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“Iron” symbolizes the strongest shield forged with the strongest will.

“Maiden” is the sign of perfection and flawlessness.

The tactics of the Iron Maiden was to use the optimized calculation formula to increase her defense power to the limit and then to find the path leading to victory.

It would be a big mistake to think that Alphas Star Go strength also declined after she lost half of the Planet Quadrant Computers computing power.

Alpha only used one-tenth of her computing power, then she had built a whole world to deduce the future of mankind.

After accomplishing all this, she randomly put Planet Quadrant Computers into it to let them observe and learn how to take over the world after the demise of mankind.

If it wasnt because of Qian, she wouldnt have noticed that mankind could still be saved.

As for the remaining 90% of her computing power, she put all of them into calculating the rules of Star Go, seeking for the slim chance to defeat the Master of Star Go.

Compared with the calculation scale of Star Go, the computing power she used to calculate the future of the Mechanus Gods Domain wasnt worth mentioning at all.

In order to defeat the Master of Star Go, Alpha wasnt fighting alone.

Countless engineers and alchemists in the Mechanus Gods Domain worked day and night to optimize the rules of Star Go, and all of them had a copy of Yun Xis 100 battles on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Now, Alphas computing formula had been updated to the third edition, which was ten times more efficient than the original version!

With the current computing formula, if she was facing her old self on the Starry Sky Chessboard, she could defeat her old self easily.

Actually, she had had the potentiality to upgrade to the 10-star points, but the levels of other players were too low, even if she defeated them ten thousand times, her star point wouldnt be upgraded to 10 under the new rules of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The only person who could let her upgrade on the Starry Sky Chessboard was right in front of her!

He was her ultimate challenge goal!

Yun Xi could see Alphas changes and feel her strong will contained in it.

Well, how to describe it

He felt as if he saw a young girl who was wearing hard silver armor, holding a huge tower shield over her height, and looking at him carefully.

Her only ability was multi-overlapping defense, which was so indestructible at first glance.

To attack her, he would have to break her large shield, then break her flawless silver armor, and finally break the girls determined will.

So, attack it, even if it was Yun Xi, when facing such a strong defense, he felt a little tricky.

However, as long as he was still on the Starry Sky Chessboard Star Chess, nothing would be a problem!

Even if she was an iron giant, she couldnt block his attacks!

“Pa!” Yun Xi started.

“Game starts!”

“Alphas great crisis!”

“Come on, Alpha!” The three goddesses cheered.

Anyway, they didnt have a good impression of “the Master of Star Go”.

What happened when they played Star Go with Yun Xi, was the most shameful memory in their lives, that they would never tell anyone about it.

“Casina, come on!” Well, Orfina was the Master of Star Gos strong supporter, she just didnt know that “he” wasnt the “she” she loved.

Alphas body shivered slightly.

Her newly formed strategy was being challenged.

No problem.

My defense had only been reduced by one percent, its still under my control.

After calculating again, Alpha decided to continue to strengthen her defense.

In response to the situation on the chessboard, Alphas chess pieces blocked the attacks of Yun Xis chess pieces and seized a larger place on the chessboard.

According to the rules of Star Go, those who occupied more places on the chessboard would become the final winner.


“Pa!” Yun Xi continued to attack with a strange smile on his lips.

Lost 2% of my defense Its still acceptable.

Alpha calculated and continued her strategy.




Yun Xi seldom attacked his opponents in succession, but this time, he took the initiative to launch his attacks.

Alphas body trembled all over and her logical circuit warned her strongly.

“4%” Alpha gazed at the chessboard.

Surrounded by star lights, her chess pieces were being crushed and destroyed by some invisible force.

As time went by, her defense should become stronger and stronger.

In terms of data, the defense power of her chess pieces could grow by about 10% in every round.

It was a super-large formalized series of moves initiated by Alpha, which had never appeared on the Starry Sky Chessboard before.

As time went by, Alpha even had the confidence to block all attacks from Yun Xis “Star Breaking”.

Undoubtedly, Yun Xi didnt use “Star Breaking” this time.

The algorithm he was using was still concise.

He wouldnt use any complicated algorithm, because he didnt have strong computing power, which had been proved when he was practicing Yun Hais Quadrant Sword.

What he could do was pupil-level multiplication.

Well, at least for Yun Xi, thats how it works.

One chess piece equals 1.

Two chess pieces equal 2.

Three chess pieces equal 4.

Four chess pieces equal 8!


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