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Ch.151 Her Golden Thigh (4)



Ying Luo laughed and turned to Gu Zezhi.

"Imperial Unucle Ze.

Did you not enter the hunting grounds with His Majesty How come you are here"

Gu Zezhi did not answer Ying Luo and instead turned to Qin Gui.

"You can do whatever you want."

Qin Gui, ""

Gu Zezhi knew this girl well and knew that she may be desireless on the surface and can survive whether lavishly or poorly, but she would never allow herself to eat a loss.

She may swallow it for a while for whatever reasons, but since he was here, why have her bear with it

Gu Zezhi smiled and looked gentle and elegant as usual, like a spring breeze.

Qin Gui frroze for a moment, then she understood what her golden thigh was saying, and her eyes lit up.

Qin Gui strutted towards Ying Luo, stopping in front of her horse and smiling at her.

"Third Young Mistress Qin." Ying Luo looked down condescendingly at Qin Gui from her horse, revealing a haughty smile.

"What can I do for you"

Qin Gui responded seriously.

"My hand is cramping."

Ying Luo, ""

She was just about to ask what her hand cramping had anything to do with her when she saw a whip snapping towards her like a snake...


Ying Luo was dumbfounded and she subconsciously let out a shriek.

She was just about to dodge it, forgetting for a moment that she was on a horse.

Body turning over, she fell straight off the horse.

"County Princess!" The other noble ladies all called out to her nervously.

ALl this happened to fast that the girls simply could not hold Ying Luo in time.

Ying Luo fell heavily on the grass below her, wailing.

All the other noble ladies could feel the pain just from that call alone.

Almost at the same time, Qin Gui's whip brushed past the horse, cracking the ground loudly, raising up dust and leaves.

The other ladies were all stunned, sitting frozen on their horses, not knowing how to react.

Who could have imagined that Qin Gui would be so daring to actually raise her hand against Ying Luo

Cold wind was blowing through the mountains, and a few leaves that Qin Gui had whipped up just happened to land on top of County Princess Ying Luo's hair and face, making her look miserable.

Qin Gui's lip raised up as she looked at Ying Luo just three steps in front of her.

The arrow did not hurt her just now, and her whip did not hurt her either.

They were even.

As for her falling off the horse...She fell on her own, it had nothing to do with her!

Qin Gui was in a good mood, so she beamed at Gu Zezhi.

She had to hold that golden thigh well and never let go.

"Qin-Gui!" Ying Luo struggled to sit up from the ground and looked at Qin Gui with bloodshot eyes.

"You actually dare make a move against this County Princess!"

"My hand was cramping," Qin Gui said innocently.

"Unless County Princess Xu is the only person allowed to slip up Am I not allowed to have cramps! That's unreasonable!"

"Qin Gui..." Ying Luo was so angry that her chest couldn't stop heaving, eyes hot with rage.

She knew that Qin Gui must have done it on purpose, just as Qin Gui knew she did it on purpose.

Qin Gui only dared to do this because she had Imperial Uncle Ze at her back!

And Imperial Uncle Ze was actually biased towards her!

Ying Luo gritted her teeth, glaring daggers at her.

Qin Gui put her whip away and took three steps back to Gu Zezhi's side.

Gu Zezhi had a warm smile on his lips from start to end.

He got off his horse and the two exchanged a few words before they each took their horses and left the rest of them.

The winter sunlight fell softly on the two of them, giving off a warm atmosphere as they gradually walked away from them.

"County Princess."

At this time, the noble ladies finally came back to their senses and dismounted from their horses to help her up.

Ying Luo shoved them away.

The faintest scratch appeared on her face, which had always been well-groomed.

She was biting down so hard on her lips that she could almost taste blood.


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