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It was bright and sunny outside today.

Like its name, the surface of the lake was clear and translucent like a mirror under the sunlight.

There was a boy in the lake trying his best to stay above the water, splashing the water at every go.

His body sunk and then floated on the lake rhythmically.

By the lake, there was a middle-aged woman wearing the attire of an mama.

She seemed to want to jump into the lake but didnt dare, so she paced around helplessly.

“Little master.” Qin Gui quickly said to the monk behind him, “Someone fell into the water.

Troubling little master to find someone to rescue him.”

Little monk was frightened by this scene.

He agreed shly, turning around and running off.

“Save… cough cough.”

The boy choked on water, and he stopped splashing the water as much.

Even more, he was gradually sinking.

Seeing this, Qin Gui didnt hesitate anymore.

She walked over in large strides, leaping into the water.

Qin Gui didnt know if the original body knew how to swim or not, but she did!

Qin Gui swam to the boys side in a few moves.

Right now, the boy was in a daze and muddle-headed.

He let his limbs down helplessly, not struggling anymore.

Qin Gui didnt have time to think, carrying the boy from behind and then swam towards the shore as best as she could.

Qin Gui was a pretty good swimmer, but it was considerably tiring to have to carry an unconscious boy in the water.

Afterwards, she started losing energy too.

At this time, the mama by the shore delivered a long tree branch.

Qin Gui thought that she was going to pull her up so she hurriedly said, “Get the kid first…”

As Qin Gui was saying this, she suddenly sharply noticed a severe glint flickering by the mamas eyes.

Silently, Qin Gui pulled the boy in her arms and reached over to grab the tree branch.

As expected—

In the next second, there was a pull from the other side of the branch but Qin Gui immediately tugged on it.

That mama was almost dragged into the lake.

She hurriedly threw the tree branch in fear and stumbled a few steps back, trying to balance her body.

Taking this chance, Qin Gui pushed the boy on shore before she hurriedly climbed up too.

It was September and early autumn.

The lake was chilly.

Her clothes were soaked and hugging her body.

It was cold and heavy.

After the autumn wind blew on her, Qin Gui suddenly shivered.

Thne, she glanced at the boy by the shore only to see his eyes closed and his face pale.

He was exhaling more than inhaling.

Qin Gui couldnt think any longer, hurriedly pulling the boys collar to the side.

Then, half kneeling on the ground, she placed his head on her legs.

She patted his back firmly with her right hand.

That mama stared fixated at Qin Gui, her expression gloomy.

Suddenly, she picked up a stone on the ground and aimed it for Qin Guis head.

Qin Gui was already on guard, and ducked to the side while carrying the boy.

At this time, the little monks childish voice rang from the maple forest, “…Theyre just ahead…”

, there was a burst of disarrayed footsteps approaching closer and closer.

The mama looked worried and immediately threw the rock from her hands and pounced over to grip Qin Guis hands.

She hollered, “Someone, quickly!… Place the little young master down!”

Qin Gui was speechless.

She wanted to say: heh.

Quickly, a beautiful woman wearing traditional clothes hurried over under everyones escort.

The beautiful woman was tall and had long brows, her lips red fiery like fire.

Her pair of almond eyes were sparkling and lively.

The moment she stepped out of the maple forest, she was shocked with the scene ahead of her.


The beautiful woman cried out in shock and staggered over.

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