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Chapter 701: White Moon is Staring at You

She is the bride!

He gave her soul and prayed that she would be the happiest bride in the world!

The Queen of Assyria, sleeping under the bloody new moon and on the throne of a giant stupid spider, the girl’s body completely reproduced by him with his godlike puppeteer skill.

“White Moon” Yun Xi smelled the familiar fragrance and murmured the real name of the perfect puppet he created.

“Yes…” White Moon came quietly to him, held his arm tightly, and her body was almost completely attached to him.

“Can’t sleep because of nervousness” He gently stroked White Moon’s head.

He didn’t realize who was in his arms at the moment.

He thought she was the Queen of Assyria suffering from the common anxiety disorder before marriage.

“It doesn’t matter.

It’s just a simple wedding.”

“Didn’t the kings marry you like this”

Yes, for him, it’s just a vow called “wedding”.

He has accomplished 100% of the most important tasks that the kings need to undertake in their weddings, hasn’t he

The queen is very satisfied with White Moon.

He couldn’t see it.

When he said the word “wedding”, White Moon showed a jealous look and looked dismissive when he talked about “kings”.

Dad is White Moon’s Dad.

No one can take him away, including mom!

Even if she is the same as her mom, but, she is the only soulmate who was made by her father.

She has talent and characteristics that even her mother does not have.

When she grows up, she will be more beautiful and perfect than her mother.

So, Dad will choose her, just as if the whole world is in front of her, she will only choose Dad.

For her, Dad is more important than the world.

“Are you satisfied with your body” Because it’s a creation of his own, he didn’t have any strange ideas when he held the body in his arms.

“Yes, I like it.” White Moon was immersed in the intimate interaction with her father, making a lovely whisper.

The place touched by Dad’s hands is very comfortable, just like an electric current is swimming through her.

The feeling of crispness and numbness spread from fingertips to toes, even every hair is making a joyful sound.

As a figure with a soul, even White Moon’s hair has a sense and can be used as a weapon.

This is a talent that even the Queen of Assyria does not have.

Even if the queen can perfectly synchronize with White Moon, she can’t do such a thing.

“Very well, your body is very special.”

“Don’t worry about if the body will become obsolete as time goes by, because your body can fix itself.”

This is another thing that Yun Xi should be proud of.

His first puppet, perhaps because of its soul, naturally has eternal characteristics.

Her body has the characteristics of moonlight branches.

As long as bathed in the moonlight, it can slowly absorb the power of the moonlight, showing a warm and white luster.

The body blessed by moonlight will not be weathered, eroded by microbes anywhere, or even approached by mosquitoes.

Beyond the living beings of the world, White Moon was born with the characteristics of “eternity”.

If a girl is compared to a beautiful flower, White Moon is the flower that never withers.

For Yun Xi, this is the only flower in the world he cultivated, the miracle of arts.

Even he himself is surprised that he made such a perfect puppet, such a miracle.

When he carved White Moon’s body with moonlight branches as the main material, Yun Xi even felt that he had opened a forbidden door.

Well, it must be a delusion.

“Pafu!” Pafu, who slept with him, jumped on White Moon’s shoulder, made an appreciative sound, and directly penetrated into the collar of White Moon’s pajamas, finding the warm place to be her own bed.

“Is a wedding happy” White Moon gently bit Yun Xi’s fingers.

She likes her father’s hands very much.

It’s the flexible fingers that created her from scratch and let her be born.

From the fingertip to the finger seam, every detail of these hands is engraved on her heart, which is the memory that existed before birth, playing the magic song of the soul.

“If you feel happy… that will be better… ” Yun Xi could only avoid talking about this issue.

After all, marrying a seemingly underage queen is like committing a crime.

“Of course, I’m very happy… ” White Moon’s eyes were full of sadness and jealousy.

She shares the same consciousness with the Queen of Assyria, she naturally knows it.

The Millennium Queen, who can only wait alone under the bloody new moon, has a body that can really move in the sun, beloved and blessed.

She can’t give up, and can’t imagine the future without this hope.

The queen can’t go back to the past.

White Moon knows this better than anyone else.

White Moon is the daughter of the Queen of Assyria, and also the hope of the Queen of Assyria.

White Moon, in fact, doesn’t really hate the queen.

Without her, White Moon wouldn’t be born into this world.

If the other half of my mother is not my father, I will be my mother’s lovely daughter!

But that’s not allowed.

I won’t allow it to happen!

Because Dad belongs to White Moon, he is the property of White Moon!


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