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Her son had fallen into the lake, but Mama Li was standing by the side safe and sound.

Besides Mama Ding, the rest of the servants werent there.

Meanwhile, the lady that Mama Ding accused was soaked.

She wasnt stupid.

She knew who was lying.

“Seize Mama Ding!”

The beautiful woman ordered furiously.

The two mamas behind her immediately walked over and suppressed Mama Ding within a few moves.

Mama Dings face paled even more and she frighteningly exclaimed, “Master, you have to believe this mama.

This mama has served you for so many years… Omph.”

A handkerchief was shoved into Mama Dings mouth crudely.

The two mamas dragged her to the side.

This was a time to practice religion.

Theyd deal with this maid after they were back.

“Young lady.” The beautiful womans voice trembled, but it was a bit undetectable.

“Many thanks for today.

Follow me to get your clothes changed now.”

“My husbands surname is Gu, so you can just call me Madam Gu.”

“Youre soaked and its too cold here.

Dont stand here.

Lets talk after were back in the private room.”

“Many thanks Madam Gu.” Qin Gui didnt reject her offer, curtsying and thanking her.

She came to Tranquil Temple for this “Madam Gu.”

“Gu” was a national surname.

This “Madam Gu” was the empress.

The original bodys birth mothers surname was Wei, and she was the eldest daughter from the second household of Imperial Duke Zhengs residence.

Now, she was siblings with the empress.

The two sisters were only two years apart and they have had a great relationship since they were children.

The former emperor granted marriage for the eldest daughter of Imperial Duke Zhengs residence and the crown prince.

She became the crown princess.

After the crown prince ascended the throne, the crown princess was naturally conferred the title as the empress.

Empress Wei had two sons.

The elder son had died early on.

Up until five years ago did Empress Wei give birth to her younger son, the Sixth Prince.

Back then, she almost died due to birth complications.

She fortunately survived, but her body had been worn down as a result.

These years, her body had been getting weaker and weaker.

In the novel, the Sixth Prince drowned and died early on.

Later on, Empress Wei also died soon after due to self-loath and sorrow.

However, this was only briefly mentioned in the novel.

The heroine, Qin Xin, also sobbed over the Sixth Princes death.

Then, she even stayed with Empress Wei for a few days in order to comfort her.

After that, the emperor also returned to the capital in advance.

For the past few days, Qin Gui had been staying in Tranquil Temple, wanting to change Empress Wei and the Sixth Princes fates.

Even more, she could then logically appear in front of her.

But, the novel mentioned that the Sixth Prince had drowned within Tranquil Temples mirror lake, but it didnt say that there were two.

Qin Gui originally thought that the Sixth Prince had drowned in the big mirror lake up until she realized that there were a lot of worshippers there.

Even if someone accidentally fell into the water, they should be saved in time.

Therefore, she probed the little monk…

Thankfully, it wasnt too late yet!

Qin Gui secretly sighed inside.

Empress Wei took off her cloak and ordered her personal maid, “Youbai, help this lady wear the cloak.”

Youbai shockingly widened her eyes and hesitated.

Then, she responded, “Yes, master.”

“Its fine.” Qin Gui shook her head.

“Give it to the little young master.

Hes young and just fell into the water.

Hed probably get a cold from the wind.”

The Sixth Prince just got saved, so Qin Gui didnt want anything to happen to him.

Empress Weis eldest son had died due to a common cold.

Hearing this, her hands on the cloak tightened.

She wrapped the cloak around her son and tightly hugged him.

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