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TREY AND KENTUCKY AKA KENT Chapter: 2 - About 2 Hours Later

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The Family Arrives Back at Their Home, Exhausted But Feeling Great! Their Mom Goes To Change, Their Dad PLOPS Down On The Couch And Turns On The TV. And Trey and His Sister, Rush To Their Electronics.

Its Just A Normal Sunday…

A Few Hours Later...

Treys Outside Playing Football with His Friends When One of His Friends Said, "Oh No,... Here They Come AGAIN....."

It Was Kent and His Friends, They Were a Little Bit Older and 2 of Them Were Actual Known Bullies.... But KENT Wasn , And ANYTHING They Tried to Start With the Younger Boys Kent Put an End to it QUICK!!

"Hey Guys! Mind if We Play?" Said Kent as He Lightly Tossed Up an Official Football Up an Down A Few Times.

"Hey Kent!! Said Trey Happily as He Got Excited to See Him.

"Hey Sup Trey, Do You Guys Mind if We Join Yall in a Game Of Football? Well Make Even Teams...." Said An ALWAYS Take Charge-Like Kent.

NO!! We Don Wanna Play Football With You Guys... You HIT Too HARD!!.... Said Another One of Treys Friends.

"Oh.... What About YOU Trey? Do You wanna Play Football With Us? I KNOW You Aint Scared." Said Kent, (Who Was ALREADY Working Out Plans For Trey in His Head, All He Had to DO was Get Himself Alone with The Young BEAUTIFUL Black Boy...)

"Ummm.... Yeah Sure I..Ill Play...." Said Trey, (Who Would Later Be Willing to Do Whatever Kent WANTED Too Later On...)

"GOOD!! "....Well I Guess You Boys Can Just Sit Up In The Bleachers and Relax and Cheer Us On" Said Kent, as He Adjusted Himself and He Put His Arm Around Trey as His Friends Said, "Yeah Cheer Us On Ya Sissies..."

"Don Worry Ill make SURE That Their Not Too Rough With You Out Here Trey....Your Da Man For Being So Brave to Play." Said Kent as He Whispered it Into Treys Ear. (I Know Its Hard to Tell If a Black Person is Blushing, But Truuuuuuuuust Me, He Was Blushing!)

"Ok Guys I Promised Trey That We Weren Going to Be Too ROUGH Out HERE, ...And I Also Told Him That He and I Would Be Team Captians So He Could PICK his Own Teammates!" Said The Ever-Leading Football Star Kent.

"Man WHAT?! ...Naw Man, I Don Wanna PLAY." Said One of Kents Friends (Who Was a Well Known Bully and REALLY Wanted to Get Put On The Opposite Team as Trey So He Could DEMOLISH Him! (Since He Was a Bully and Also Because He Knew Trey Was Gay...)

"CALM DOWN PUSSY!! Youll Get Put On a Good Winning Team, Its JUST a Game. Not The NFL!!" Shouted Kent, (Who IMMEDIATELY Put His Friend in CHECK!)

"Naw MAN,...You KNOW Hes Gonna Choose The BEST Players OUT Here to Be On His Team! And I REALLY Wanna HIT Someone Today..." Said The Boy.

"WELL GO HOME AN HIT YA MOMMA, IM The Oldest OUT HERE, I Make The Rules!" Said Kent, Who Was Starting to Get FIRED UP!!

"MAN DAMN!!!.... I Really Wanted to HIT That Lil Mutha**er..." Said The Boy.

"YEAH... OH!! And By The Way, Treys The Smallest One OUT Here, If You Get On The Other Team and Hit HIM Too Hard! IMMA Hit YOU SO HARD Youll Part Your Mothers LEGS An Jump Right BACK Up IN THERE!!!" Said Kent, As ALL The Other Boys Said, "DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!" *LAUGHING*

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