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Ch.216 She was a gift (5)

Qin Zening had just returned from the palace.

"Big brother." Qin Zeyu, who was just coaxed by his sister, waved his hand at Qin Zening happily, and exposed his hand warmer outside his cloak, as he waited for his brother to ask him where he got the hand warmer from.

Qin Zening briefly glanced at Qin Zeyu, he didn’t even notice the hand warmer in his hands, and asked, "Jiu, Yu didn’t cause any trouble to you, right"

Qin Zeyu: "…..."

Was he really his elder brother !

Qin Jiu smiled and said a few good words about Qin Zeyu: "Yu was pretty well-behaved today."

With that said, she raised her hand and rubbed the top of Qin Zeyu's head.

Seeing Qin Zeyu being ravaged by his younger sister, Qin Zening found the scene rather amusing, he then raised his hand and rubbed the top of his younger brother's head.

Qin Zeyu, who was conscious that he might go bald, did not dare to fight back at all, after all, the master of martial arts that his brother had promised him wasn’t here yet.

He endured through it!

Thinking of Qin Jiu’s journey back to the capital, it must have been tough for her.

Qin Zening was about to tell her to head back to rest, but was reminded of one thing, and changed his words: “Jiu, a minister just came over and brought along a scroll and said that the second prince was attentive and observant as he could foresee that there would be a blizzard, which saved the common folks from such a disaster.

He indeed made a contribution to the kingdom and the people!"

"He also said that the second prince was already seventeen years old, and he should be involved in imperial matters, to serve the kingdom, and share some of the emperor’s worries and burdens."

Qin Jiao murmured softly, "So there’s this segment."

When they were still at the hunting palace, Gu Jing had urged the nobles of the clans to create chaos for several days, and the chaos was endless.

However, thinking back about it, Gu Jing was the male lead.

As the male protagonist, he must seize this opportunity, otherwise, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to participate in imperial matters after this, no one knew when the next chance would roll by.

After this, the imperial court would for sure become lively yet again.

Just as Qin Jiu had thought, the next morning, several ministers in the Jinluang Hall took turns to suggest the second prince to be involved in imperial matters, and every one of them were utterly eloquent and praised the second prince lavishly.

With the incident of a blizzard hitting the hunting palace, even some ministers who remained neutral were also moved.

After all, putting the fact of crowning a prince aside, the prince has already come of age, so sooner or later he will have to take part in imperial matters.

The emperor said that his officials’ words were reasonable, and immediately said yes to it, but then he placed the second prince in the Ministry of Rites and the third prince in the Ministry of Industry.

When Gu Jing received the imperial decree, his chest felt stuffy, but could only send away the great eunuch, Zhou Xin, who had come to pass the decree with a forced smile.

After that, he ran to Cheng'en Gong Imperial Manor.

"Grandfather, the emperor is too biased!"

"Not only did he take the credit that should be for me and gave it to Gu Zhen, he also dragged Gu Rui to the Ministry of Industry."

"Gu Rui is shabby and incompetent, all he knows is to recite poems, he doesn’t know how to do any practical work!"

Moreover, Gu Rui was sent to the Ministry of Industry.

The Ministry of Industry has recently received much attention from his father because of the compound bows.

His Ministry of Rites only dealt with trivial matters, he would have no contact with the imperial court.

Originally, he thought that he could at least be sent to the Ministry of Households or Officials.

Gu Jing could only vent his anger to his grandfather, Cheng’en Gong.

"Second prince, be patient." Cheng’en Gong stroked his beard to calm Gu Jing down, "You came to me as soon as you received the imperial decree, right Sigh, you’re way too impatient, there are so many pairs of eyes that are looking at you right now!"

Gu Jing was stunned, with a look of shame on his face: "You’re right." He was indeed too impatient.


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