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After leaving the Fragrant Courtyard, Marchioness Sus face completely lost the smile as she let out a cold snort.

“I should have better kept things under the table!”

“Since she grew up in the countryside, we should have let her stay in the countryside, but no, we have to bring her back!”

“And she is still overconfident.

And now she will go to the Poetry Convention and make a fool of herself!”

The more Marchioness Su thought about it, the more angry she got.

She secretly blamed the empress for this.

If not, Qin Gui would have been placed in the countryside and would have been married far away after a few years with dowry if she found her way back to the Marquis Mansion.

She would not have been treated unfairly!

What bad luck! Another good-for-nothing had appeared in the house! What an eyesore!

“Madam, dont worry,” Mother Zhao comforted Marchioness Su.

“My Lord has done this for our house.”

Mother Zhao had been a close friend of Marchioness Su.

So, how could she not know that her lord was even more annoyed by the fact that Marquis took the second miss under his name.

Moreover, in the name of a daughter born under the period of mourning.

Which she abhorred it even more so than third miss.

“Madam, My Lord is doing for the Second Prince.

Think about it, His Royal Highness, the sixth prince has been weak since childhood, and His Royal Highness, the second prince is the eldest son of the emperor.

If one day…” Mother Zhao pointed at the sky meaningfully.

“Lets say the second prince becomes the princes maternal uncle.

As the old saying goes, the price of forbearance is always sweet.”

I guess I can only forebear it for the future! Marchioness Su squeezed her handkerchief for a while before speaking, “I hope so…”

No matter what Marchioness Su thought of Qin Gui, she still had to be affectionate to Qin Gui on the surface.

On the same day, she ordered the servants to sew her autumn clothes.

She was acting exactly like the eldest daughter-in-law of Marquis Mansion should act so that no one could point fingers at her.

Qin Gui ate and drank lavishly at will.

And after a good nights sleep, she came to the martial arts field in the front yard the next morning.

The Qin Family was founded on the basis of literature.

All their ancestors had made a living through the imperial examinations.

Thats to say, Qin Zening had suffered in exile since childhood.

And after having returned to the capital, he had devoted all his time and effort into practicing martial arts.

And with the Support of Empress Wei, he had become an imperial guard who ran errands for the emperor.

Qin Zening had trained throughout the year, through all seasons.

He never slackened even a bit.

It was just that Qin Zening had never expected her sister to come looking for him.

Qin Zening immediately brightened up with joy.

Qin Gui came alone.

She might have gotten the deeds of the servants but the servants of marquis mansion still looked down upon her.

The maid said that she was going to bring the food but she disappeared.

So, she came out alone.

She just inquired a bit and arrived at the martial arts field.

In the novel, the description of Qin Zening had impressed her:

Qin Zening does not like to read books and has little to no knowledge of world affairs.

He seldom stays home except for the training at the martial arts field every morning.

And while doing errands for the emperor, he enjoyed the company of the playboys in the capital everyday, learning nothing and becoming a good-for-nothing.


Qin Zening unsheathed his sword and strode towards Qin Gui.

His neck and face was drenched in sweat, causing his wheatish skin to shimmer under the sun.

Qin Zening kept his gaze at Qin Gui in fear that she would be gone in the blink of an eye.

“Big Brother.” Qin Gui shouted in a loud and crisp voice before she went straight to the point, “I heard Imperial Aunt say that the Li Family had murdered someone and escaped!”

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