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The future has been changed!

This was the first thing Robin noticed after seeing the queens curious, happy eyes.

Perhaps his majesty wont repeat the fate of the kings.

The fate of the world will also usher in new changes.

Your majesty, you have done something quite bold.

“How are the wedding preparations” Yun Xi hadnt realized what he had done.

“Well, its all going well and we can have the wedding in three days.”

“All the nobles of the kingdom will come to the capital to attend your wedding.”

“Congratulations in advance, your majesty.”

The fate of the Queen of Assyria.

The fate of the kingdom.

The fate of the Starwing Knights.

Even the fate of the worlds ultimate enemy, the dragon, had become strange.

What should I do

“Thats good.

Im looking forward to it.” Yun Xi also regarded the “wedding” as a ceremony.

He was just a representative of the kingdom to sign a vow with the real master of the kingdom, the ancient Queen of Assyria.

He had no idea how intimate the young queen looked at him from in his arms.

Its from White Moons subconscious to her father, and its also mixed with the heart feeling of the queen.

Yes, the young Queen of Assyria was moved.

For the first time in her life, she got treasures that she could not even dream of.

No longer alone under the bloody moon.

White Moons body was like her own.

That kind of feeling was just like a girl from a poor family suddenly got a soft, lovely, fluffy, precious super doll one day!

Just walking and talking can touch the queens heart.

What kinds of puppets did she use before!

Compared with White Moon, compared with her lovely, beautiful and elegant daughter, they are all garbage! Garbage!

Even the bareheaded puppet in the royal augurs hand is thousands of times stronger than these garbage!

I dont want to go back to the lonely underground lake.

If it was White Moon, if it was her, now, she could really appear in the world of sunshine!

Yes, I can!

Compared with those abandoned puppets of the past, White Moons body had a unique charm and characteristics.

Even if she was cursed, if she was in White Moons body, she could go to the sunny world.

Dont hide, but be aboveboard, working hand in hand with the person I like.

Think of it, do it!

The Queen of Assyria had never been full of courage like at this moment.

“Lets go out.” Holding Yun Xis hand, the eyes of the queen were full of longing.

“Um.” he nodded.

White Moon was perfect, so no one would find out their secret.

This was something that the kings couldnt do and only he could accomplish.

“Date, date!” The Queen of Assyria could feel her heart beating faster and faster, and her blood seemed to be boiling.

Obviously, puppets dont have these at all, but she could feel them.

“…” Robin let out a sigh.

Now, its going to be a mess.

The wedding ceremony was always the most important event of the whole kingdom.

But there had never been a king who could really let the Queen of Assyria appear in front of the people.

Its not that they didnt want to do it, but that it was impossible to do it.

If people knew that the queen married to the king was just a puppet, the people in the entire kingdom would go mad.

“… what a fool.”

Finally, Robin tried to deduce what he would encounter and shook her head.

Apparently, the result wasnt promising.

Picking up the bareheaded puppet, Robin left the puppet room.

She had to tell those who were preparing for the wedding that there would be a huge change in the wedding process.

The ancient royal palace was decorated with old murals and sculptures.

These were originally ordinary things.

However, the Queen of Assyria stared at them along the way after leaving the puppet room.

“Look at this, and this! They are stories from a long time ago!”

“Ah, yes, thats my story!”

“The Death of the Queen I am not dead!”

The queen hopped on the cobbled road as if she had returned to her childhood.

Is it really not a crime that I want to marry such a young girl

Looking at the queens pure smile, Yun Xi suddenly felt guilty.

Dont you think its a crime to marry such a queen, you kings

No, because its impossible for us to get in touch with such a queen.

“Your Majesty! How do you have time to play with a child Dont you need to prepare for the wedding” Hua Yue smiled at Yun Xi.

“The ceremony is finished.”

Yun Xi absently answered Hua Yue, “Thats my bride.”

For a moment, Hua Yues eyes changed.

It was full of shock.

It was hot as if burning.

“Bride Is it her”

Full of doubt, but also full of jealousy and disbelief.

For the first time, the leader of the Starwing Knights doubted what her ears heard.


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