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 Ch.204 Scolding (5)

Gu Zezhi smiled slightly, without the slightest panic in his expression, and gently said, "Cover your ears."

Qin Jiu: ""

She hurriedly covered her ears as instructed.

As soon as Gu Zezhi raised his right hand, something shot out towards the direction of the tiger.

In the next instant, she heard a loud "bang", and that thing suddenly exploded in front of the tiger, a cloud of gray smoke covered the air.

The explosion sounded like thunder, and even the ground seemed to be shaking along with it.

The tiger had never seen such a thing, it got frightened, and ran away with its tail between its legs, as it sprinted towards the depths of the forests, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Qin Zeyu was also taken aback, and almost fell from the tree, he tightened his grip on the tree trunk, and secretly said to himself: Fortunately, he had great moves!


Qin Zeyu looked down at Gu Zezhi who was below with scorching eyes, as he wondered what the thing he threw just now was.

If he saw it correctly, it was shot from Gu Zezhi's sleeve.

Such a small gadget holds that much power!

Qin Jiu was also curious, but unlike Qin Zeyu, who had never seen much of this world yet, her expression was quite calm, she kept recalling the past in her mind, and wondered: Were there handguns in the cold weapon era

Was her history subject taught by her sports teacher

"It's a sleeve gun." Gu Zezhi explained simply, "I’ll let you have a go at it when we get back to the hunting palace."

Qin Jiu was satisfied, her eyes crooked with a smile, and when she looked up at the rascal who was still hanging on the tree, her pretty face stiffened and urged: "Come down."

Qin Zeyu climbed down from the birch tree, his pair of curious eyes aimed straight into Gu Zezhi's cuff, as if he had completely recovered from the thrill of just now.

"Did your legs give way" Qin Jiu folded her arms around in front of her chest and raised her eyebrows.

Qin Jiu spoke as she looked at this rascal that always made her worry, the hem of his sleeves and robe were slightly torn, and there were some bruises and blood stains on his face, but he wasn’t missing an arm or a leg.

"How would my legs give way" Qin Zeyu touched his neck and unfastened the longbow on his back.

"I was ready, and was just waiting for the opportunity to shoot the big worm in the eye! By then, it would naturally run away in defeat!"

"Your legs didn’t give way" Qin Jiu twitched the corner of her lips and laughed leisurely, "Look at your tears."

Qin Zeyu hurriedly wiped his cheek with the back of his hand, his mouth still stunned: "I didn't cry!"

Qin Jiu took a step closer to him, and said lightly, "Do you remember what I said last time"

Qin Zeyu: "…..."

He doesn't remember, his third sister has said so much, and he wasn’t allowed to do so many things!

He thought hard for a while, and suddenly said eloquently: "You didn't say I was not allowed to enter the woods!"

"So you’re right" Qin Jiu's lips curved even higher.

Qin Zeyu was scared of being beaten up, and subconsciously hugged his head, he bounced up all of a sudden, and quickly hid behind Gu Zezhi.

He thought it all out in his heart.

Gu Zezhi seemed to have a good temper, and would not sell him out like his elder brother.

Besides, the third sister finally coaxed a guy whose vision was blurred, and she would definitely not dare to use violence in front of Gu Zezhi.

Otherwise, if she scared him off, she won't be able to marry herself off!

Qin Zeyu hid behind Gu Zezhi, then surreptitiously looked towards Qin Jiu…...

His elder sister hadn’t even moved yet, Gu Zezhi had already lifted him up by the back collar with ease and brought him to the front of his elder sister.

Qin Zeyu was left dumbfounded: ""

Before he could even react, Qin Jiu had snapped a branch that was neither too thick nor too thin from the tree next to her, and drew it directly at him, "Pop!"


"Sister, sister, I was wrong!"

Qin Zeyu cried out loud as he hugged his head, he wanted to escape, but he was caught by Gu Zezhi and couldn't.

Qin Jiu: "Did aunt ever mention that you are not allowed to enter the woods!"

"Are there any rules in the hunting palace that day that little kids like you are not allowed to run deep into the hunting ground without adult supervision”


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