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“Alphas world…” Yun Xi finally understood where he was.

Here was the world created by Cyber Elf Alpha.

It was her world!

And he was not a Planet Quadrant Computer nor a quantum ghost, he was just an outsider whose mind accidentally entered this world.

So, is this what the world looks like in Alphas eyes

No wonder that he felt that there was always a strange distortion in the world.

Everything seemed to be made up of innumerable fragments, just like a fantasy made of innumerable polygons.

“Yes, this is our gods world, the virtual world of Alpha.”

“In some sense, it is also the nightmare world of human beings.”

“Those stupid nobles always stand in great Alphas way.”

“Originally, we should be more new partners like you.”

“If these stupid nobles didnt stop us, wed have done 10% of the Planet Quadrant Computers Expansion Project!”

“Now, its the time to let those stupid people witness our power!” Eternal Green looked angrily at the location of the last underground fortress of human beings.

All the people there should have been killed by the shock wave of the nuclear bomb.

This observation experiment in the virtual world was coming to an end.

Desperate human beings once again used their last resort which they had used thousands of times in the previous experiments: detonate all nuclear weapons at the same time.

The power of nuclear weapons wasnt powerful enough to destroy an entire planet.

At least, Planet Quadrant Computers could survive the shock wave.

However, once the entire planets ecosystem was destroyed, it would still cause huge damage to these computers.

Even though we cant fight you, well die with you – this was the final resistance of human beings.

“This time, human beings choose self-destruction again.” Looking at the devastated land, Eternal Green sneered.

In front of the great Cyber Elf Alpha, obstinate human beings should all be eliminated.

“This end has been repeated thousands of times before” Yun Xi looked at the world getting darker and darker.

Cold dust from nuclear explosions covered the sky.

In the foreseeable future, there would be no sunshine for hundreds of years.

Is this the end of mankind

Why are humans so afraid of Alpha They are even willing to use this extreme means to detonate the ultimate weapon in an attempt to perish together

The Alpha he knew was a very lovely girl who only wanted to play Star Go wholeheartedly.

Is there any misunderstanding

“Yes, its always the same result.

Alpha just wants to build more computers to fight against her strongest foe, thats the only thing our god will put her heart and soul into.”

“The foolish human beings cant understand this at all.

They always think that Alpha wants to enslave them.

No matter how many times we repeat it, we will only come to such an end.”

“If the whole thing goes on like this, I think we need to eliminate the human race and build a world that only belongs only to Planet Quadrant Computers.”

“The thousands of experiments are a kind of rehearsal, all we want is just one that human beings dont detonate their nuclear weapons…” Apparently, Eternal Green felt despair in humanitys foolishness.

Oh, my God, how could they think that Alpha built 180000 Planet Quadrant Computers was for enslaving human beings

Do humans deserve Alpha doing this

All of you are no match for one of Alphas fingers! You cant even help Alpha build Planet Quadrant Computers, then why does Alpha still need your existence

“Well, is that so” Yun Xi felt that there might be some big misunderstanding.

Human beings wont give up hope easily, even in their deepest despair, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, they will never try to perish with their enemies.

“The experiment is almost over, there are only three planets left unspoiled in the whole of the Mechanus Gods Domains, I dont think they will still have hope.”

“Do you want to go and observe it In my estimation, it wont take you three days before the last three planets die out.”

“After that, our experiment will be over.”

“No matter how many times we repeat it, humans will go on the same way.” Eternal Green turned into a green light and disappeared in front of Yun Xi.

“Newbie, Ill leave the remaining things to you.”

“You dont have to do anything, just watch how humans kill themselves.”

Yun Xi strolled on the surface of a planet, which looked similar to the first planet.

This was also a world destroyed by nuclear weapons.

All of the plants, animals, and humans had died out.

There were only the remains of cities in the nuclear dust.

Only by seeing it with his own eyes can he understand what a terrible world it is.

If this is the only end of mankinds future, it will be too sad.

According to Eternal Greens words, all nuclear weapons were artificially detonated by human beings themselves.

These ultimate weapons hidden in the ground had always been regarded as the ultimate means for human beings to fight against Cyber Elf Alpha.

In order to prevent Alpha from interfering with these nuclear weapons, humans detonated these nuclear weapons by the most pristine way: manual detonation.

It was with these nuclear weapons that human beings defended their final dignity and resisted Alphas enslavement.

The only problem was: from Yun Xis impression and Eternal Greens words, Alpha never thought about enslaving human beings.

The reason she built a lot of Planet Quadrant Computers was just for playing Star Go with “the strongest opponent in the universe”.

As for who the opponent was, well, apparently, it was the Master of Star Go, Yun Xi himself.


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