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Chapter 693: Dowry

Of course, the 12-year-old Queen of Assyria didn’t know anything about the “knowledge of the wedding night”.

For her, the wedding was to put on the wedding dress, and to visit the scene of the city in public.

No king dared to ask the great and holy queen to do anything on the wedding night.

For them, this wedding was essentially a ceremony for them to swear their allegiance to the queen.

Moreover, due to the poor quality of the puppets made by the kings, the time for the queen to stay in the city was always very little, she could barely stay until the wedding night.

A few kings would be honored to accompany the curious queen for a walk, which was worthy of their lifetime glory.

Therefore, as the young queen, she had no idea what the bride really needed to do during the “wedding night”.

After all, kings had no right to spend the night with the queen.

It’s just that this time, it’s different.

“White Moon” made by Yun Xi not only had minimal magic consumption, but also could be used freely without any restrictions.

Therefore, for the first time, the queen stepped out of the secluded underground lake and appeared in the sunshine world in a complete manner.

The world was so beautiful and full of new things for the young Queen of Assyria.

She doesn’t have to hide her identity and play a silent mysterious bride this time.

Laugh if she wants to, run if she wants to.

She can talk to all people naturally and touch everything in the palace at will.

Everyone was smiling at her and welcoming her.

This is “living”.

Even if it had only lasted less than a day, the queen had felt that she was unable to leave such a beautiful world.

The thousands of years in the underground lake were like a dream in the darkness.

She likes the world.

She wants to stay in the world.

Talk with everyone, laugh heartily, even crying is more happiness than that being lonely for a long time.

Well, including this “wedding night”, she was also very interested.

What is this “wedding night” She looked at the embarrassed female official with curious and expectant eyes.

“Ah… It’s true… ” The female official realized that the Queen of Assyria was nothing but a piece of white paper on this, so she sighed.

Indeed, a 12-year-old child is a little princess who should be chasing butterflies in the sunshine.

It’s a pity that she needed to take responsibility as the queen of the kingdom.

But this is the royal family, and this is politics.

Now that the king had decided to marry the unknown Princess White Moon, then she must accept all this.

And she would also fulfill her responsibility to teach all the things that are not taught in the textbooks to this innocent princess.

Oh, poor kid, she is still so young, but she has to bear the responsibility that she shouldn’t bear at this age…

“Mumu has come to attend the wedding night course!” Just as the female official hesitated on both sides of the balance of morality and responsibility, Mumu came running and looked at the young queen excitedly.

“You are…” The female official looked at Mumu, who was even a little younger than the queen in amazement.

Her common sense was breaking.

“Hua Yue asked me to come.

I’ll take this course with White Moon.” With an innocent expression, Mumu said happily.

Although, her task was just to “see what White Moon is doing and to stay with her”.

Mumu presumed that she would be White Moon’s little partner and act with her these days.

“The leader of Starwing Knights… Hua Yue… ” The female official looked at Mumu with a complicated look.

This is… did you choose this girl to be a dowry for Princess White Moon!

In fact, this is also one of the wedding customs of nobles.

The maids who accompanied the aristocratic girls to marry into their husband’s families are actually the same as married together.

During the period of the mistress’s discomfort or pregnancy, these maids will be responsible for the task of serving the mistress’ husband.

No matter how they are treated, they will never complain.

Their origins are mostly the daughters of the lower nobility, or the poor civilians who have to sell their daughters to the nobility.

It’s strange that all the queens had never had such a dowry, which puzzled many people.

These mysterious queens always appeared and disappeared suddenly.

Because of this, the female officials of the royal family never had the chance to do their duties.

Until this generation, she will finally fulfill her responsibilities for the first time as the first female official in history.

“Hello, I’m White Moon.” The Queen of Assyria looked at Mumu, who was smaller than herself.

There were almost no children in the whole palace.

This was the first time she had met a young partner of her own age.

“I’m Mumu, a knight of the Starwing Knights.” Mumu looked curiously at the queen, who was a little older than herself.

Is she the queen who will marry the prince She looks lovely!

And somehow, there’s a kind of smell, which makes her feel very kind and makes her like it very much.

I want to lick it!

That was what Mumu thought and did.


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