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Ch.191 Arranged Marriage (2)

At that time, Qin Jiu didn't know Changning's true intentions, so she felt that Changning was just treating herself as a fool and didn't think much about it.

Right up until just now, when Yingluo and her had a quarrel in the Bifeng Pavilion, the words and phrases coming from Changning sounded awkward.

On the surface, she seemed to be trying to ease the situation, but after some careful thought, it felt more like she was trying to cause even more conflict, especially when Changning mentioned that cup of scented tea out of nowhere, as if she was reminding them that there was a cup of tea there.

Yingluo splashed the tea towards her, and she obviously dodged it, but Changning had to run in front of her in an attempt to block it off, and used the excuse that she had lost her balance, then soiled her dress.

Since she thought, from the start, that Changning was just trying to cause conflict between Yingluo and her, then after her skirt was soiled, she was sure that something else was bound to follow suit to this lineup of events!

When Changning proposed to have a change of skirts together, Qin Jiu could have politely declined.

However, Qin Jiu felt that instead of waiting to be plotted against, she might as well deal with the problem as it comes, and see what tricks Changning had up her sleeves, so she followed along with her every request.

On the way here, Qin Jiu also dismissed Du Ruo according to Changning's wish.

By much coincidence, the moment they arrived at Bibo Pavilion, Changning's court lady, Lingxiang, had already prepared two sets of fresh clothes.

At that moment, Qin Jiu almost couldn’t keep up her act, she could only secretly bash her in her heart: She got the clothes way too quickly, it’s so obvious that they were prepared in advance.

Later, she pretended to change behind the screen, and then sent Lingxiang away.

She then checked the new set of clothes that Lingxiang he brought.

After some inspection, she found that the waist area had been tampered with.

So, Qin Jiu put her clothes back on again, then crawled out of the window and waited quietly outside the place.

Not long after that, she saw Ye Luluan enter through the door.

What else does she not understand!

Qin Jiu saw Ye Luluan take a spin around the room and then went out, he then pushed open the door to the room on the right.…..

Qin Jiu took a spin outside the place, she was about to leave, but before she left Bibo Pavilion, she saw Du Ruo guiding Empress Wei here.

Then, she followed Empress Wei over here.

Upon seeing the chaotic scene in front of her, Qin Jiu could already guess what had gone down just now with even her toes.

Empress Wei's gaze passed through Ye Luluan, and looked right at Changning in the back, her clothes were in a mess.

"…..." Chang Ning was frightened, her sweet face turned pale, and her heart felt like it was plummeting uncontrollably, as her limbs went cold.

In contrast, Ye Luluan remained expressionless, as if he was just there for a visit.

He arched his hands towards Empress Wei casually, "Your majesty, I’ll excuse myself for now."

"Daqi can’t just shove me a random woman, I do have rather high standards for women!" At the exact moment he said this, he didn't even look at Changning.

Changning's face turned another shade paler when she heard this.

The head maid outside the door hesitantly glanced at Empress Wei, she didn’t dare to let Ye Luluan leave that easily.

Empress Wei was as calm as water, and said lightly: "Let him go."

Hence, the maids and mamas stepped back and gave way to Ye Luluan.

Ye Luluan was also slightly surprised at how Empress Wei let himself go that easily, his expression remained calm, as he walked out with his robe raised.

When he walked past Qin Jiu, he glanced at Qin Jiu, as if a wolf was staring at its prey, he was determined to have her.

Ye Luluan walked away with his head high, and this time, he didn’t linger around.

Empress Wei crossed the door sill as she lifted her skirt, and looked at Changning steadily.

It was hard to tell her emotions from her expression, as she naturally gave off a domineering aura.

Changning's body trembled visibly, tears rolled in his eyes, as if she was about to faint.

"Your Royal Highness." Lingxiang helped support Changning's weak body, which had gone limp.

Empress Wei walked to the chaise couch and sat down without a word.

Qin Jiu stood beside Empress Wei, and was also silent.

A maid immediately served Empress Wei some tea, and the faint fragrance from it instantly filled the room.

The fragrance from the tea smelled refined, but at this moment, Chang Ning felt that the fragrance was so strong that she found it hard to breathe, as if there was a large boulder crushing her heart.


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