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When the girl was born, the entire sky whispered her name, sending her blessings.

The supreme God said to her:

You are the strongest shield, the unbreakable wall.

You will use your wisdom and strength to protect the world.

You are the embodiment of justice.

You are a knight.

You are a princess.

You will use your power carefully to obtain victory.

I am proud to see you grow up, and I believe that the victory will belong to you.

One day, you will reach the end and be crowned king.

Now fight for me, my iron knight!

The girl raised her large shield and swore to her god:

“I will go forward bravely.”

“I will continue to improve myself.”

“I will defend my territory and my people.”

“I am a knight, a king, and I will carry out my mission!”

The god gave the girl the strongest shield, the hardest silver armor, waiting for the enemys coming.

The girl could feel the overflowing power in her body, which was gods blessing and her belief.

Come on, Im not afraid! The girl stood on her own position with the shield and showed her unmatched perseverance.

Then the girl saw the monster.

Covered by black glow, a “foreign body” pierced through the starry sky and descended into the world.

First, the large shield broke in the girls hands.

Once, two, three, four, five!

This large shield was even taller than the girls height, sheltered the girl five times, constantly pushing the black energy away and guarding the pure girl.

Until five black energy beams shot on the shield, it finally broke apart.

“God bless!” Instead of yielding, the girl drew out her holy sword and bravely resisted the black aggressor.

A halo of energy spread out under her feet, which was the holy halo with multiple buffs such as “Tenacity”, “Hegemony”, “Thorns”, and “Purification”.

It was gods gift for the girl.

Once again, the girl blocked dozens of the black foreign bodys attacks, but the black foreign bodys tentacles were increasing.

By now, the girl was facing a 64-fold attacking frequency!

No matter how many times she cut off the tentacles, they would continue to grow up.

The girls resistance was being weakened little by little.

This wasnt because the girls will had become weak, but because there was a huge contrast between the strength of the two sides.

Finally, when the eighth black tentacle appeared, the girls sword was swept away.

She lost her final weapon.

The glow of the halo under her feet had become so weak that it would be extinguished at any time, anywhere, like a candle in a storm.

The eight tentacles tore apart the halo and began to penetrate into the crevices of the girls silver armor, tearing it apart from the girls body violently.

The girl struggled desperately, never yielding to the ravages of the black foreign body.

Eight black tentacles mercilessly suppressed the girls resistance and destroyed all her defenses.

Soon, the girls snow-white skin, slender legs, and delicate feet were all covered by the eight black tentacles, and they were still moving deeper.

The girl had to start praying to her god.

“Lord god, give me the power of miracles.”

“No way.” Alpha looked at the “iron maiden” on the chessboard, “who” had been pierced through by Yun Xis eight chess pieces with a helpless look.

She also wanted to create miracles, but there was no way!

Her chess pieces could increase 10% of their defense power every turn, but Yun Xis chess pieces could increase 100% attack power per turn! How could she block his attack

Why are you so strong!

It was like her “iron maiden” was wearing paper armor in the face of Yun Xis attack.

Even she herself felt embarrassed looking at the chessboard.

Stop! Its not a fair duel at all!

Alpha had to concede.

She even started to doubt if this formalized series of moves she created was really useful.

“Actually… I can only double my attack power one more time…” Yun Xi looked ashamedly at Alpha, who seemed to have lost her self confidence.

In this game, he could only create at most nine attacks from different directions.

Well, he named this formalized series of moves “Hydra”.

“Nonuple attacks” Alpha stared at Yun Xi.

Are you kidding me By using my legend ranked computing power, I could only create the “iron maiden” which could increase its defense power 10% per turn, now, you told me that your attack could increase 100% for nine times

Poor iron maiden, what a despairing and misfortunate situation she encountered! As her creator, Alpha couldnt stand this anymore.

She could only give up.


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