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Ch.206 Blizzard (1)

Gu Zezhi raised his eyebrows when he heard this, and asked Qin Zeyu, "How did Second Lady Qin know of this"

Qin Zeyu shook his head.

At that time, after he greeted his grandmother, he saw Qin Xin in the garden as he walked out.

He had originally planned to personally bid his farewell to Qin Xin, and then ask her if she actually viewed him as a younger brother.

But in the end, he still didn't head over and talk to Qin Xin, and overheard while he was being hesitant.

Qin Zeyu said: "I always felt that she's pretty amazing…...

From the small beginnings, one can predict how matter will develop." This idiom can be used this way, right

"What do you mean by that" Gu Zezhi asked.

With a smile on his lips, his expression was gentle, and the way he looked at Qin Zeyu did not make Qin Zeyu feel that his words were actually extremely naive.

Qin Zeyu was in the mood, and chatted away: "The year before last, she helped second aunt to deal with household matters and had advised her to buy more rice, but she didn't listen to her.

Later, a flood hit Huaizhou, and the price of rice that year had more than doubled, and it even became priceless in the market at some point.

The second aunt regretted her decision."

"And also the year before that, she said that Li Renyu, the official from the Ministry of Official Personnel Affairs, was about to go down.

In the end, Li Renyu and his family were indeed sentenced to exile in Lingnan!"

"There's more…..."

Qin Jiu: "......"

This girl who was given another chance at life really didn't let her advantage go to waste!

They walked all the way back, and Qin Zeyu talked on for the entire journey, he treated it as just a casual conversation with the person he regarded as a good guy.

Gu Zezhi gave off a slight smile, but his slender gaze turned more and more solemn.

Qin Zeyu was just a teenager, but what he said didn’t sound like a joke.

The second lady from the Qin family was indeed weird.

If she could really "predict the future", then, in a few days, will there really be a blizzard

This is quite interesting.

Qin Zeyu talked on and on like a little sparrow along the way.

The more he talked, the more he felt that his future brother-in-law was extremely good tempered, but it was a pity that he had questionable taste.

However, his mood was soon ruined, as halfway through, they bumped into Qin Zening.

After Qin Zening got the news, he went into the hunting ground to look for him.

He was relieved when he saw that his younger brother was safe, and then came up to them with much anger, and gave Qin Zeyu a good earful.

Qin Zeyu could only obediently take it all in, and when they walked out of the hunting ground, Qin Zening finally stopped.

Maybe he was done with the scolding, or he wanted to save him some face in front of his friends.

The little rascals who were waiting near the hunting platform immediately swarmed over.

"Qin Zeyu, are you okay!"

"You haven't been bitten by a big bug, have you"

"I don't think he has any wounds on his body, he wasn't bitten by the tiger...

Qin Wu, did your sister beat you"


The little rascals were unscrupulous, and even if Qin Jiu was by their side, they still asked in a straightforward manner.

Qin Jiu: ".….." Her younger brother really deserved a good beating!

Gu Zezhi put his right fist on his lips.

He didn't smile.

For some reason, Qin Jiu felt that she heard a soft chuckle coming from him.

"You guys, all of you make a horse stance, none of you are allowed to go back." Gu Zezhi said softly.

All the little rascals, including Qin Zeyu, were stunned, then stood up straight and squatted obediently into a horse stance afterwards.

Qin Zening also knew these little rascals, who were friends with Qin Zeyu, quite well.

Seeing as they were all obedient when faced with Gu Zezhi, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Qin Jiu raised his head and looked at the sky.

It was now about 3 p.m.

to 5 p.m, it was already this hour, and it would be impossible to head to Linpu Town for the performance now.

Her disappointment was naturally shown on her face.

Gu Zezhi could see through her and said sweetly, "Let's go watch Baixi tomorrow."

Qin Jiu nodded hurriedly, and smiled with his lips pursed.

Gu Zezhi smiled at her again, and his handsome face seemed softer with this smile, gentle and graceful like a spring breeze, exceptionally beautiful, even Qin Jiu was dazzled by him.



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