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Ch.158 He Wanted Him Dead (5)


That's right! Great Qi was the victor and Northern Yan was the loser.

Seeking peace through tribute was only right for them to do.

Who said they could decide who they wanted to marry!

These barbarians really don't know the rules!

The corners of Gu Zezhi's lips raised slightly into a light smile, appearing gentle and courteous.

"If Prince Yelu wishes to join the Great Qi, however, that is something we can consider."

"But there are still rules for this.

Prince Yelu can't just pick whoever he wants."

"As for these Turkic horses...

Though they can not be accepted as a bridal gift, it can be considered a 'dowry' to accompany Prince Yelu if he wishes to 'marry into' our Great Qi...What does Your Majesty think" Gu Zezhi looked at the emperor with a smile.

The emperor was watching this exchange with great interest.

He immediately smiled and applauded.

"Zezhi's words are reasonable."

After that, the emperor once again glanced at Empress Wei beside him.

Just as he expected, Gu Zezhi really has taken a liking to that girl, Qin Gui!

And he was very smitten with her!

The emperor was smiling, but Yelu Luan's face was ashen.

He was so angry that he almost wanted to flip the table over and leave.

Marry into Great Qi!

For a man, marrying into another person's family was the most humiliating and embarrassing thing one could be subjected to.

He was a proper prince of Yan and also a famous warrior who had the right to contest for the throne.

Yet Gu Zezhi dared insinuate that he enter the Great Qi!

Yelu Luan's eyes were lit with anger when he remembered that it was Gu Zezhi who ruined his good plans last month outside the restaurant.

Later, the emperor sent Gu Zezhi to receive their envoys from the Yan Country to discuss the peace talks.

It was also GU Zezhi who repeatedly made things difficult for them then.

Now he was back to interfere and embarrass him again!

Yelu Luan eyed Gu Zezhi with a dark gaze, rage burning hotly in his eyes as if he wanted to burn him into ashes.

Gu Zezhi met Yelu Luan's gaze unapologetically and smiled.

"Is Prince Yelu not pleased dissatisfied with this arrangement"

Yelu Luan snorted and was just about to speak when Gu Zezhi added, "Hold it in even if you're dissatisfied."

"This is the Great Qi, not Yan.

This isn't a place for you to throw your weight around!"

His final sentence was spoken full of arrogance.

Even though Gu Zezhi was clearly smiling warmly as if he were a harmless refined gentleman, the words he spoke were filled with such arrogance that it made one's blood boil.

Qin Gui looked hotly at Gu Zezhi and couldn't help but think: My golden thigh is so cool!

A smile had surfaced on the eyes of the expressionless Yu Fuyun.

He picked up his wine glass and made a toast to Gu Zezhi from his seat and drank his wine in one gulp.

It was a bold action that formed a great contrast with his seemingly weak appearance.

But at this moment, the eyes of the crowd were focused on Gu Zezhi.

Not many people noticed his movements.

Gu Jing was also looking at Gu Zezhi with dark eyes.

As long as Yelu Luan proposed marriage to Qin Gui, then Qin Zhun would have taken the initiative to offer her up for the sake of peace.

If even the Qin family has agreed, then there was no reason for his father to refuse either.

But now, his plans were completely destroyed by Gu Zezhi!

Yelu Luan could feel a breath getting stuck in his chest that could neither go up nor down.

A bitter taste was welling up in his throat.

His chest was constantly undulating and his face was completely dark as he confronted Gu Zezhi.

"Prince Gu, would you dare to spar with me!"

"Is that a challenge, Prince Yelu" Gu Zezhi shook the folding fan in his hands, calm and collected.

"If you wish to challenge me, you should offer up a prize."

Yelu Luan took a few deep breaths and calmed down.

Expressionlessly, he said, "If you win, I want you to kneel and apologize for your unruly words."

"And if you win, I will never mention the marriage alliance ever again."

This prince from Northern Yan has put up a strong argument.

Gu Zezhi smiled even deeper and shook his head.


If I win, then I would have to trouble Prince Yelu to go to the Shrine of Heroes to apologize to the heroes who died in the battle with your armies in Yan's name!"

Yu Fuyun's hand trembled indiscernibly once more.

This was the very request Gu Zezhi brought out during the peace talks, and he had flat out refused.

This was simply trying to run the faces of their Yan country to the ground!

Yelu Luan's eyes were completely ruthless.

He wanted him dead.


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