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“Well, let me see.

The spell used to summon the queen is…” Yun Xi opened the diary of the kings, reading the incantations behind the cover.

“Open the door for me, my knight.”

“Days and days, I was so alone.

Although I have always forgotten my fate, I met you.”

“Suddenly in the light, I was awakened, in the complete darkness, I stood up in silence and silence.”

“I want you to be my hope.

I will introduce you to my family.

I hope things will always go well.”

“Whenever you and I are together, whenever you are by my side, in front of you, I take off the mask of fate and look at your face.”

“The future is far from us, and I dont know much about it, but Im sure you are my light.

“Find me out, the person who wants to be with me.”

“Give me beautiful sacrifices, weep, let me love, let me rejoice.”

“Everything in the world can be seen at a glance.

Its all dull, unpleasant and confusing.”

“Only you can make me happy and dream.”

“I cant treat everyone equally and gently.”

“I cant pray sincerely for those who are important to me.”

“I think its good for important people to feel bad for me and cry for me.”

“So cry for me and marry me.”

“I will be a unique bride, the Bride of Moonlight.”

The song was a little strange and sad, with a trace of mystery that does not belong to the world.

Yun Xi felt if he closed his eyes and looked at that under the bloody moonlight, he would see the beautiful girl wearing a bloody wedding dress was crying.

What is she waiting for What is she looking forward to

The Bride of Moonlight, is this the origin of the biggest sacrifice for the Kingdom

Bathed in the bloody moonlight, the image of the Queen of Assyria had never been so real.

“You… do you see that” Under the bloody moonlight, the queens whisper echoed in his ear.

It was not the voice of the young queen in the underground lake, but a voice that was more mature, hoarse and charming.

It was the voice of the queen who had experienced too much, it was the whisper of the Millennium Queen.

“Yes, I see it.”

“The preparations for the agreement have been completed.” Yun Xi responded to the queens whisper, pressing the diary of the kings in front of his chest.

“Well, get ready.”

“My knight, welcome the queen.”

“You have to take care of her and meet all her demands.”

“Swear to protect her and regard her as the most beautiful princess in the world.”

“No matter how ugly the carrier you use, you must like her appearance from the bottom of your heart.”

“Its a blessing and a curse.”

“Those who gaze at the blood moon are also gazed at by the blood moon.” Under the blood moon, the queen in her wedding dress raised her hands.

The blood of the moonlight blossomed like fireworks in the bloody sky.

“Ah… Has it started yet” Lying on the throne of the giant silly spider, the young queen looked at the huge crack in the sky and showed a look of expectation and smiling.

Finally, I can go to that world full of sunshine again.

No matter how ugly the carrier is, just going to the sunny world will make her happy.

Thats her only chance to go to the sunny world, its a rare holiday time.

Only by the wedding with the king, can she have a short day to leave the underground lake.

Oh, I hope this time the puppet made by the new king will be slightly suitable, at least not to make too many mistakes in body proportions.

Its very uncomfortable to use a body that doesnt match my body!

The Queens request for the puppet she was going to use went only so low.

After all, the puppets made by kings were basically garbage.

Every king who can make a puppet with a suitable body proportion would be rewarded.

Even when they “returned” to the bloody crescent, they would get closer to the spider and become the queens guards.

The king of this generation seems to be somewhat different.

What kind of puppet will he make

If only he hadnt got the body proportion wrong.

With such little expectations, the young queen closed her eyes.

In the Forgotten Ruins, the queen in her wedding dress looked at another version of herself and smiled.

Happy holiday, little me.

Opening her eyes, the queen felt that her body had an unnatural lightness.

It seems that the body proportion of the puppet made by the new king is correct.

No, not only that, its very, very suitable!

Normally, when she possessed the body of the puppet, the first thing she would feel was darkness, then the cold body, which was the inevitable conflict caused by the mismatch between soul and body.

Every time she arrived, the Queen of Assyria needed a lot of time adapting to the body of the puppet.

Because she was descending, relying on the power of the contract with the king, so she needed a new puppet to be her carrier every time.

But this time, when she descended into the body of this puppet, she didnt feel dark or cold at all.

Instead, it was a sense of familiarity and reassurance.

Opening her eyes, she saw a slightly strange ceiling, but regardless of the softness of the fingertips, the weight of the chest, and the rhythm of breathing, all of them were the same as usual.

The young queen of Assyria even thought that the wedding ceremony failed this time.

She didnt come to the mortal world, but was still in the underground lake.

But why is there such a thing as a ceiling in the underground lake

Moreover, the closer she looked at the ceiling, the more familiarity she felt from it.

It seemed that every time she woke up, she could see similar scenery.

“I… Where am I” The black-haired girl opened her mouth and looked at her little hand in perplexity.

This snow-white hand is too familiar.

Because this was her own hand, whether it was the radian of the fingertips or the smoothness of the skin, it was her own hand.

But it was clearly not her body.

What happened


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