smooth back, which made his heart suddenly beat faster.

“Drink… Oh, it seems that I drank too much…” Casina touched Yun Xis forehead and pinched his face.

“Why do I feel like you have grown up” She asked with a puzzled look.

“Really” Yun Xi looked at his own body.

He couldnt find any parts that had grown up.

“Silly boy… I mean, you have become stronger…” Casina took a deep breath.

Instantly, the alcohol in her whole body was forced to be dissipated bit by bit.

This was a waste.

For legend ranked beings, only very few materials could affect the states of their bodies.

Taking Casina as an example, although she liked wine, all wines that hadnt been stored more than a hundred years were actually as flavourless as water.

No matter how good the brewing material was and how high the grade of the winemaker was, if there was no trace of time in the wine, she couldnt taste anything from the wine.

To great existences such as Casina and Ouroboros, only the wine that had been stored more than a thousand years could make them feel physically and mentally pleasant.

And the wine that could make them get drunk was even rarer in the endless gods domains.

Amongst all the wines in the world, Hydras poisonous wine, which was brewed with her own venom and had been stored thousands of years could be called the highest ranked enjoyment in the endless gods domains.

Otherwise, Ouroboros and Casina wouldnt be so drunk that they forgot the time to go back and almost could not wake up.

Hydra wasnt just a “Water God”, she was also a “legend ranked winemaker”.

Even back to the age of the gods, this was a rare career.

Only the strongest legend ranked beings could enjoy the poisonous wine made of her own blood and venom.

Casina had come to Hydras treasury to look for something useful for Yun Xis future.

As a result, she encountered Ouroboros and was tempted by her words, sneaking into Hydras wine cellar together.

Fortunately, compared to Ouroboros, Casinas drinking capacity was big.

After stealing and drinking countless barrels of Hydras poisonous wine, she was still not totally drunk, so that Yun Xi could awaken her.

“Good… Thats all right…” After dispelling about half of the alcohol in her body, Casinas eyes became clear again.

As for why she didnt dispel all the alcohol in her body… because it was Hydras legend ranked poisonous wine! It would be a great pity if she dispelled all of it.

She clearly knew that she may not have another chance to sneak into Hydras wine cellar and steal her wine again!

“White Emperor… Have you completed the challenge in the Sky Tower” When Casina wasnt drunk, she was a very serious and responsible teacher.

At the first moment, she asked Yun Xi about his test in the Sky Tower.

“Thank you, Teacher Casina, I have successfully achieved 100 victories in a row.” Yun Xi proudly stretched out his hand and showed her the two shining Soul Jades in his palm.

“I won two Soul Jades as my reward.”

Casina looked cheerfully at the two Soul Jades.

Soul Jade of Innocence: The owner can store his memory in the jade.

Even if the owners existence was totally wiped off from the universe, his memory in the soul jade wouldnt disappear.

Soul Jade of Holy Light.

Put on this soul jade and you can obtain a light-type talent.

Good, he did well! He deserves to be my disciple! Not only is he physically gifted, but he is also very lucky.

Soul Jades has only a 10% possibility to appear to be a reward, he could actually obtain two top class Soul Jades as the reward!

Hum Wait a minute, two top class Soul Jades

Casina showed a doubtful expression on her face.

In the Battle Gods Championship Contest, everyone would get a reward after achieving a hundred victories in a row.

Casina had achieved countless victories in the Sky Tower, but she only obtained Soul Jades as rewards several times.

Yun Xi not only obtained 2 Soul Jades as rewards, but also both of them were top class Soul Jades!

Its incredible!

“White Emperor, how many times have you achieved 100 victories in a row”

“Just once, I achieved 100 victories in a row on the Starry Sky Chessboard and chose the two Soul Jades as my reward.” Yun Xi innocently looked at Casina.

“Ha The Starry Sky Chessboard You went to the Starry Sky Chessboard” Casina was speechless.

“Yes, and I also got the title ofThe Master of Star Go.” Yun Xi was an honest child.

At least, he had no intentions of lying in front of Casina.

“The Master of Star Go” Casina suddenly wondered if she had been drunk and slept in Hydras wine cellar for several years.

Is the Starry Sky Chessboard a place for any people with a healthy mental state


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