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At this time, someone knocked on the door and reported outside, “Master, the Lord is here.”

When Empress Wei heard this, the corner of her lips tilted up, not bothering to hide her happiness.

She immediately stood up and personally opened the door, welcoming him.

A man in his thirties wearing lake-blue brocade robe quickly walked in.

His figure was tall and extraordinary, the golden sunlight sprinkled on him and made him appear a bit more gentle.

Qin Gui also looked over, thinking that he must be the emperor.

He was indeed the emperor.

When Empress Wei had someone to go to the imperial palace to summon an imperial physician, she also had someone report the situation to the emperor.

When the emperor heard this, he hurried over.

“Rongrong, hows Zhener”

“He drank ginger soup and hes sleeping now.”

The couple talked to each other as they made their way in.

The twos expressions look natural and intimate, like an ordinary couple.

The imperial physicians and a few guards stood outside the door, waiting for the emperors summon.

The emperor froze when he saw Qin Gui into the room.

At first glance, he thought that the girl looked a bit familiar to the empress.

He questioned Empress Wei with a look while the latter smiled gracefully, indicating that shed explain later.

Qin Gui saw the twos subtle interaction.

She could tell that the two had a pretty good relationship.

Qin Gui exclaimed, “Lord Gu and Madam Gu, if theres nothing else, Ill be heading back now.”

Empress Wei smiled and nodded, ordering for an mama to personally see her back.

After Qin Gui left, Empress Wei hurriedly said to the emperor, “Your Majesty, this empress thinks that there was a mixup between the two kids within the marquis residence.

Please have someone investigate this.”

“The children were mixed up” The emperor knitted his brows and understood Empress Wei immediately.

“Youre saying that Qin Xin…”

He had just granted marriage to the Second Prince and Qin Xin.

If the children were truly mixed up…

Empress Wei pretended that she hadnt seen the emperors hesitation.

She sighed and said, “Dont you think that girl looks very similar to this empress” She pursed her lips, wearing a look of reminisce.

“People often say that although this empress and sister werent born from the same parents, we both look extremely similar to my grandmother.”

The emperors gentle look landed on the empress face.

Indeed, the girl looked extremely like the empress young self.

The emperor knew how good of a relationship Empress Wei had with her sister.

Since she was suspicious, it was better to investigate this.

The emperor said, “Then let Zening investigate this.”

As they said this, the two walked into the inner room.

Gu Zhen was still in deep sleep, his face a bit pale.

He mightve been startled, so he didnt sleep steadily.

The emperor had someone summon the imperial physician in to take Gu Zhens pulse.

The emperor looked at his sons peaceful expression, still having lingering fear.

Heaven knew how his heart almost jumped out of his chest when he heard that Zhener had drowned.

Empress Wei stood by the side, gently recounting what happened with accuracy.

The emperor had grown up to the violence and scheming of the harem.

Even more, he had gone through lots of twists and turns before ascending the throne.

What happened today was clearly a conspiracy!

His face became extremely unwell when he thought of the Sixth Prince drowning within this icy cold lake for some unknown reason.

“Rongrong, go investigate this.

No matter who it is, I wont let them go!”

The imperial physician kept to himself and pretended like he hadnt heard the twos conversation.

He took Gu Zhens pulse seriously.

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