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In the exquisite water pavilion of Jianglin Palace, the emperor gazed down at the second prince, Gu Jing kneeling on the ground with a cold and serious expression.

“Father.” Gu Jing with his completely straight back justified himself, “Your Son is innocent!”

Gu Jing was summoned by the emperor some fifteen minutes ago.

As soon as he entered the hall, the emperor threw a token in front of him which was Prince Duans token.

At that time, the commander of the secret police was reporting the results of the interrogation.

The criminal had already confessed that he had come to assassinate Gu Zezhi on the behest of Prince Duan.

[TLN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embroidered_Uniform_Guard]

The commander of the secret police was sent off by the emperor after he had finished his task.

After that, Gu Jing had knelt down right then and there and had been kneeling till now.

Gu Jing knew that he was in trouble.

After all, Prince Duan had finally made a move on Gu Zezhi but he had inadvertently given himself away to the emperor.

Now its no longer a question of whether Prince Duan would succeed or not but what would father think of it

Would father think that I was intervening in the dispute of Duan Royal Houses legal wife and concubines!

“Father, I only accompanied Lady Qin to Qingyun County.

Lady Qins jade pendant was stolen by a thief.

So, I asked the local county office to find it,” Gu Jing answered with an earnest look.

“I really didnt know that Duan Royal Houses third uncle was in the county.


Whatever may be the case, Gu Jing had to deny everything.

He was secretly glad that Qin Xin had found a reasonable excuse at that time.

“Gu Jing, how dare you to lie to me!” The emperor stared straight at Gu Jing.

When he was enraged, his imperial aura made people afraid to look directly at him.

“What are you playing at”

“Father.” Gu Jing walked a few steps on his knees and kowtowed hard to the emperor as he spoke, “You have misunderstood me, I dont dare not lie to you!”

The emperor narrowed his eyes slightly and remained silent.

Silence began to spread through the hall.

Gu Jing became even more unsettled.


Finally, Gu Jing couldnt suppress the uneasiness in his heart.

He wanted to justify himself but the emperor didnt want to listen anymore.

He waved his hand and said, gesturing to him to leave, “From today, you cant leave the palace.

Gu Jings scalp tingled a little as replied in a depressed voice, “Yes, father.”

Gu Jing bowed to the emperor before he retreated his way out.

Imperial eunuch, Zhou Xin, who had been serving tea to the emperor in the Exquisite Water Pavilion said, trying to console the emperor, “Your Highness, please calm down first.”

The emperor kept looking at the slightly swaying curtain in front of him.

A mocking sneer appeared on his lips as he asked, “Zhou Xin, do you believe what he said”

“…” How could Zhou Xin dared to answer this.

And the emperor really didnt want any answers from Zhou Xin.

The emperor punched his right fist on the desk twice.

He had just declared that Gu Zezhi should enter the capital to study martial arts.

He had never mentioned his intention in his decree.

He had not even disclosed even a word to Uncle Duan.

No one in his court was even aware of his idea.

So, why has Prince Duan grown so impatient that he has sent people to chase Gu Zezhi

Unless Prince Duan knew that he would lose his status if Gu Zezhi was allowed to enter the capital.

The emperor still remembered that he had casually mentioned that the status of legal wife and the concubines of the Duan Royal House cant be mixed up.

The eldest son of King Duans wife must be the heir.

At that time, the only person who had heard him except for Zhou Xin was Gu Jing who just so happened to come over to please him!

In all likelihood, Gu Jing must have gone to Prince Duan with this news in a show of good faith.

“Cough Cough Cough…”

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